Extending early vegetation

Hi all,

I’m currently in day 12 of early vegetation, not sure if she’s a bit small for the amount of time growing. Is it worth adding an additional week onto this? If so how do I do this.



Looks about normal to me. I would say just go into Late Vegetation and then extend from there as needed. Most people don’t extend Early Veg for the most part (at least that’s what I’ve seen)


Keep an eye to make sure your pod doesn’t get too wet in Late Vegetation, as that can be a start of damping off potentially if the pod gets too saturated… the water level will now go back to High level

edit: Just saw @Stephen’s response on a previous thread, I remember reading that now too.

What strain do you have there btw?


Move on to late veg as @pyromancy has suggested and repost before switching to transition.
Post if you have questions along the way!
Late veg and flower are the stages to extend if necessary and you do that by going to the website or app and finding the drop down box on the left to choose maintenance, then shift schedule, locate the stage your in by making sure its highlighted in blue and then choose previous, extend, or next by scrolling to the bottom of that page and you will see the change in the schedule highlighted. Hope that helps!
If you get stuck let Is know!


Hi all, thanks again for the advice. So currently at Day 11 of late vegetation slightly concerned with the height. Should I extend by a week or just leave it alone.
Wasn’t able to find the exact recipe so just selected the generic sativa.


Are you in late vegetation or early vegetation?
If its late and not an auto I would extend two weeks! :eyes::seedling:
If its early veg continue to the next stage (late veg).
If its an auto it won’t matter because they switch on their own no matter the lighting.
Its also time to top if you havent already.

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It’s currently day 11 of 14 late vegetation, so shall I wait for 3 more days or just add the 2 weeks on now? Not 100% sure if it’s an auto flower or not, will that make a difference?
I topped on the weekend but concerned I may have done more harm then good.

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No harm the plant wil snap back!
Add the extra time now, you can always go back a stage or forward so add now!
In one week please repost so we can help you watch for anything abnormal and dont firget not to worry just repost!!! :eyes::seedling:

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Will do, thank you.

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Hi, so extended late vegetation for an additional 2 weeks yesterday and changed the water. Just checked the nutrient bottles and seems to be flying through 3 4 and 5. The last lines were from last week. Is it normal to be going through this much or do I need to raise a ticket?


Please submit a ticket because #2 is a problem!
You may just need to recalibrate!

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Thanks, just done it.

Hi, so extended early vegetation for one week which is due to end tomorrow. Shall I extend for another week or let it move to transition?

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