Plants up to 40 days and germination

To add @Osage said,

If you end your grow ensure the PH sensor is in water until you can fill the reservoir, don’t let it dry out.


Absolutely agree. Matter of fact I kept the caps they came in as there was still a solution in them


Me too!


@Osage yea I think I’m going to do that and chuck it maybe it is a bad seed I don’t know I have another strain growing in soil in a cup and it’s doing perfectly fine with the temps and humidity I know hydro is a totally different ball game but geeshhh … I’m gunna give it till Monday and if no change probly chuck the plant and start over … I’m just concerned Because my other emetics were 200 each strain and don’t want to waste my money

@Azuri. The aerator is on and the lights seem to be on 24 hrs. I’ll try to get he plug out tonight and check on the seed.

@Stephen do you think I should check on the seed or just let it be for a few more days?


Good stuff! One last question you are still under 10 days so your water fill line should be at the high line.

You can have a peek where you put in the piece of coco pod in. Mine poped later into day 3 almost day 4. I didn’t presoak or anything.

@Azuri. I was sent a notification a couple days ago to top off. Filled to the high line. Are my lights supposed to be on the entire time?

The top off brought you back to the line if required. A little lower won’t hurt. What you are looking for is that the airetor is bubbling that water enough to keep the bottom tip of the coco pod close to the water line so it can keep it moist. It sounds like everything is good. Be patient and have a peek. :+1:


If you got your genetics from Barney’s, then I would email them and tell them your seeds didn’t pop. They are responsive and will probably help you out. Worth a try at least.

Check the seed. If it hasn’t popped or cracked by now it probably won’t.

I think failure rate can be 20% for seeds not germinating, it happens. That’s why I say have a peek, the seed won’t have the strength yet to push the piece of coco pod off.


Your lights should be on 20 hours and off for 4. You can check that in your settings in your Grobo app and it will take you to a slider that looks like this below.
My girl is sleeping right, keep down the noise please. :joy:


@Azuri you are completely correct. I was able to verify to 20/4 on the app.

@Azuri @Osage @Stephen

I did check on the seed and it does look as though it was growing a root and cracking it’s shell. I did damage the root a tiny bit when removing it from the pod. Do you guys suggest me removing the shell? Here are some pictures.

NO, do NOT attempt to “pull” the seed pod off. Just put the seed in the coco as is with that white thing (tap root) down then tear off a little piece of the pod and place on top of seed. If you need to use tweezers to put the seed in tap root down then yes do so. Otherwise don’t do anything else at all. That bean is ready. After you “plant” her she will do the rest. Looks good too!!


Oh and, not sure if you did, but the bean looks a bit different to me. Did you actually pull it out of the coco pod? If so, you really don’t want to do that. The shell looks like it has been wet for a while, but not soaked in water like I do prior to placing in coco pod. Looks to me like you pulled it out of the coco pod. Hope not but if so no biggie, just try not to do that it may not grow properly after being handled so much. But she should grow fine as is

I think I’ll wait more before checking mine only been 3 days though

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Yep patients is key. I’d check after 5 days. You’ll probably see it sprout Sunday or Monday. Keep us posted

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My next seed will definitely get a good soak first

Am I correct then as that’s a brown coloured seed that it is likely of poorer quality and could have issues growing than say a white seed?

@Todd.grobo other way around, but yep

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Lol keep getting it wrong lol I’ll remember when I’m done all mine