First grow transplant from soil

Why are you having trouble finding seeds? Every seedbank I’ve seen or dealt with ships to any state.

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A bit of clarification.
Three seeds soaked in water all looked good and were popping. We put the best looking one in the grobo and the other two in solo cups, only one has sprouted so far. The first sprout was at 6 days and I still hope to see the other two sprout also.

As far as seeds every place I look requires bitcoin or a cash app that works out of the country (can’t get them to work). We have the bitcoin finally but still can t spend it yet.

Any suggestions on seed banks would be greatly appreciated especially If they take regular currency.

Seeds can take upwards of 10 days to pop. I pulled a bent one out at 11 or 12 and straightened up np

I got mine with debit card from truenorth


Seedsman accepts cash, check, money order, wire transfer, bitcoin, credit cards, and prepaid cards.

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I used Pacific Seed Bank from Sacramento recently. They take credit cards for some items, but they take up to 20 days to ensure it’s going to clear. You can also send a cashier’s check/money order or have your bank wire money directly. If you go money order route you even get 3 (random) free seeds.

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Transplant complete the taproot is in the water. Send this little girl good vibes!!


Day 10

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We hit the first vefitation stage and drained and refilled the water and she went from the last pic to this overnight.

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So sorry ovie, not looking great but, you don’t have to give up, many have come back from worse. Have you put in a ticket to see if @Stephen could offer some help? For now I would take those two yellow leaves off and try not to have any dampness in your grobo, your pod seems too wet but it could be the pics. Its possible dampening off but your middle leaves still have life!


Did you skip grobo germinating phase? What stage are u in?

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Sorry :neutral_face: read that wrong I’d get the ticket in

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What can you expect it’s a transplant , from soil to hydrophonic … he will be fine … all he needs to do is ride it out … I would get worried if those center leafs start turning colors my friend other than that his regrowth looks good. , @Stephen is probs busy enough on other serious things , a transplant probs wasnt the best idea for the grobo , but he looks like he has success… let her ride the tiger cannabis plants can take alot of abuse , but only so much … I really think if any other leafs turn brow or tan … then he should continue… but it’s no good crying over spilled milk …

If the plant wasnt getting enough oxygen or anything those middle leafs would be messed up just like the other , just my honest opinion, new to hydrophonic not to soil … dont listen to everyone on here … some think they know what they are doing … most of the time it’s good advice … hardest to grow is outside … that’s just a fact … I have a couple plants under my belt for outside… try a touch of revive not too much or els you will burn the plant I would do a have dose , check ph … and you’ll be okay … if she does die it would be , the transplant didnt go good unless you’re nutrients isnt dispensing right or , you need to replace you’re ph probe .

This was my first try in the grobo, it was an old seed that i had and tried before i got my seeds in. I believe she would have made it (if it was a female) had i known at the time that my ph was off and needed calibration, but i realized i didn’t have the calibration fluids and it was too late by the time i received the solutions. I would have had the kit had i known but I did learn a valuable lesson. /cry

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That post was from sept 19th but thanks for the information I’m sure it will prove useful on another grow!

I remember my first present day comment on a 1 year old thread like it was yesterday :rofl: still haunts me! Hahaha