Introduce yourself

Hello all,

I’m Stephane and I’m very new to growing.

My best friend has fibromyalgia and is in quite a bit of pain and well he is a medical marijuana patient. I started to do some research on what I can do to help save on cost and aswell give me a fun new hobby. I’m still waiting for Health Canada as I will be his designated producer for his medicine.

Said that I have been following the Grobo system for a while and I have been very interested in the whole process of growing a plant but with some time saving automation which grobo system delivers.

I have just planted my first seed 5 days ago(White Widow - canuk seeds). I’m anxiously awaiting to see the first signs of life coming out of the coco pod.

In conclusion I look forward to getting to know each and everyone of you in this community of growers and I can’t wait to learn everything I can from you all.


Welcome and cheers to you for helping someone out !


Welcome. Make sure to share photos when she pops!


Welcome aboard @Stephane,

I love that you have applied to be a designated grower, that’s awesome! If you have any questions, we have some really cool people that will be able to help you out. Lots to learn, enjoy!




Welcome aboard … Always a pleasure to have a newcomer… I Love :hearts: :camera::camera_flash: pictures… Read up on the Forum and learn what we’ve learned… It’s been a sweet ride… @fuz and I are on our first grow ourselves still…



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Just an old fellow that has discovered that a bit of weed allows me to continue long walks and woodworking. Really not sure that it alleviates the pain or just helps me forget about it for a while. Love gadgets and growing things so I ordered the Grobo. Can’t wait for it to arrive and hope there’s a recipe for AK-47 available.


Hey @buchhorl

I’m pretty sure @Hainesjr1 is growing AK-47 close to harvest now, keep an eye out for it. :+1:


Hello everyone, been looking at all the different grow boxes out there an the Grobo is definitely one of the best. The only reason I have not purchased one yet is that you can’t control the humidity or temp. because the room I would need to put it is a spare upstairs bed room that we keep the air and heat shut off (we have a separate system for that part of the house) because of the cost. So I’m still up in the air on what I want to do. But watching the grows everyone has going it looks like the Grobo does what it is designed for.





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Hey everybody ! My name is Rob and I just purchased my Grobo today ! I’m a complete newbie and will probably have questions !
I promise never to ask the same question twice and will search before asking !
I’m a quick learner and learn best from pics!

Hope you guys have no problem helping a complete beginner and maybe one day I can pass the expertise I learn here on to the next newb!

Anyways look forward to chatting with some of you !

Thanks for reading ,



Hey @Rob,

Welcome to the forum! You will certainly find some cannabis champions here that are more than willing to assist a fellow grower. What strain are you planning to grow?



Hey Stephen !

Well I’m going for biggest yield (isn’t eveybody :P)

From my understanding indicas work best with this machine.

I do love my sativas but understand they grow to large… so for my first few grows it will be Indica only then maybe try a hybrid .

What strain do you recommend for an absolute newb to the growing world ?



I’ve made some suggestions in this video where I chat with Bjorn, our CEO.



Thanks Stephen !

I actually just finished watching that and went ahead and ordered some of the sour kush.

The Pineapple Express and blue mystic we’re out of stock .

I did see a Pineapple Express #2 for sale as well but wasn’t sure if I should try it as of yet .

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Welcome aboard … Always a pleasure to have a newcomer… I Love :hearts: :camera::camera_flash: pictures… It’s been a sweet ride… @fuz and I are on our 2nd Grow…




Thanks for the welcome !

I will definitely be uploading photos , and most likely detailing my first grow because I think I might have a lot of questions lol

Basically I just want to make sure I get my first grow done properly .

Good to know there is support here for that !


Welcome to the community Rob, I’m a complete newbie too. I’m on my first grow and everyone on here has been amazing.

You’re in good hands here. Happy growing and look forward to seeing pics :slight_smile: