Plants up to 40 days and germination

Thought @Todd.grobo had a good idea by separating grow photos by days… so here’s a thread for the little guys …

Here I have my little girl I named her “Sade” she is a strain called war heads

The second one in the cup is a strain called trapstar and her name is “Betty” lol


Here’s mine at day 26, this is one day after topping which is on the early side. Plant is very healthy from the get go so I pulled out the Fiskars and she’s not showing any signs of HST stress after one day. I topped early just in case I do it 2nd time.

Current height and 2nd fan is already on but I’m good with the extra air flow.


@Azuri ahhhh the great og kush one of my favorite strains of all time she’s looking good dude next time make a video of the topping for us to see I’m def gunna top mine buttttt it will be my first so I’m a little scared but I got a week or two before I have to anyway …

My plant just grew it’s first set of leaves I think they are the three fingered leaves but I haven’t check on her this morning to see growth so I’ll be posting some new pics in a few


That’s an area I lack in. At the moment I’ve only got an iPad 9.7” and a drone, lol. Filming is a bit awkward with no tripod.

Yeah topping is pretty straight forward. It defiantly increases your yeild the safest time would be between the 5th and 6th node I moved mine up early since the plant has been healthy from the get go. Anyways when the time comes reach out many of us can point you in the right direction with pics and videos.


Hey Chris,

Topping is super easy. I would suggest YouTubing it. There are a plethora of videos on the subject. While you’re at it look at some vids on lollipoping, low stress training aka LST, and super cropping. Studying these beforehand will put you in good stead while you are waiting to actually implement said actions. Good luck and study, study, study. There are loads of knowledgeable, competent growers online.

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Since grows were split off thought I’d pull my saga here. My plant is technically on day 29 of grow, but since I’ve had to have a unit replacement and there was some serious stress (no aerator, nutrients not be not fed in etc etc ) there was a major growth stunt. In the last two days since everything is fixed and running as it should, my wee girl has shown signs of new life, so I’m not giving up! I trimmed off all the lower leaves that were dead or dying so she could focus on the new growth. I also worked with the Grobo guys and group decision was to back up my grow by 10 days so she could get what she missed. So now I’m backed up to Day 19 of grow. We shall see what happens!
Pic 1 is day 22:

Pic 2 is day 26:

Pic 3 is today which was day 29, which will now be the new day 19!


Goodcall @rainstorm3

I can assure you your plant will outgrow this. It’s weed after all when it comes flower time there will be no sign of this event. The crappiest thing now is loss of 10 days.

Don’t go crazy cutting off to much vegetation for the next while. The leaves are the solar panels of your plants as they say. Defoliation is touchy subject for some, with a Grobo it’s a necessity but more so closer too and into flowering when the energy is in the buds.

Keep us updated!


I didn’t trim off too much, but the leaves were crispy and brown. Definitely had to go. Probably about 8 in total.
I know she’ll outgrow this for sure, I think there might be a slightly lower yield at the end of the day, but that’s better than losing to plant all together👍🏽!

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If you don’t hit any more setbacks I foresee zero impact. I’ve seen plants and clones in really rough shape all bounce back as beasts. Your yeild will be determined by any training methods you put in place. :+1:

Happy growing now!


I have hope you guys, look at the difference in root growth! Pic on left is 3 days ago, pic on the right is tonight.
I’m confident the top of the plant will catch up. Woot!


Looks like it’s bouncing back quickly @rainstorm3

I’ll post an update later or tomorrow as well. :+1:


Update time. Day 28 came around which is week four so of course it was time for :point_down:

As always it went effortlessly and three set of nutrients dispensed shortly after the fill was complete.

Ok so now on to my plant. It was topped 3 days ago and yesterday I did some LST by gently moving large fan leaves away from the growth sites. The result you can see by the explosion of the lighter coloured growth in the centre of the plant where it was topped.

Lastly the height hasn’t taken off yet due to some stress from topping and it is an indica with a bushy nature.


@Azuri @rainstorm3 what a bounce back roots looking better than mine and I didn’t have too many issues lmaoo… @Azuri your og is looking beasty I’m excited for you … and I def want to do some lst as well so I’ll post when I think I need to maybe you can steer me in the right direction…

I think I’m day 16 right now I’ll post pics later I’m more excited for some beans that will be coming in today from a guy that works as a biochemist for nasa… the flavors are wedding cake x purple punch 2.0 the other is Scott’s og :fire::fire:x purple punch 2.0


DAY 16 and she’s looking like she’s beginning to grow up up top … roots are growing she’s looking good … the one in the cup is a trapstar with totally different characteristics than the war heads … her leaves are longer skinnier I’m assuming a Sativa or Sativa dominant

@rainstorm3 your plant def bounced back something serious look at my root system … only troubles I had was no air pump for a few days … your roots are exploding now way faster than my plant …so your plant will do awesomely…


@chris_barfield you’re only on day 16 though! I’m technically on day 31. Yours will definitely get there! It’s looking really good. :+1:t4:


Hi @Stephen
I hear your on vacation this week. Hope your getting in some fun time off.

This is day 46 and I’m uploading a photo as I’m hoping you can help everyone here including me. I think this was a good shot to show the branching. I am thinking all the double branches that run parallel to each other are the ones I’m removing at the base right?!


Hey @Todd.grobo

I’ll let Stephen chime in for your question but I was curious are you week one or two into flower now? 12/12 cycle?



Still vege state I think. No flowering yet
Only just surpassed the first fans height


@Stephen what is this ??? And should I be worried? I checked on the plant this morning cuz I didn’t check on her yesterday because I was painting my kitchen and I saw that thing crawling on my plant this morning. So I flicked it off …

Also my first set of leaves that resemble the actual cannabis leaf, (leaf with three fingers) are starting to brown spot but new growth is green? Am I having ph issues or is this the leaves dieing for new growth?


Hey @Chris not sure what the bug is, it may have entered from the back of the fan. It doesn’t look like the type of pests that normallly infest plants but will let someone else chime in.

I had some brown spots on the first single leaf and the first two set of leaves with 3 fingers, which are all cut off now. If your new growth looks fine I wouldn’t worry.