New schedule for me

So I was thinking of trying a different schedule but I want to make sure this is right? This was a little confusing but I was hoping I can get a little help!!! The dry Kool bloom makes me worry but I’m looking for bigger buds and I need an opinion if I should do this schedule or not? What do you think?

Does the blue schedule stack on top of other schedule I guess I should ask?

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If I understand you correctly you want to disable Grobo nutes bottle 3,4 and 5 and start mixing your own nutes. Gh brand

You can do this if you want I have used there products all good quality (In my tent)

If you do this I would start off using half dosage of what it says in there guide.

Personally opinion is I don’t think switching to GH is going to make the bud size your looking for.

If bigger buds is what your looking for you need more powerful lighting than what is in the Grobo. Just my opinion.

Hope this helps


You use 1 or the other not both guides

One is the basic feed program one is advanced with supplements.

If you go on there website you can make a custom feed program based on your water (tap/ Ro etc ) then how many litres of water etc

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This is not for grobo this is for my tent actually! Just confused about amounts and time? Because they are different and I don’t want to start a schedule if it’s wrong

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Ok Last thing, I ended up buying another 900w led on top of 2 600w visparspectra lights. In my next grow, considering I only used the 2 600w for this grow and then used all of my lights for next grow, how much more of a yield do you think this will bring? This grow is not bad but I see people with huge buds!! I feel like I should be getting more!!


I believe @chris_barfield may be able to help. From what I remember, Viaspectra lights aren’t that great and they lack certain parts of the spectrum. Those lights may be what’s causing your buds to be small.


Sorry I thought it was for grobo

First question the feed charts you posted are for Recirculate your water… Are you drain to waste or recirculate? I ask because most people are drain to waste…

KoolBoom will be your Bud builder (Sizer) for GH… Since your in a tent yes the advanced nute problem done correctly will help build bud size…

I don’t have any data on your lights to comment correctly…

Current grow looks nice good job :+1: :+1: My opinion one thing slowing down your bud size is I think you have to many Fan leafs on the plant… What week of flower are in you?


Have you seen this link to make your custom feed based on your water??


Last week before flush. How many fan leaves should I cut off? I’ve been growing for 2 years and always left some on but always hear different things. I’m recirculating


I didn’t think you were that far into flower. I do you what you mean now about bud size but like I said before your plants look healthy.

It also could be the seeds what breeder do you use?

I would have removed 50% of the Fan leafs you have on your plant. Left the light hit those buds.

But at this point I would just leave them. Your to far along in this grow now. By removing a lot of fan leaves now you’re just going to stress the plant out and you’re too close to the finish line for that. Most of the bud size comes in week 4 to 6 of flower and your past that.


One more thought also is you may get more size if you change to drain to waste…

Recirculation is fine but for example if the plants eat up all the phosphate in your water that could be or direct cause to smaller size buds. It really just depends what/how your doing it right now


I use ILGM seeds. Should I remove most of the fan leaves when I lollipop them? I had trouble with seeds when I started them so this plant is not in my recycling system it’s just in a 4 gallon bucket. I do have a chiller and a ph controller I haven’t used yet so I wonder if that will help as well? But I feel if I remove all the fan leaves I’ll kill the plant. I hear so many things and this is my second year growing so I guess I’m nervous about cutting to much of plant off.

Before I forget which I already did, the other issue that I have been wondering about is the actual growth of the bud. During week 4-6 is when most of bud is formed and when I use the expert schedule, should I still add something else on top of those weeks to help out? Thanks

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This is a hard topic you will talk to 10 people and get 10 different thoughts… This method has been working well for me… Day 1 of transition to flower I deleaf hard I mean very hard… Then on day 21 of flower I deleaf very hard again (remember week 4 to 6 is bud size building time)… Now one thing to note is I look at my plants If they are heathly and balance I do that but if they look off balanced or stressed in anyway I will NOT deleaf hard.

I use to think the same way but you would be surprised what a healthy plant can handle… Maybe next grow do 1 plant one way and 1 plant a different way… See what works best for you.

I would run the expert feed program from start to finish. If you use that program you will have a lot of bottles to use up… After opened they should be used up within 6 months so use it from start to finish.

What nutes are you using now? Unless your feed program is total wrong which I don’t think it is because your plants look healthy I’m still thinking that there maybe something else besides feed to that stopping your buds from getting big… But I’m not sure what it could be at this moment…

Not that I know of it has all the supplements in the program


What I will do also is I’m on week 1 of flower I will post a before and after picture on my day 21 to show you what I do… And like I said before some people will agree with me and some people will not all I can do is tell you what has been working for me…

One thing I learned also is don’t be greedy limit the plant to XXX amount of bud sites the less bud sites you have on the plant it will pour more energy into less buds making them bigger than lots of buds but small buds


Thanks that will help a lot. I usually scrog my plants and do the whole lollipop thing and remove all leaves under canopy but this time like I said I couldn’t because I wasn’t going to have one plant in rdwc because it’s a waste of nutrients for one plant. I do have quite a few bottom branches that do have a lot of undergrowth to it that have buds to them as well and maybe that’s my issue. This would be actually my first grow without a scrog. But if you can take pictures like you said and show what you do that would be awesome. Thanks for your help!


Do not buy viparspectra shit spectrum and just overall waste of money … if your trying to save a few dollars go with hlg


So if you deleaf hard on day 1 of transition does it stall the plant some and push back on your flowering week at all? So instead of your flowering time 4-6th week could it be later when it starts aggressively growing?
I use the GH expert Schedule and I add hydro guard, b-52 and Carboload as well. When I top plants during week I add 5ml of floragrow, 5ml of hydroguard and 5ml of B-52 to ph balanced reverse osmosis water!

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Shit, I just bought the other viparspectra and just watched the video and read the reviews on your HLG suggestion and I wish I had that instead!!! :neutral_face: do you have one? They said In the Reviews that the heat emission from light is low as well, is this true? Anyone want 2 600w and a 900w light??? Augh!! Always something new and always learning, sometimes the hard way!!! I have light envy…

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Yea I have hlgs some of the best in the game and best price

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