Soil has white layer on it & some general questions(late flowering stage) [RESOLVED]

Hello everyone,

couple of questions:

  1. So i’m growing a white widow x big bud on day 19 of flowering stage and I noticed a white layer of what looks like mold on my coco pod. Is this okay or do I need to do something about it?

  1. Is the height of the plant okay? or are my main colas going to burn :frowning: she looks a bit too tall but i’m not sure

  1. Do I need to do anything about those bottom leaves and side branches that won’t grow any product?

  1. I pruned the plant a little bit is this too much to take off at once?

  1. lastly, can I clean the floor of the unit around the coco pod with sanitizing wipes? If not, then how can I clean it?

my conditions inside the unit:
internal temp: 22 c
humidity: 39 rh
water temp: 19.1 c

I have done topping and low stress training but that is it

thanks a lot!


That white stuff is pretty normal. I wouldn’t be concerned. I’ve seen it in a lot of Grobo grows, and most people say it is the Trichoderma which is beneficial bacteria for the plant. If you see green or black mold that is not good, but I think you’re fine.

The height of the plant is fine! You can technically get up to about 2-3 inches away from the light itself and still be okay. To be honest it seems like you’re right in the sweet spot. At this stage in flower, she will probably be done growing soon if not already, so no worries there!

Our plants look pretty similar and height and pretty close to the same stage of Flower! Cool! Check out my grow sometime :slight_smile:

Also, that’s not too much to take off imo. Lot of that stuff looks like lower dying leaves anyway! All good there!

To clean your lid, it’s probably best to either use isopropyl alcohol or possibly white vinegar. I would try to keep all that dead plant matter away too because that can start to rot and introduce some bad stuff.

Your temps and humidity seem great. Water temp as well.

Try your best to keep the humidity at that range or a little lower for the rest of your grow. If it starts spiking over 45% RH or above it can start to lead to bud rot and mold

Overall, the plant looks beautiful! Like I said, we seem to be around the same stage and height in flower, so we can do this together :slight_smile: Excited to see how your plant buds up.


thank you!! this is my first grow and as i’m approaching the end i’m a bit nervous about things going wrong :sweat_smile:

what are you growing?


All good! Better to ask some questions instead of finding out the hard way.

I see you found my thread :slight_smile: Blue Dream CBD!


yes I did! great thread!

I noticed that you have installed extra mini-fans. I have just placed an order for 2 and thought to install them in my grobo for extra ventilation. I am on day 19 of 38 ( flower). If I install fans now is it okay or will I put my plant through shock?

Also, I saw that your lower stems look very neat as opposed to mine, should i trim all that extra growth or not a good idea?


Well, I did some earlier lollipopping around Day 5/14 of Transition, and a little more after that too… I flipped my plant to flower when it around the top of the first fan, and she tripled in size! I didn’t know how much to take off considering I didn’t expect such a stretch to be honest, I thought maybe double size.

I am not 100% sure if it’s okay to remove that lower stuff now. Some of it is budding already, so in some way you might be removing some spent energy from the plant and also risk shocking it. However, I feel like I’ve seen some people remove stuff this late and be okay…with that being said, I definitely could have removed the lower 50% of my plant but since they all are budding I decided I kinda missed my window for that and am going to keep them all there, even if they are just larfy popcorn buds used for edibles or something like that.

I am going to defer you to some of the champs to get their opinion on the matter…

@Todd.grobo @vegetato @SilverGrobo @Bplatinum9 :

Too late to lollipop ?


Yes imo too late too top. But takr off all that bottom stuff unless it gets a lot more direct light


I think ill do the same, I made it this far i’m not willing to risk it ahaha

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I managed to take some close up photos of the colas and thought to share


Nice pics!! Yeah our plants are pretty much at the same point it seems like! Yours looks like it might be a couple days ahead of mine in the flowering due to the trichomes on the calyxes in the centers of the buds.

Mine didn’t start flowering until like over 3 weeks after the flip to 12/12… was starting to get worried


I am right behind you!

@Zahraa_Msa Those are great looking buds on top!


thanks! do you guys think I should extend flowering stage, i’m currently on day 19/38 ?


Yes. Flowering stage is typically 7 to 9 weeks. You can look yours up on leafly


I would get rid of the mold. I don’t know if you can use Niem oil with a Growbo but if it was me I’d get rid of the mold and find the dust mites. It’s biding so don’t let it go up and I’d get rid OF that mold ASAP

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yes but isn’t transitioning part of flowering stage basically?

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how do i get rid of the mold then ?

another question… can i slightly move the higher stems out of the way to let maxximum light reach the lower buds? pictures below


She looksgood to be honest. Tuck and bend


I faught mold on my 1st grow I didn’t get it until I had to move them outside. But I battled it all the way through the flower stage as well. It sucked but I took a damp paper towels and wiped of every leaf.
Then I used a spray bottle and weekly I’d spray and saturate the buds and leaves and seems. I grew some good weed on that grow (Lost coast plant therapy) it doesn’t make it weed taste bad either.
That’s what I did and it worked with mine. And Grobo or not … You need to treat it plants or kill it


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