Upgrades you would like to see in the future

Do you mean the ph probe you leave in the water?
Because Grobo doesn’t sell ph meters, and that may be why someone suggested this to you because they are two different things… Unless you mean something totally different.

From Grobo…

Not from Grobo…



(VeryGoodQuestion): (OnGoingIssue): (This Is Why A-lot Of Growers Manually Dose Their Grows): (I Have To Hassle Cleaning The [PHprobe] [PHsensor] before I Drain/Fill): (I might miss once in a while causing the Brown Spots on the Leaves):

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((#PHprobe)): ((#PHsensor)):





(This is my Ticket I Turned In):

(This is what we should have): (Lock in the Nutrients when the plant likes it): (Change it if it doesn’t): (The site now says it checks it every hour causing imperfections when the gunk gets on the Probe): (I think when the reading is off on a Drain/Fill then it keeps checking it every hour trying to fix the imperfection because of the gunk on the Probe):




Great feedback and good to see. I’m seeing my WiFi bounce a lot as well and it’s right next to my network … would love to see you add an RJ-45 NIC card so I can go straight Ethernet.


High resolution camera, temp read in all for grobo, ph readings in mobile app, humidity control/ reading in app, more room in grobo, modified door to allow cleaning of tank of nutrient residue and floaters when grow gets too big to remove plant, more air tight to keep out pests and to contain smell and light leakage, hose slot to add reservoir tank to fill, drain and flush plant from app while out of town on case an emergency arises, color options for wood furniture and grobo. Manual switches in grobo, one for drain and fill.
A way to store a recipe to show operation without any internet at all after downloading recipe. Hard to grow without internet when you live on a farm and have to add hotspot devices onto phone plan and increase bill for a grow.

No complaints on my end. Just convenient options. Happy with device.


I second every single item you’ve mentioned, very well thought out list of additions.

Very interesting ideas. I look at current price point for this product and I see a lot of the suggestions that we ( the consumers) would agree would be enjoyable convenience additions or much more important additions like hardware. And while I agree. My concern, or question, would be… What does that look like from the buyers end? If the current price point is where it is now, without those additions. I can only imagine where the price point would be for the unit we’re asking for. I do agree however that this product has the potential to be a truly CUSTOM made designed unit. I for one hope that this is the product and company that can one day grow enough to provide those options. I’m sure a heavy majority of the current grobo customers would love to see options when buying their unit. Options such as the ones mentioned by @SWSVIC @DEisen and many others (forgive me for not mentioning cause there are many great idea that have been given) on AG. I do believe most feel the same way and would like to see success with this product development and the growth of the company.

  • Add an ethernet port, giving us the option to hardwire the Grobo to the LAN for a more stable connection, instead of relying solely on WiFi.

  • Add a dedicated on/off power switch.

  • Replace the electrical lock with a mechanical keyed lock, maybe like the ones they have on filing cabinets or tool chests. Relocate it to the middle of the door (instead of at the top) to result in a better, more even seal.

  • Improved sealing around the device to reduce or eliminate leakage of both smell and light.

  • Make it easier to move, maybe by adding handles to the sides.

  • Provide an API to query, where we could write our own applications that interface with our Grobo (allowing us to collect data from the unit, manage certain functions, and automate tasks related to it).

And the biggest one…


You can do this in a number of ways… easiest would be to simply add monitoring dashboards into the Grobo app.

Alternatively, add a built-in LCD display, for displaying data collected by the on-board sensors. Grobo could run an internal instance of something like InfluxDB + Grafana, and easily visualize this stuff right there in the box.


Any and all of these suggestions would be an amazing benefit to Grobo growers.

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I would love to change the name of a grow in my journal. When using a generic recipe, I want to be able to name my journal with the actual strain.


Great feedback!

I see ya’ll, I hear ya’ll and improvements are in the works. We won’t get them all, but keep the suggestions coming for sure. You can have a big impact on the current and future iterations by continuing to let us know what works for you. Keep it up!



I as well as EVERYONE else is all about the sensor data! Submitting a ticket just to get a response saying “it’s within parameters” is pretty annoying.

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Two things I would like to see in future models:

  • No smell instead of smell reduction
  • possibility to leave Grobo unattended for 2 or more weeks

I just wanna see one that can produce 2.5 to 3 oz guaranteed that’s all lol


I haven’t purchased yet, but will be ordering this week. I agree with fanatic I would love to see the ability to have Grobo go unattended for 2 weeks or more. I split time between my primary residence in NV and a vacation home in the Pacific Northwest.

The primary maintenance that I see is the required drain and refill every 7 to 10 days. The system has two hoses, one for filling and one for draining. Why not route the drain tube out the bottom and then into a large vessel to receive the drain water and then have the fill tube sitting in a large vessel filled with your distilled or RO water? Seems to me that this should be a fairly straight forward adjustment to tube routing and programing.

Any other options for unattended growing?


@Tommy it IS possible to do remote drains and fills… however, there has been a couple issues of the Grobo slightly malfunctioning in this case and no way to confirm if the LEDs will return to normal or not get stuck in the Drain/Fill mode. Typically I think it works okay but since i’ve been on the forums I saw someone who had it get stuck in Drain mode while on vacation.


I believe this would be possible without any programming changes right now… Pryomancy has a good point about confirmation of Drain / Fill so alI I would add is possible a camera to confirm it drained and filled your buckets you have waiting…

Also you would need extra water waiting for weekly top off’s (mostly needed when in flower).

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@Tommy and @Mpower11
Yes, theoretically this is sound and possible. I was one of the guys that did a remote top-up since I was away for a week during late flower.

The issue I ran into was the 1 gal of water I had for the top-up was not enough so the system was kinda “stuck” in Fill mode. I have WYZE 1080p cams inside and outside the unit so I could see everything. Thankfully I had the Grobo plugged into a smart power outlet and was able to remotely power cycle the unit and it returned to normal.

I must say, there’s something about these cannabis plants that they need TLC from the owner. :green_heart: It’s like they need personal interaction every so often to really thrive.


Thank you!

I have a number of the WYZE cameras and many remote capable outlets so this will be a good add. Now…I just need to pull the trigger on my first GROBO! :slight_smile:


That’s a good tip on the smart plug… It’s on a path I will not be taking tho… I agree the plants need our care… I use the buddy system if I have to go away


Ethernet would solve wifi problems