New here looking for pointers

Hello everyone! I am looking at buying my first grobox. GROBO has my attention but I’m up in the air as all other competitors I’ve seen are not delivering and people have been getting scammed ( in reference to seedo and Cloudponics.) as big an investment it is I am just looking for honest real feedback. For a novice grower would grobo be best for me in anyone’s opinion?


Like all purchases you will have to use your best judgement because everyone will have different experiences according to their needs!

My experience with Grobo as a person who never grew anything has been great! Service is great!! Community is wonderful to be a part of!! I have had no problem with my unit other than very minor things like controlling humidity which I opted to settle by using small fans and in the summer will add a water chiller.
I read all the other websites on several popular machines and narrowed down my choice by process of elimination, which at this point should be a lot easier because most companies have run out of funding or have terrible customer service which in my book is a very clear indication of the product.
But don’t take my word for it, do the research and here are a couple places to start!
You can also reach out to some of the growers who did comparisons for specific questions.


Thank you for your insight! It was actually in researching the seedo (that was my original want) that I came across grobo. It seems to be the best of all my options in regards to price and customer service. The app looks great too! I will do some more research!


Your gonna love it! Please don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you need to because they do care if your satisfied and this community will always be here to talk you through everything! When I first ordered I soothed my anticipation by reading every post on this site and learned so much from everyone!.
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