Premium vs solid

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What is the difference between premium and solid machines? As I see only the door or there is something else as well?



The only difference is the door, glass or solid :+1:


I got the solid!

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Premium vs solid

(Differences): :black_heart::sparkling_heart:

(Answer to this is that people complained of roots ripping on the slices):



(FanHolesAreClosedMore): (NutrientsAreFreeAtTheTop):

(FanHolesAreMoreOpen): (NutrientsAreLockedInAtTheTop):


(JustAFewChanges): (I’m sure there was way more unmentioned):




@SilverGrobo Are there still differences in design (besides the door) in today’s Premium and Solid? On the Solid, are the fan holes are more open vs than Premium?

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-CapHoles- (CapHoles):

(To show what we have seen is that [Grobo#1] looked like it has holes in the caps from the top, but if you look from below you would have to pinch the cap to open the hole): (@fuz is going to look into this after he is done with this grow #6): (Also [Grobo#1] does have the Nutrient Shelf):

(My Grobo had also seemed like holes from the top, but they had plugs in the holes that had to be taken out): (That is how I found out that @fuz Grobo had to be pinched open): (I was going to take his plugs out as well when there was none): (The newer Grobo had no shelf which makes it more convenient [Filling] for there is more hose to work with):

(New design must have been to stop leaves from getting into the fan blades): :white_check_mark:


(This is a very good question that we could ask the @bjorn): (I know the new design is a good look, but cut the performance down to more than 1/2): (I have a Tripple fan in the back blowing air through and using hang fans to help the plant): (Oh Yah this is why they made the new look to the fans): (#OhNow[:eye:]See):




@Aang - Great question. The only difference is the door.

Here’s a quick video for you to check out:


@SilverGrobo @bjorn Thank you guys!