Mold on my cocoa pod


I was draining my grobo when I noticed mold growing on my cocoa pod at the bottom of my plant

Can anyone help me with this ?

Do I need to kill this plant and start a new grow ?

Plant still looks good but the cocoa pod fungus is groSs

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@Stephen please any ideas this is my 3rd grow but never had this issue ?

There is a way to remove it from the pod…
Distilled vinegar and RO or distelled water… And alcohol for the rest of the machine.
Read these for further info…

Please take a photo of the entire plant and the nutrient bottles so that we can better help you in the future.
Also get some small fans for inside your grobo, use ceiling fan, air conditioner, dehumidifier etc… To control humidity.
Wash your hands and be careful not to spread the mold.


Is your pod soaked,?


Water levels or sensors could be a problem, he probably needs someone in support to check it all out for him.


I’ve had several people say mold is ok and then others say it’s a problem. This is my current set up

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Its normal for the cocopods. I have it on every grow


I was told that the white growth that looks like bird poop is a normal bacteria

but mold itself that looks fuzzy or discolored is not.

I have never experienced mold on the coco pod so my question to @Todd.grobo is do you use a dehumidifier outside your grobo?
Do you use fans inside grobo?
Do you live in a humid atmosphere?
Does you clean the mold off your pod ever?
Does the mold ever effect your leaves?

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No demudifier in the house.
No fans inside the grobo.
Zero percent year round humidity.
The white mold i usually leave until i can get under the canopy and sometimes pull it off sometimes not. Hasnt bothered the plant
Never had mold except on bud because of where it was placed in relation to the light and other leaves

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my unit humidity ranges from 15 percent to 30. I dont do anything to change it. Depends on whether its july or December

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I have seen this on my cocopods as well. From what I’ve gathered it isn’t something to be concerned with unless it is green (algae) or has prominent black spots (rot).




((#TeamHasGotYouCovered)): :clap:

((#CocoPodMold)): ((#CocoPodFungus)):

(What I would do in your case is dry up your [coco-pod] because you don’t want it wet at all after the [GerminationStage]): (Sop the wet up with a paper towel and fan dry): (Then [{gently brush it off or agitate the Coco Pod until it’s gone}] as @Chris states above):



I used 50/50 peroxide n water distilled n clean surface with alcohol


I had an alcohol pad, it cleared it right up … had to do it 2x