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On another note has anyone seen this happen before

Started this seedling the same time as the grobo just for fun and learn with soil . they are bag seeds. The strain is called trapstar… I popped two of these seeds and the other is performing normally but this one is missing a few leaves ? Crazy thing it’s still opening up as if it has the other leaves. Is it a mutation or does this normally happen? Should just dump it ?


@chris_barfield I’m not Stephen but the answer is no. My first two single fingered real leaves had them.


Hey @chris_barfield
Push your pod a little lower I think

My phone advice. Get a Samsung hehehe (had too)

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Top hasn’t come off if your gentle you can pull it but I’d just leave it. Outdoor hey? I’ll post pics of mine later

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@ToddYYC lol oh the Samsung I can do it lol naw honestly the droid system is just too many steps to do things haha but they do make a nice phone not gunna lie… iOS just fits me cuz of how simple it is as you can see I ask a ton of questions lol… @Azuri alright cool just wanted to make sure as these are my first plants I’m growing ever… I just hope this is a female haha …

Anyone thought about growing a male for the pollen and trying their own cross? Heard there is some math involved to get the strain stable but I’m thinking if this does grow a male I might try and save the pollen and make a cross… maybe send them out to you guys and see what happens haha

:eyes::eyes::eyes: I would
Love some of og kush pollen been wanting to cross that with a few stains


I have a IPad I struggle with the colours emitted. The spectrum that works best for me is the one when you open the door. There’s also this :point_down:

Continuing the discussion from Week 3 Notification:

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Is this the reddish hue or the purple hue you mean ?


You don’t need to grow a male to get seeds. All you need to do is make sure your plant is a female and then pick a branch you want to seed. Then you spray with colloidal Silver on the branch and place a bag over said branch. It’s actually really easy. Here is a link explaining.
.growweedeasy. com/ feminize- cannabis- colloidal-silver. (Just take out the spaces

Good luck. I will be seeding my white widow X big bud and the dr. Grin-spoons heirloom sativa 5




It looks more like whitish/blue hue. After you’ve pressed the button at the back to open the unit. Stays on about 10 seconds not the one that stays on for 30 seconds after one button tap at the back. Looks to yellow on my iPad.

@chris_barfield I believe this is the spectrum in reference.

@Azuri figured I could add some context :call_me_hand:t3:


@Osage you mean I don’t need pollen to get seeds ? Woe? Def would like to talk to you a little More on that ?

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@Azuri yea it’s the button you press to open the door I gotcha thanks @Rich plant looking nice too I’m also growing a version of chemdawg …

@Azuri little nervous about my plant in just this recent time of chatting on forum the other side has started to brown and there is a little More browning on the side it started on… the side it started on is also twisting like a corkscrews … weird but I’ll ride it out


That’s exactly right. Go look at the website provided above. Growweedeasy . Com really interesting stuff. Alternatively search YouTube and you can see it done. Search creating feminized seeds using a female plant.

@chris_barfield Your little seedling will twist / rotate after sprouting. I think mine did almost a complete 360degree twist. Watch the next set of leaves I couldn’t even see the brown spots on your leaves. Watch the next set of 3 fingered leaves if they have spots from the get go, toss them a support ticket.

Well yes, but not necessarily the way you think.

Day 39 and bushy af and nice and dark green. My number 3 and 4 bottles took a 30 percent hit in the last week alone.


@ToddYYC :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: looks nice and healthy !! What strain is it ? Can’t wait to see what mine will do!!

A blueberry hybrid. Then a couple freedom dreams and a high cbd strain are in pots outside

This little girl is growing up nicely. This is her happy self today. Enjoy.


@ToddYYC Plant looks good and healthy! I haven’t seen much vertical growth on my plant at day 22. Wasn’t sure if it was the strain or something else’s. First time I’ve grown with LED. I’d imagine a spurt will start soon.