Upgrades you would like to see in the future

A camera, heres what I have in mine…


A basic grower vs advanced grower option. A check engine light sort of speak, alerting when things are out of whack at the very minimum. A grobo v2 with the capabilities of handling up to 4 seeds at once for a higher yeild. A scrog net provided by grobo. A camera built in to prevent unnecessarily opening & closing your unit to prevent any sort of cross contaminations. A hermetically sealed unit to prevent smell from leaking out of the box. A bigger more effective & efficient carbon filter. A built in water chiller to prevent possible root rot from high reservoir temps. A 3rd fan for more air flow, resulting in higher yields. LED stack ups on the right & left side of the unit to allow light to pass through heavier foliage when the plant is well established. A slide down feature to stop light inside the grobo from coming through the tint (makes it hard to sleep at 3am, when the lights kick back on, i have to put a sheet over the front so I can sleep through the night without the sun coming up everyday at 3am). An independent grobo app with more functionality then unlocking & un tinting your window. A better selection of full proof nutrients. I truly believe if I didnt purchase revive, recharge, & hydroguard that my girl would’ve been a goner. I hope my feedback helps in grobos future improvements.

Ps. ive had to replace my led stack up, my pump, & im not 100% sure that my afternarket ph probe is reading properly or if i have a bad grobo blue lab ph pen. Ultimately it would’ve been nice if my “automated” automatic grow box would have informed me instead of my doing countless days of research of back & forth to come to these conclusions.


That sounds like the ultimate grobox!!!
The company had to start somewhere and I have enjoyed the opportunity and experience but, I’d pay a second time for one of those!!!


@bjorn @bruno @chris @Stephen I know you guys mentioned there are a lot of moving parts going on with your current operations with you guys moving into a new facility. So don’t think I’m coming at you guys, just trying to get a better idea of how close we are to these items becoming a reality.

However, I wanted to toss this out there and see where it goes…I work from home so I have the luxury to monitor the Grobo religiously. Needless to say, there are occasional glitches that I will catch from time to time. For example, just a moment ago the Grobo lost connection to the WIFI, causing the Grobo to cycle through the LED lighting spectrum, proceeded by the pump and LED light stack shutting off entirely (30-45 second period) before turning back on and operating normally once again. I can’t say how many other times this has occurred when the WIFI connections have been experiencing technical issues especially in the evening or while sleeping, but this is not not the first I’ve watched this happen

Clearly this is not what I want the plant to continue to experience as this will cause unwanted stress and potentially causing my plant to experience hermaphroditism or root rot. With being in the final phase of my grow I surely do not want to run into issues that could have been mitigated by a simple ping/push notification alerting me to go and look. Being out of town for work or on vacation these notifications can really alleviate a lot of headaches allowing the growers to respond accordingly and keeping their plants alive.

With all that being said, how close are we to bringing some type of alerts :rotating_light: to the application with regards to the WIFI connectivity being lost? Or if the pump is running intermittently or has shut off entirely? Definitely items that are imperative to achieving a successful harvest. Looking forward to seeing these features in the near future!

Thanks as always!


Hi @Rich,

Thanks for your comments - as you know we are committed to working on making the Grobo experience better and rely on all of our user’s feedback to ensure a high quality experience with the product.

At this point we do have a project running in the background to enable push notifications (with additional, bonus features that you guys are sure to like :wink: ), but we’re not officially working on it yet as we continue to work on other immediate projects.

With that, I’ve been looking into methods of increasing visibility between our user base and what we’re working on currently, but nothing that I’ve come across yet that I like (you will all know when I’ve selected something)

Anyways, while I can’t spec any specific timelines for you yet as we’re not officially working on this feature, you can expect something addressing this problem in the first half of the new year




Any luck with this? I had to disassemble my unit and I couldn’t get some screws back in because the heads stripped.


Customer service can help you with that, please submit a ticket!

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I already did. I had to submit a ticket because my main board burnt out. This happened while replacing the board. They offered to send out the same screws but if someone has found screws that work better and easier than what customer support provides, I’d prefer to go that route. Or just go without these screws in the back panel.


I got these but have not tried yet as i’m in between grows and cleaning / sanitizing the cabinet.
Will let you know:


@Hazy_Hoose - Arlo cam?

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Wyze cam @TheWarden

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I just got my grobo and the sound of the pump is fairly loud. See youtu.be/ivMaEkZeheM for sound of grobo in germination stage. When you used dynamats did it work? Can you talk a bit about what you did exactly. Did you wrap the pump in it? Line the inside? Please drop some wisdom / experience points.


Fyi. I replaced the pump with a USB powered on that rates at >35db sound wise. Was really cheap and silent… see the upgrade video with link to the pump in the description. youtu.be/i2Q-SxVqcD0


1st thing i found was the 2 rubber bands had slipped off, in shipping i guess. It was REALLY loud.
I strapped them back on and put some Dynamat under the pump and inside back panel down low. I will be using a dB meter to lower it further by adding more to the metal walls.
Sorry, I’ll take pics after this grow. Also dont overlook the surface the whole unit sits on as well as adjusting the leveling feet.


Excellent! checking out the video now

Very Nice sound mitigation! GLHF with your grow!


Thank you sir… good luck with all yours as well. What’s the HF in GLHF btw

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Good luck have fun I believe


Good Luck, Have Fun!


I bought and paid for a ph meter with the Grobo why do I have to buy other ph meters and test every day myself because the Grobo ph is always wrong?

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