Pineapple Express. First Grow

How long has the scrog net been in place?

the ripping on some leaves could be from the sharp edges on the net is my thought. when tying down a leaf or branch it’s best to use flexible material or at least something that the plant won’t cut itself on

maybe try removing the pointy parts from scrog


I installed the netting May 26, I see how the sharper edges could be a problem. I can try to flush them out in the future. I tend not to tie down anything will cut through the plant, learned the hard way years ago.

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I don’t find any mould on the leaves, I’m talking about the pod fuzz. I figured it was a normal thing, however some people have said otherwise. I have noticed that it spikes the higher the humidity.

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I’d even say to sand it down a little bit after snipping those pointy parts off. My guess is that the leaves swiped against the sharp edge and cut themselves that way. It doesn’t take much to damage a leaf, that’s why most scrogs are made from rope or string.

That tearing can also happen when leaves sometimes get stuck together and eventually pull apart from each other as they are growing.


Yeah it is normal man, honestly I wouldn’t worry about it :man_shrugging:

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  • (#Extend): (You made it to the second fan so now its safe to say it’s ready for [FlowerStage]): (Trichomes is what we look at to determine to extend [FlowerStage] or not):

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I have a dehumidifier right beside the grobo. I usually turn it on when the humidity passes %51. Is that too high to wait? I’d rather not invest in more toys but I will if I have to.

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Status update… we are in FLOWER!!!

To be honest I was growing I’m patient. The amount of time, energy, and nutrients led me to not push for another week. Granted, I am not at the second fan. I am about an inch or two below it on my highest branch.

From previous mention of the mould on the coco pod, the dehumidifier did not work as well this time. Probably due to the AC being on more. With that said, I have installed small AC USB fans

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They are angled at the bottom and set on high for maximum dryness (hopefully).

Pictures include before and after of fan installation and trimming. I have also raised both grids to assist the grow and manicuring.

Side note: I may add 2 more fans if they prove useful. We shall see…



@Bplatinum9 is the Journal Entry private or publicly shared?

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It can be either…
Open a grow journal and there will be a toggle switch under new entry that you can set to private or public.

Drying Mode (Cannabis)

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Planted: Dec 04, 2019 (Day: 204)

Grown in: Bplatinum9

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Ok so I’ve been a bit quiet these past couple of weeks. To be honest there hasn’t been that much to update. Here are a couple of things that I am stumped with.

My coco pod is now basically white. The additional fans I added did nothing for the pod but is helping with the airflow. So they stay.

Now this second thing is quite bothersome to me. My plant is day 118 (extended transition) 24/43 flower. However I see very little if any flowering. Am I seriously going to have to extend the flower period too?


@Demon she looks good. I have seen a lot of comments after reading your thread about when to transition to flower. If I can throw in my 2 cents. All seeds are different. Some could stretch 0,1x, 2x, and even 3x. From my growing experience I would error on a shorter plant as the Grobo height is pretty restrictive. There are a lot of growers on this forum that says wait till the 2nd fan. I’m not sure where that came from. FroM the professional growers I have talked too of when to transition is “when your plant is the healthiest” as in it’s not yellow or ill in appearance. I would not have hAd an issue of u transitioning to flower the first time. For indoor growing, I rather have a short plant than have a plant that is touching the lights. But overall your plant looks great. A little bit of light pruning for light penetration would be helpful.


I wholeheartedly agree with everything @Jamminbear stated. My Sour Diesel plant was short and stout (below both fans!) before she popped into flowering and now I’m fighting her from touching the light. She stretched a tremendous amount. Luckily through training and super cropping, I have her under control.
Your plant looks good and I would let her loose in flowering and do some lollypopping…all will be well. =)


She’s just showing her genes – sativas (or sativa dominant) will typically take longer to flower (and grow in general).

@Jamminbear hit on the biggest thing to consider – we’d rather it be too short than too tall in the box. I’ve harvested just as much bud out of a short plant as I have out of some of the taller ones I’ve grown in grobo; the biggest difference is the short ones were a lot less maintenance and worrying!


Well, it’s day 32/43 flower… with 0 flower in sight. I’ve decided to lollipop a tad more. Once again, this pod is white. I decided to lift the top up and my roots don’t look that great, I sure hope this isn’t rotting in front of me…


Is this an auto?? Are you seeing any pollen sacks? Could it have hermed on you? That long into flower (transition counts as flower too) you should most definitely be seeing buds.

When you opened the reservoir lid did you notice a bad smell coming from inside the reservoir? If not, roots may just be dyed from nutrients.

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The water level seems a bit low, be sure to top it up mid-week or every 2-3 days. Keep some distilled water in the fridge to use so it will also bring the reservoir temperature down when you top it up.

The brown does look like it’s a bit more than just nutes when considering the past photos, but it doesn’t actually look that bad – you’re at the verge I’d say (somehow keeping it at bay). Have you been using any additives or extras (like hydroguard)?

To me it looks like the room temperature is still a touch too warm, your water temps are at 73-74°F but you want them at 70-71°F. If that little trap door on the back of your unit is installed, I’d suggest to remove it and angle a fan so it blows cooler air toward the back of the grobo, specifically into that hole. That dropped my reservoir temperature by 1-2° in the past.

Additionally, I don’t see the grobo grow light on but you have the door open. If that was immediately after the lights shut off it’s probably ok but in general we do not want to disturb the sleep cycle at all, not even for a minute to take a pic! That can make the plant revert back to a vegetative state or cause it to start throwing seeds (aka hermie/hermaphrodite).


Okay I have never seen this before? 32 days on12/12 without flowering signs? Has to be a lighting issues? What time is your Grobo on- are u able to observe when it turns on and off? Even if it herms- u should see balls and hair everywhere.

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This intrigues me. I’m hoping u don’t have the same issues as me. .Support just sent me instructions to take out the LED and repair it as the lights are not turning off during the night period. Check if that is an issue for u.