New schedule for me

I think from now on I’m just going to plant 3 maybe 4 and hope for two good ones!


That is what I did. I planted extra just in case of. I will have to make a choice soon as which ones will live. Better safe than sorry.


That’s my plan… Sow min double what I want


So put my one good one in bucket just in case one of other 2 seeds go bad if not I’ll take this one out! Hate to see a good plant go to waste.

The more I think about it I think I’m going to start planting 4 seeds. The odds are better and look at me now, 6 seeds in. Probably wouldn’t have had this issue if I planted 4.


I agree sow more than you want keep the best

I was looking at your first picture I see water bubbles around the plug… Does it stay wet like that all day?

Yes! This will be week 1 of GH line nutrients. If the other one has a bad seed I’ll switch this plant to the new seeds schedule which just lengthens the 1st week by a few days. But yes Water will always bubble like that! Also as you can see the clay pebbles are bubbling at bottom of rapid rooter.

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What is the first day you start feeding nutes?

I’m just talking out loud here… How does that plug dry out a bit when it’s always being bubbled? That doesn’t sound right to me but also I have never grown a plant in a setup like that so I really don’t know

It will dry out because it’s not submerged in water and the air around it dries it out. You want the roto rooter to be damp. In about 1-2 weeks the roots will be long enough I won’t need to do this!
My first day of nutes was day 1 yesterday for seedling you see bubbling! But like I said if the other 2 are good I’ll switch the one that is bubbling out for the two that are in sync. If one of two don’t take then I’ll use the bubbling one and the new one and put on new seeds schedule. It’s only 5 days behind

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Ha, my cursed seeds!! Well we will see what happens!


So with a little reading and a little of this

Every 15 minutes for an hour and then I went to bed and this morning.

Poor first seed, did nothing wrong, everything right but yet she has to go! By the way her seed is still attached to bottom leaf.

So I guess I’m good here though. I’ll post later on in about 3-4weeks and show you how there doing unless you want to see. Peace and happy growing!


Free feel to post sooner if you want. I also like seeing different ways of growing.


For those who wish to see. My girls in pots with 3.5 gallon water in 4 gallon bucket starting day 1 this Friday. They are young, my Purple Haze! I’ll explain hydro setup later.


Since tomorrow is Christmas I put my plants in system now! Starting week 2 now on GH line.

Water temp at 68 and ph at 5.8. I think I’ll change this out next Friday then let that go for 2 weeks!

Merry Christmas Growers and may 2021 not suck!


So trying to figure out why I have this crap going on? I ended up putting in hydro guard and sfl 100 in to help out but I think I have salt residue left over from previous grow? (I build this rdwc from old tubing parts) but my temp is at 68 and ph is at 5.8 so I should be good with that so will this brown foamy crap go away?

I think I’ll use slf 100 during my water change from now on to help with roots and salt issues.

You think this will hurt roots?


I don’t have a lot of experience with this type of system. I prefer drain to waste for me less variables to deal with.

It doesn’t look healthy to me. Looks like your system needs a H02 bath but not sure if that is possible when you have plants. Can you take them out?

More than likely it’s the slf-100 cleaning your lines and media

Ahhh, my frothing Guinness looking brew is gone! I skimmed off top for a couple days and hope that the slf 100 or hydroguard did the trick and sure enough this morning it was gone! So cool, plans look nice and healthy as well! Sorry no pic


Around in circles I go??? I need advice because I’m confused as shit!
So did the water change and things just went haywire from there! My ph is fucking with my head because I have a hand held basic battery operated ph meter and a blue lab controller meter. I have calibrated both, my blue lab 3 times and battery operated one once. I put both in ph4 and calibrated! I can put them both in ph 4 solution and they will both register 4ph… Fine! So I put my blue lab back in reservoir and it adjusts to 5.8 ph. Great!!! I check with my hand held battery one and it registers over 7??? So I put the battery one back in ph4 solution to see what it read? It says ph4, so I put my blue lab ph meter in ph4 solution and it reads ph4? WTF all I know is I have root rot that I’m dealing with and it’s getting me pissed! I thought I shouldn’t have root rot? That’s why I set this shit up so I didn’t have to deal with this? My temperature on ph meter and chiller are both solid sitting at 66f now. I did have it set at 68f and it would Go up to 70 then kick on. I figure 66 and kick on at 68 instead! Here is what I have used

General Hydroponic line and all advanced nutrients.

SLF 100
Hydroguard (Which I’m still confused if I can use with SLF100. The whole organic thing is throwing me off in use with something that eats bacteria)
Then at end I add B-52,

But here are a few pics!

I have read that I should add armor si first and let sit for 10 minutes before adding base solutions? I don’t know I never did that before and have had successful grows?

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I would trust your blue lab meter over that handheld metre.

let’s start with this one from the way I read your post you’re calibrating your metre using solution 4 only

All my metres use a two point calibration method. Start with solution 7.0 calibrate it then next you move on to calibration solution 4.0 and calibrate it. Are you doing it this way?

I do have 1 meter that offers a one point calibration solution but it’s not as accurate calibrating this way so I don’t use this method

Armor SI should be mixed first and mixed for 1 hour before you add base.

But honestly I think your biggest problem is your trying to hard and adding to many products.

Don’t take this the wrong way only want to help. As soon as I eliminated 90% of all the extras I use in my grows quality and yield increased. I’m flushing my tent right now the girls looked great. Yes there was a couple mistakes on the way but I’m happy overall

I no longer use armor Si and planning next grow to not even use products like Slf 100


I should of specified on that. On blue lab there is a two point which I use to calibrate. The other meter I only used the one point. I’m at tent now and i think my hand held is just not working right.

Update: I checked out the calibrations online and this one doesn’t use 4/7/10 ph values. It uses 6.36 and 7 and 9. something and I was calibrating with wrong solution! Oops

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And I don’t take offense to that. I was actually thinking of just using my base ingredients plus b-52 and carboload when in flower. Plus SLF 100. Do you think I should just try that?

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