It kinda broke🤷🏽‍♀️ @ kookie-monstar-kee

What to do???!


This looks like an unfortunate situation for you… sorry to see that. This is due to a condition called “Damping Off” which is typically due to an over-saturated pod that in turn cuts off the oxygen flow down there. In turn, a bacteria called Pythium starts breeding and attacks the stalk/root system as well typically…

I and others have been recommending for everyone who’s starting new grows to keep an eye on how wet the pod is, and typically we suggest to start the pod 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch above the level of the lid to help dry it out.

Here’s a post I made a day or two ago with someone with a similar situation.

[quote=“pyromancy, post:7, topic:9470”]
Getting the pod up and raised up and dried out is the first step. I suggest using a slight twisting method from the bottom while you lightly put some upward pressure so you don’t break it free all of a sudden and shoot it up too far! This has happened to me.

Also check this out:

Another example:

And the body cast that @Stephen has referred to:

Start of damping, but recovered after pod moved up and dried out allowing more oxygen:

Again, if the pod is wet and leaves moisture on your hand after a quick touch, that’s too wet !

I could be over exaggerating only because your picture is slightly blurry. But to me, it looks like some damage. Ideally the stalk would be completely green above ground.

Also… this is what can happen if untreated or gets too bad:

This looks pretty advanced… I really hope the best for you.

You should think about using 1 x 1 inch paper towel squares and blotting off some of the moisture… the more air flow it gets the better. This might be a little too progressed to save though, as it will most definitely be soggy and weak :confused:

If you have any extra fans, definitely start facing them on the pod to dry it out…!

Good luck!!!


@Cassd007 Noooooo!!!

I’m Sorry!!

When I Noticed Slight Darkening, I Pushed Up The Pod And Cut Off The Top “Almost” Inch Of The Pod Itself.

If You Support It, Give It A Crutch With A Straw, Raise The Pod 2ish inches, Dry It A Bit If You Can, AND Cut Off The Top In Of The Pod… You MIGHT Save Her… MIGHT!!!

What’s A Night To Try, If You Are Gunna Pull It…


Oh shoot I shouldve stated that this was a human error in attempt to trim plant and ended up applying to much pressure by accident & some of the root came up accidentally. It got a broken neck​:woman_facepalming:t4::joy::joy::joy:
But oddly enough the plant is still thriving


Glad She Still Up… :palm_tree:
I Would Still Move That Pod Up And Trim It…


Ok will try that


Do you mean the little white spot amongst the brown in the little brown hourglass on your stalk where in looks like you might’ve nicked it while trimming? I could see how you could have done that and that didn’t cause all that browning or the hourglass shape in your stalk. Of course, you do want to be careful with blades around your plant, don’t get me wrong, you can do some damage! :joy: But damage that slight can usually be fixed up with some tape.

Or could the stem have snapped there because it was already so weak from damping off that any pressure you applied would’ve been too much? (aim for none anyway, even if she’s healthy)

The shape and color of your stalk look like a clear indication of damping off as described by @pyromancy to me, I’m so sorry to say. Do what you can to save her with the straw, moving the pod, fans, blotting, hydroguard, and good luck!

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