Plants up to 40 days and germination

Yea I have a ticket out but they have said that my data seems normal my ec was off a little bit so I’m just at a loss … got a dehumidifier it’s reading 48 percent humid so i don’t know …

@chris_barfield how do your roots look?

Morning chris,

Checking today I see a drain and fill last night and a proper dosing. Your EC is 1.2 and your pH is 6.0. I’d add another cup of distilled water or two to bring the EC down a smidge, may be a bit too hot for your baby. I’ll also increase your pH a bit, to allow for more calcium to be absorbed.

Don’t give up hope yet!!



You are updated, keep us posted!



@Stephen so I added the water and I tried to fill using the app but it wouldn’t let me… so I just added the distilled water straight to the tank…

But upon checking the plant the browning has spread more and the roots were barely yellow last night around 11pm est… I just checked right now when I got back from the gym and the entire root cluster is yellow to the verge of brown at the very tip it looks burnt… the picture doesn’t do it justice as I couldn’t get the lighting right to really show the yellowing in the roots …

Oh and don’t make of fun my mess the dog takes everything out and makes it his living room lmaoo

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Hey chris,

I recommend taking the lid off much less. The roots don’t like light, and it seems you are in there several times a day. The system won’t let you add more water with the hose, as you are at the top for auto filling. Adding a cup or two by hand is perfect. These changes we made 2 hours ago will take several days to show.



That’s the stuff that is everywhere even leaked to the top of the nutrient area ???

@Stephen so I took your advice and left the plant alone. So I just opened the door to the grobo to check on the plant (without taking the lid off) and there was reddish orange film everywhere ??? To me it resembles bottle five but then I moved the hood (without taking the roots out of the water) to check the fill line and see if I needed to add water then I noticed the same red/orange film is everywhere it was all over the plastic the reservoir and a lot of it was where the sensors and feed tubes are … it’s so bad it’s on the underside of the hood where the water doesn’t even touch …

Is it algae or bacteria? I wanted to take pics but I didn’t want to take the roots out of the water into light. When peaking at the reservoir line the roots floated over and allowed me to see and they are all brown … (but again I didn’t take the lid completely off and expose the roots to light like you said)

I’ve tried to google a bunch since the issue started and I simply am at a loss for ideas as to why my tank is doing what it’s doing now …

If you want more pics I can go in and take pictures of everything I’m trying to explain … and I do have an open ticket alreadu so you should be able to access my unit …

Just want my little plant to grow and it’s getting frustrating because I got a dehumidifier and ac for this area to solve the issues but nothing is working and seems to be getting worse…

Those drops look like drips from when you lifted the plant holder / resevouir lid out of the unit?

I can only speak from my own experiences. The reservoir is just like the roots, they dont like light that’s another reason the resevouir is black. Light getting into the reseviour can cause rapid degration of the nutrients it can also cause an algae bloom or scum.

Grobo has come back and said your EC and PH is within the limits. My recommendation is after your next drain and fill stop going into your unit regularly. I have yet to add water between any weeks yet except when I was prompted at germination.

I’m at day 36 and in about 3 days I will have to add water for the first time to the point it drank enough that it makes an impact on the resevouir. Every time you add water you’re diluting your nutrient solution for the week. Only add water if gets to the point where no roots are submerged.

I can’t comment on the orange stuff in your tank but I just did a drain and fill last night into a white bucket, water was almost clear maybe a very slight tinge green from a week of nutrients going through the plant route system. I should have taken a picture but I poured the water on my plants as per @Todd.grobo amazing idea!

Good luck if you follow the advice from myself and others there is no reason your plant won’t be fine!


@chris_barfield Excuse the poor lighting (and the stainless pots), but I literally did a drain and fill just now. So to piggy back on what @Azuri said I thought I would share what my water looks like before feeding my houseplants.

Top is the distilled water, bottom is the water from the reservoir with nutrients. There is almost no colour difference at all.

Thing is @Azuri I dont go into the reservoir as much as people think the pictures I’ve posted are probly the only times I’ve gone into the tank besides the drain and fill sometimes just to check if there is anything in the tank…
so I don’t know where this Substance is coming from …

I will check daily on how the plant is doing by opening the door and actually looking at the plant but not the tank… I’d say 4-5 times I’ve done this and I’m in week 4 … my ec was off which why they told me to add water which the only reason why I have … my temp are reading and so is humidity but at time
My grobo registered 87 degrees inside but in my house it’s 76ish so I don’t know if my unit needs calibration or maybe I’m just unlucky …but I’m beginning to grow frustrated watching everyone’s plant flourish while mine nobody can figure out what is wrong … and all I keep hearing is don’t go into the tank as much when I really don’t the times I’ve gone into the tank was to post pictures of what’s happening …

Just at a point I’m ready to chuck it

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@chris_barfield I’m only on day 5 but haven’t seen any signs of life :frowning:

Kinda worried nothing is going to happen. Used a female seed I bought from Barney’s Farm and would have thought I’d see something by now.

You guys think I should pull the little piece of coco pod covering the seed to check on it?


@Gatorsfn28 I wouldn’t worry too much man my seed took about that time to germinate and Plus you don’t know what’s going inside I’m sure it has started doing it’s thing … it just hasn’t poked through the top

@Gatorsfn28 Next time like I did germinate outside of the grobo so you can know if your seed popped then throw it in the moist coco pod


Hey @chris_barfield

I understand your frustrations and it starts to come across as us “nagging” you, it’s hard for us to know everything that’s happening exactly at your end. Just trying to help a fellow grower out over the internet based on our limited knowledge of the unit is no easy task. Give it until Monday then to see if it bounces back.



I would peak. Is your aerator running and is the bottom of the coco pod being getting bubbled water from the aerator on it?


@Azuri I don’t really take as everyone nagging (especially you you’ve always helped) me cuz I understand people are trying to help and it’s over the internet as well so I completely understand that. I’m just having a moment becuase ive had many hurdles with my unit after waiting two years of waiting and then it’s starts working and then a mystery issue that won’t stop… it’s just confusing cuz new growth continues but then dies quickly … so when I think the issue has started to resolved that new set of leaves start to brown and get holes through and then die …


@chris_barfield the temp is in a decent range. 90 and above is where you start to worry. 86 is close but not enough to worry. I’m wondering if you didn’t introduce a contaminant at some point. I’d wait over the weekend and if no improvement, I would trash the grow. I would then clean the unit really good with a vinegar and water solution to kill any residual bacteria. As mentioned by someone else soak your bean in a cup for 24-36 hours until you can see the pod split and maybe even the tap root. Be careful to put the seed in the coco pod tap root down. (Oh and you can lift the little plug you put over the see to see if it has sprouted). I feel your pain brother, you might also just have a bad seed, it happens. Good luck and keep us posted.


To add @Osage said,

If you end your grow ensure the PH sensor is in water until you can fill the reservoir, don’t let it dry out.


Absolutely agree. Matter of fact I kept the caps they came in as there was still a solution in them


Me too!