Plant Falling Over (Damping Off)

My little seedling seems to be tipping over. Could it be because of the fan??

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Not likely, I forget the name for it @Stephen but if I’m not mistaken, it’s a problem when the top of the coco pod is too wet and causes this to happen. I’m not really explaining it correctly but I’ll look for the post and link it to you. It’s hard to tell by the pic, but it looks overly dry, which I think causes the same sort of prob. Has your root poked through the bottom of the pod? If not the pod is probably to dry. Either too dry or too wet causes issues.

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@Osage @Stephen
The root has not poked through the bottom of the pod yet

Is the bottom of your coco pod in the water or at least wet? How bout the top, dry or moist?

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Top is dry bottom is wet

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Well then I’m thinking it’s too dry. Plant hasn’t grown enough of a root system to keep her upright and the top being overly dry doesn’t allow for the seedling to stay sturdy. I could be wrong here but that’s what I think. Only other thing I can think of is ph is off. If you have an extra ph probe, then take a reading of your water and post it. I’d also send in a ticket to cheers and keep us posted.


Hi @Gatorsfn28, as @Osage mentioned if there’s no root peaking out of the bottom of the coco pod yet then the pod needs to be constantly moist. Make sure your reservoir is topped off for the first 10 days

@Osage what you are thinking of is something called “damping off” and, in this case, it’d be a little soon for that (takes some time to manifest right at where the stem meets the root system)



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Ahhhh, yes @Chris, that is indeed what I was thinking. Not too familiar with that term as I’ve been primarily a soil grower, but had my first hydro plant do that and after research found out that was the culprit. My coco pod was too wet. Was using a top drip feeder system and I didn’t like it at all so switched to dwc. Thanks for the clarification


I forgot to ask about when might we identify damping off, and what to look for before the seeding falls over? And if the seedling does fall over, what would one do to rectify this issue? Thanks for the education.




@Osage moved to a new topic so that we can discuss this in more detail as this is a very good subject to talk about

I’m not entirely sure if there are any signs that damping off is about to occur other than your plant will fall over where the stem meets the roots. @Stephen would have more information on this though

We’ve tried to save plants after they dampened off before and, unfortunately, it doesn’t really work. You’re much better off to start your grow again and ensure that the coco pod is dry after the roots make their way into the reservoir (that’s why the Grobo One has the high fill line and the low fill line)



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Thanks @Chris,

Great question. Here is what you will find in week 2 of your notifications:

Your seedling is fragile and you can help it thrive!

Your cannabis seeds have popped and will start sprouting into a little seedling! However, your seedling is very susceptible right now to a serious problem that many other plants face in their early stages called damping-off. This is a serious condition that causes the rotting of your plant stem and root tissues at and below the surface of the CoCo Pod which can kill your seeds, seedlings, and clones.

There are many precursors for damping-off such as high humidity levels, planting your seed too deep, and poor soil drainage. However, the main culprit for damping-off is over-watered and poorly aerated growing mediums. That is why during the second week of growth, the Grobo only fills to the Low Fill line in order to fight against damping off while still providing your cannabis moisture and nutrients by aerating the water.

What is actually happening inside your plant is that the fungi has stopped the upward movement of nutrients. This causes the young stem to become soft and mushy in spots, resulting in fallen over seedling. The ‘pinched’ stem will continue to deteriorate, reducing the seedlings potential, often killing it outright. I find it is best to kill these plants quickly and restart.



RIP your girl! The original seed casing on for that extended period didn’t help either. She expelled a lot of energy trying to open but had the casing on.


The only solution I’ve had work is this:

Cut off a bit of a large drinking straw, say 2 inches. (Think McDonald’s straw)
Cut a slit down the entire side of the straw.
Open the straw and gently slide it around the stem, allowing the top to poke out.
Push the straw into the coco pod a bit to secure it.

Now your plant is in a ‘body cast’! This will get your stem straightened and your leaves facing upward for at least a small chance of survival. If she does pull through, we can extend the veg time to make up for the shock of getting sick so early. Probably need to add 2-3 weeks though and in that time you can be far past this spot, your choice on heal or restart.


Guess I’ll be starting over :sob:

Any suggestions before starting again? I’ll actually need to get another pod so I’ll have some time.

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((#IFeelYourPain)): :sob::sob::sob:

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