Plants up to 40 days and germination


Thanks for the other spectrum lighting picture, she doesn’t look happy.

For future troubleshooting sake for pictures open your door after it switches to the purplish hue, double click the button at the back it will give you the 30 seconds of proper colours on your plant. Helps us see any leaf discolourations way easier in a pic. :+1:

Good luck on your little girl!


I believe this to be nutrient lockout. If you see this at all then it means your ph is off and the plant is unable to drink the nutrients it needs.

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No need Tony. If shes healthy she’ll recover. Stunted has no equivilant to a human. Maybe skipping 2 days of meals regularly for us you know. Mine was stunted too.

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So here she is this morning. The browning is getting worse, especially on the lower left finger as you can see from the pics. @Stephen.

@Osage please write into - we’re happy to help, but this issue requires too much information to be resolved on AG




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Top drip is great when you grow via clone. It’s already rooted and the stem is much more established. Growing by seed it appears you need the sweet spot of just wet enough.

@Osage What crosses my mind with Grobo is the pre-soaking of the seed for 24 to 36 hours prior to popping into the Coco pod. In all normal controlled situations this is the best method but the Grobo sets aside 10 full days for germination / seedling stage so now you’ve just turned that into 11 or 12 days in a grobo increasing the chance of damping off? @Stephen thoughts?


Day 39 OG Kush:

Topped once and some very light LST done about 5 days ago.
May trim bottom fan leaves in a few days. Flowering 12/12 cycle due to start in a couple days.


Well my ph is back to normal after manually dosing a couple time and now she’s holding steady at 5.9-6.0. As you can see in the pics, there two offending fingers under the newer growth. I removed sad offending leaves and now we wait. @Stephen check her out.


@Osage hopefully it gets sorted! She still looks pretty healthy overall!

Yeah better, but still a bit droopy. I think she’ll bounce back soon as long as we get my unit calibrated properly.

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I take it the one in the front is a Male? They are both 27 days old.


Yup, pollen sacs waiting to burst!

Thanks @azuri

Just keep it separate from the rest?

Yup, another room away from any females if you want to keep it. It’s pollen so it can also be transfered by air or other methods once they pop, keep that in mind. :+1:


This is exactly what happened to me but my plant never recovered in my grobo … had to start over

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@Stephen, @Chris, @Azuri ok so ph’d again a couple mins ago. She’s at 6.0-6.1. Heat and humidity are good and girl is recovering. She should be seeing better growth by the end of the week. So here she is.


Nice save! I think we are set to re calibrate you tomorrow am.

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yep ill be calling 530am my time. Whats the number I need to call

@Robyn will send it to you.