GSC Late Veg 2/14

Hi folks. So I have this baby at this stage appearing to be very healthy with lots of pretty green leaves. The foliage is so tightly packed that makes it difficult to see the nodes. She’s measuring about 2.75 inches high. There’s very potent odor present outside the box. Questions: Is she at the right height for her time? Does she look healthy? Should I start trimming something already? What can I do about the smell? Thanks!


I’ve got a grow also on day 2/14 late veg! My plant looks very similar so I think this is good! Looks perfectly healthy IMO!

Same issue here as well! Amazing such a little plant will produce such a smell.
Order this. It does an EXCELLENT job.
Ona Block Pro, 6 Ounce



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I’d extend looks like you have a slow grower


Thanks for the input. The odor is really in there. I have the box inside a closet in a room, and the room smells. It’s unbelievable that such a small thing can give off that odor. It smells like a skunk that came out of the ass of another skunk and died in the city dump and then got sprayed by a thousand other skunks. I do not think the air filter is adequate enough for this kind of grow.


Thanks. Extend late vegetative by one more week?

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Lol HILARIOUS! WOW… this must be bad!! Ha! Sounds like you better pick up a few of the Ona Block Pro’s then!! :slight_smile: This stuff will work! It’s amazing.


Burning sage in your house will also help. People think sage smells like cannabis, so once you show them burning sage they won’t think twice. Native Americans (and others) use sage to cleanse a space and scrub bad energy :joy::joy::+1::v:


No more than that probably. You want your little girl to be around the second fan when she flips into transition. I think I’ve extended mine 3 weeks at least but every plant is different keep in mind. Topping you’ll need to add a week, I’ve topped twice so there’s at least 2 weeks for recovery and then added growth time.