I Cannot Believe This

It works! And something is growing at day 7!!
I’m SO excited I had to share!
This is my very first seed. I was sure humidity or temperature or something was going to cause it to not germinate but it happened! YYYEESSSSS!!!

Now, next question. What the heck is the difference between the premium and solid? Just the door??


If press the back button for 2 seconds it will give u 30 seconds of picture mode so u can take pics without the purple background.


Hey @omacoder, the other big change I noticed was the seal around the door has been re-done. What else has anyone noticed? And I got to put this somewhere… HAPPY 4:20 EVERYONE! :grimacing:



((#NewBorn))… ((#Correct))… :wink:

So the only difference is the door?

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Wow is that true so you either get a solid door or pay an extra 200 just for a door that has a window which everyone complains about.