New schedule for me

These chemicals aren’t cheap and I was even looking at other brands where they have nutrients all bundled together to eliminate bottles! Just make it easy on myself! I don’t know I heard humbolts or something like that is good! I’ve also read GH line is high on salt! I think your right though about adding to much though!
I was planing on trimming a few leaves off by the way but was waiting till rot goes away! What you think? I don’t want to put to much stress on plant.
Hey thanks for helping by the way you guys are awesome!


Yes keep it simply Less is more

I no longer spending a lot of money on extras I have a cabinet full of products that is all a waste of money. Also most of these products have a shelf life of 6 months after opening.

I now have been spending my money on automation trying to make the perfect climate this is more important than additives.


Agree don’t stress her out right now. Remove after she is recovered

What is your plan going forward to deal with the root rot?

Well I have added some more hydroguard today. My one plant is doing pretty well! The other still looks healthy just short! The roots have more slime on it as well. I added 50ml. of hydroguard to the smaller one. I know it will all get circulated but I wanted to start it in the little one first.
I figure I’ll wait a few days and see if it clears up. If not then I’ll be up for suggestions!


At this moment I’m going to call on @vegetato the information he has posted on root rot is excellent. He has done so many experiences on this topic I feel he is #1 on this topic. I will help you out also but honestly I learned a lot from him on root rot…


Until then here are some reads!


Hey, good stuff! Thanks.

By the way things are looking better!


Happy to hear that


@vegetato Root Rot M.D.

He’ll get to the ROOT CAUSE of your problems, or your money back! **

** His advice is FREE though :rofl:

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Hahahaha!! He can do virtual calls now also!!

So here is an update. I’m in week 3 before transition so I will be here for awhile which means 3 weeks with same solution! Cool! I don’t have to mess with it! I would have to image two more weeks from here at least! My roots are nice and white and growing bigger! The root rot is slowly going away and I started to trim some. My one plant is smaller than the other but neither have showed any physical stress signs except for the smaller growth. When I do switch over the basic grow plan says use flora bloom but I was thinking of leaving this one out as well or no?
So here are my plants!

I know one photo is sideways! Oops


Congratulations looks to me that you are 100% back on track…

Do you mean you want to leave the smaller plant in Veg?

Oops I misspoke, I meant to say koolbloom instead of flora bloom. No what in meant was in the “simple plan” for GH they have koolbloom listed and I was not going to add it when in flower and just add my carboload instead, or do you think I should add both? Just trying to keep it simple. They will both go in flower at same time though.

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I understand your question now… I’m sure your going to get different answers from different people but from my personal experience I would use KoolBloom and not use Carboload…

I am a big fan of Advanced Nutrients products but I found mixing bands doesn’t seem to workout the best together… It can take your ratio’s off balance fast…

Since your using GH as your base nutes I would just stay with there products… GH is a good product lineup no worries there I have had many great grows with them… KoolBloom is like Advanced Nut Big Bud…

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Based in starting water 0 PPM

10 Gallons of water…

FloraSeries Recirculating (I would cut rate in half)

But your feed program if using simply should like something like this

PS I’m not going to lie I’m a fan of FloraNectar

Personal favorite is SugerCane

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Hey thanks man! Not sure why I just noticed post now and didn’t get a notification but this helps! I ended up before hand buying a gallon of b-52 and Carboload. Should I not use those then? That would stink but if that’s what’s causing issues then I won’t. Your chart is good and I will go by that! I’ve read before about how Floralicious is Awesome and only gets good reviews! Ok cool man once again thanks and I’ll send some pics soon.

By the way why do you cut the rate in half on recirculating?


Choice is your if you want to use them… They are good products I’m just suggesting you stay with one brand to make things easier for you… (keeps your NKP balanced)

All these company’s that make nutes want to sell more product so they push them to the max… When you push to the max there is risk of burning the plant… For that reason less is More… At the end of the day you can increase your EC higher if you think your plants can handle it…

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Hey just wanted to show a few pics of the girls! They are growing well and all is working good with new system. Been chasing a Ph that keeps diving on me. I have it set at 5.8 and come morning it will be 5.5? It seems like it has been diving more frequently as well. The good thing is I have a reservoir that I can monitor and adjust now! But I checked my ec and it’s around 1200ppm now and probably have put in about 10 gallons extra water so far. I have had the same solution in for 3 weeks come Friday. So not quite sure why it’s diving but I’lm guessing I’ll switch to flower in a week or so? So I’ll change out water then! Hopefully that fixes the Ph issue if not, I’ll be back!

How’s your grow going? Last I saw you just trimmed them and I’m curious on how them girls are stacking up?


Oh by the way I used SLF 100 to clear up issues, should I continue to use it or no? I just don’t want that issue to come back! Maybe that’s what’s throwing Ph off?


Plants are looking nice!! Good Job…

I believe your getting Ph swing because your nutes are becoming unstable. 3 weeks is a long time. I would try replacing your nute water weekly or 10 days max. I think that would help alot… Also all the PH down your adding will increase your PPM

It just depends on how big you want your plants. But forsure I would give them a big haircut before you switch to flower

Here was the finally harvest on them… I’m dreaming up ideas and rebuilding my tent right now… Hoping to sow some seeds in a couple weeks or sooner

I haven’t been able to buy SLF-100 at a fair price in Canada so I haven’t used the product before. If the manufacturer says its safe to use in recirculating it should be fine then

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Cool thanks for the help! I was wondering if that was a long time for chemicals to be in system? But for sure I’ll give her a good haircut before and then lollipop the plant around 2-3 weeks in. By the way nice plants!

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