Too tall. Need trimming advice

Hey all.

My plant is too tall now. Its touching and burning. I have kept trimming but now i need to cut it back. Im not sure best place to cut with it entering flowering phase.

Any advice on how short or where to cut?


Id start by removing 4 to 6 smaller branches and see what that leaves you with and post more photos


I Agree with @Todd.grobo that way you won’t stress her out to much either … but looks like a monster looks good



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Im going with the magnet approach to keep pulling it down and away from the lights. Im almost moving it around daily. She half way through flowering stage but only just beginning to show signs. Im nervous to trim or bend it too much.

If I am just seeing the start of hairs for buds is that common or do i have late bloomer?

Should i extend the stage a little longer?



You need to trim off branches to save this one. What dsy is she on?


Ok. I trimmed her back quite a bit and used magnets to hold her back. Hopefully this helps her get back on track.

Im on day 20 of flowering but im only starting to see the hairs from the bud spots. Is this normal or is she late to bloom? Should i set her back a week or wait until like day 40?

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Lets see a new photo after the trim

Here is some updated pics.

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If its supposed to be asleep (lights out), dont have lights on it. It will likely herme or stress the plant.
You have a couple options, but imho, start over. This plant will not produce high quality smokeable bud. Look at your schedule and lets adjust it for the future.

If you want to continue, you need to trim out more of the bigger stuff and hope the smaller stuff matures. That plant is massive.

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