2 holes in caps. No cap shelf [RESOLVED]

Not sure if it’s a new build, or what - but All of my nutrient caps have 2 holes and there was no built in shelf for the caps to sit. Reasoning?



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(To show what we have seen is that [Grobo#1] looked like it has holes in the caps from the top, but if you look from below you would have to pinch the cap to open the hole): (@fuz is going to look into this after he is done with this grow #6): (Also [Grobo#1] does have the Nutrient Shelf):

(My Grobo had also seemed like holes from the top, but they had plugs in the holes that had to be taken out): (That is how I found out that @fuz Grobo had to be pinched open): (I was going to take his plugs out as well when there was none): (The newer Grobo had no shelf which makes it more convenient [Filling] for there is more hose to work with):

([TheNewerNewerGrobos] Have The Larger Holes In The Caps):

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@Centervillain Good question,

In early designs we had the shelf as the impression was that we needed to secure the bottles in place. However, the shelf itself caused problems with inserting and removing bottles causing spillage in some cases. This is why it is no longer present in the unit itself

As for the caps, we decided to make the holes larger for both the hose and air inlet as we realized 1) there were cases of hoses “pinching” limiting nutrient flow from the bottle into the water tank and 2) the air inlet wasn’t large enough to allow air to pass in some cases due to the elastic behaviour of the silicone cap

Grobo strives to ensure the best experience for all users through continuous improvements. Note that with any of these changes it should not impact your Grobo growing experience at all. In fact, it should make overall interaction with the unit itself better. If there is anything major that needs to be updated on all units we make sure that it goes out to all users. An example of this is the drain filter (if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry - you already have it)





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