Smells during early vegetative phase?

My plants have a “plant” smell in late Veg… But the only time I smell it is when I open the door


My last grow was lsd and from early on it was very strong smelling, my grobo is in the basement and as soon as I walked in the house I could smell it STRONG, but I love the fragrance of a good bud so I didn’t care, it’s just that strain, I’m running Tangerine dream now and can’t smell it till I open the door on the grobo


Haha! This is relatable. Sorry to laugh but I understand your pain.

My current grow in the Grobo is a Critical Purple Auto. It has a seriously pungent skunky sweet smell whenever I remove any leaves. Otherwise, it smells like a tomato plant; somewhat sweet and green, kind of grassy and wet (or dewy?). Either way, I would recommend purchasing an intake fan w/ carbon filter attachment and leaving that next to your Grobo. Though, this is expensive.

That is something my friend does if we will be smoking inside. We just leave the 4” intake fan plugged in on the floor with the air sucking through the carbon filter/air scrubber.

Another note: The fans could be considered loud so it also acts as white noise, if that bothers you I would utilize other routes. But this one is by far the most effective.

I hope this helps! Best of luck to you and your situation! :slight_smile:


Ona is the product you need…
My grobo have extra light, so extra heat… I have to leave the door open to avoid overheat, i even removed the air filter…
Yet, with this product, my wife don’t even smell my plant


I smell my plants in the vegg state as well. We use the ONA canisters and have pretty good success with them.

Hopefully your partner can chill…


Still waiting on ours, but would a large room size Hepa filter with plasma wave, ie remove VOC smells and stuff like that be enough? This will be in a 5x8 room and we can put the air purifier in it if needed.

Do it! I did and now I walk around my place with a smile while breathing the sweet delicious smells in.


There is some one :point_up:t4: here making an selling mod that u attach to ur unit might wanna look :eyes: him up :arrow_up: but since I’ve been growing no I have never smelled :nose: a plant :seedling: smell like weed that early :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Rookie question…which side goes up on the filter in the grobo?

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On ur carbon filter :+1:t2::dash::seedling:

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If you’re asking about the filter in the unit, I believe it’s waffle side up. There’s an setup video by @Stephen that walks through this.


Good morning all… thanks which side goes up on the filter in the unit? The carbon side up or down?

Thanks Maria. I could not find the video.

Here you go. Check out the video half way dii oh in the page at the ~3:36 mark. Hope that helps @STANK



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I’m on day 19, Blueberry and I get a very faint dank whiff if I open the door to my Grobo.


I am in flower about week 4 and mine is smelling some, not really bad yet, but can go thru the house a little.

I spray a tiny 1/4 second burst of this Febreze in the rooms around it and been fine so far. Dont spray to much or it is over whelming.


This stuff is magic to kill the smell

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I think it’s normal for plants to release a smell

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