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I’m currently have a Grobo in my inventory and would like to hear all feedback. I’ve scanned the community and read many topics. Would like to hear more on what everyone has to say about the Grobo. So if anyone could please help me with any questions that be awesome!


Its worth purchasing if your willing to invest some time into learning to grow. Its not “out of the box” automatic in any way.
The online community and Grobo support are awesome, having help from them makes the initial cost worth it.


I would truly read thru all articles about issues people have with their grobo in this forum. And then make a wise decision to go Grobo or just get a tent half the price and only difference is you would have to feed and adjust ph/ ec as needed. Good luck and Happy Growing


Appreciate the info

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I just wanted to add a tent can be full auto… Actually my tent is more automatic / less work than my Grobo but Grobo is ready to go… Tent you have to build and peace together


Skip it and invest the money in a tent. Too many long standing issues that are perpetually on their to-do list.


For what its worth :wink:

I’ve only had my Grobi since I started my First Ever grow about 30 days now & Totally Honest after a Noisy Air Pump issue which was more than sorted by there Outstanding customer services Big Up :wink:!! I’m more than sold & Hopefully purchase another in the near future :wink:

Having never personally grown before & a complete novice but have been around plenty its hard to compare like for like

End product is the same yes but the process in my view is So Different in So many ways but One thing I’m definitely finding is the Ease at which I’m getting such great results :wink::wink:…So far!

So my advice is if you want to just change a bucket of water every week or you want more control & some might say hassle id plumb for my Grobi every time :wink:.


I have a tent and a grobo and I can tell you that the grobo is much easier and fun to deal with.
Only difference in our home is the size and taste of the product, grobo for the taste and tent for the size.
If it hadn’t of been for the grobo I couldn’t have learned how to grow so fast.
Having to figure out the feeding and ph issues takes a lot more work in a tent.
I also find that the grobo grows are a lot more controled in the box than in a tent, I can’t reach the back of my 2 x 4 gorilla grow tent to defoiliate.
I dont have to worry about cleaning a huge reservoir tank every week like in a tent either.
Grobo is built to keep things simple, not over think or over do anything.
The app features keep you in the now and add a bit of transparency to growing.
I could go on but you get the jest, tent growing can be just as automated and give you larger crops but its a longer process to actually getting the setup dialed in and can cost just as much or more.


I have been growing for 15 years. I purchased one of these a year ago just to experiment with. Here is my opinion if you just want to grow a small amount and not interested in learning alot about growing this unit would work for you. There is not much control or monitoring over your grow their tech support handles all that for you which I will give it to them they are quick to respond and very friendly. I did have issues with the pump burning out but they replaced it no problem. If you are wanting to turn growing into a hobby and learn as much as you can buy a tent or build your own setup. It is much cheaper and you will have full control over everything and your yields we be way more then you will ever get out of this machine. Dont think the grobo is a set it and forget it machine you will run into issues and have to contact tech support often. Hope this helps



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  • (Just Wondering If It Is A Regulated Temperature Zone For The Grobo): (You Don’t Want It Too Hot -Or- Too Cold):