Grow 2 - Critical Purple Kush Fem by Seedsman

After a unsuccessful Pineapple Express grow due to drowning the seed, I am now growing a Critical Purple Kush Fem by Seedsman. I am on day 7 of germination and am going to try update this post as I go along.


I am currently using tap water and have read from Grobo info that distilled is better. Should I switch to distilled or is the significance small?

Also, my leaves are hanging low as seen in the image. Is this normal? or is something wrong? Any advice is appreciated.


If you are able, switch water :sweat_drops::+1:t3:


It’s normal. Do you know the temp and RH readings inside the Grobo? Also, do you know the water temp? These are usually helpful in diagnosing any issues that may come up during the grow.


I Would Switch If You Could…
The Chemicals Used To Treat Tap Water Can Build Up In The System And Cause Unexpected Complications…

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I would raise your pod up about a 1/2" above the lid to try and prevent damping off, several people on here currently dealing with it including myself. The pod sits to low and never dries out causing a fungal disease which attacks the stem were it meets the pod. I also added a fan directed on the pod to help dry it out. Good luck!


Thank you all for your recommendations! I have raised the pod & bought some distilled water to put in it soon.

Another question, Would I be able to reuse the water i take out in drain & fill? Otherwise using distilled water could be quite costly if I have to throw it away every 7 days when I drain and fill?

Once again, thank you everyone for your help!


Unless you have a water filtration system to clean the water back to 0ppm, then no, I would not reuse the water


Have you investigated how much a water filter for your drinking water would cost? :droplet:

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I had the same issue with costly distilled water, and ended up buying a «desk distiller» off Amazon. In the long run, the per gallon price will be very low. My plant seems to be super happy with it😊


Yup, just bought one. Thanks guys


Update: I am at Early Veg Day 7/14. Total: Day 17

I bought temperature/humidity reader and water temperature reader. I am also currently distilling water and will be able to switch from tap to distilled tomorrow.


Temperature: 35C / 95F
Humidity: 24%
Water Temperature: 25C / 77F

I believe my temp needs to be lower and my humidity needs to be higher, any advice?

I have also seen some yellowing on the small leaves the plant initially grows, is this a problem? I’ve heard that these leaves come off over time.





  • (SomeGreatAdviceOn AllGrowers): {:green_thumb:}: (If Your Temps Are High, I Would Advise On using Hydroguard In Your Grobo):

  • (I Would Try These Methods To help With Your Temps): (Hydroguard Might Help):

  • (Lets Hope The Dieing Leaves Don’t Escalate):

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Hey @Spaceman, you are definitely right on your temps. You wanna shoot for mid 70’s F for internal and high 60’s for water. The water temp is ok as long as you use hydroguard, it’ll help fight root rot. As for the iinternal temp…what temp do you keep your place at? Does it seem liike your light inside turns on and off when it shouldn’t?


I have switched to distilled water.

I was unable to get Hydroguard as it is sold out but purchased (what appears to be) a similar product called Rhizotonic (seen in image). Would anyone be able to advise me when I should put this product in my reservoir, how much they recommend and how often I should dose this product into my reservoir? Thanks

On the Rhizotonic bottle it says 40ml per 10L and to dose 1-6 times daily.

As I have noticed what I believe to be root rot, I have done a single 35ml dose a couple hours ago. (Root picture was prior to dosage)

@FireGuy My apartment is usually around 23C-25C but I currently store my Grobo in a large cabinet as the air pump is too loud. I believe this is what is causing most my high temp, low humidity problems as there is low airflow, in a small space and has the boiler in the same cabinet causing a lot of heat. Ive seen others on here complain about the air pump and am looking to replace it for a quieter one as soon as possible, but for now, will have to stay in the cabinet.

As for the lights, it would be hard to say as the grobo is in a cabinet. However, I have the Grobo Premium and have never noticed the blue light coming out the screen go off and I am currently growing a photoperiod feminized seed. Is this something i need to lookout for?

(Prior to first dose)


Late Veg day 5 / Total: Day 29

Humidity: 42%
Room Temp: 26C
Water Temp: 22C

When cleaning the roots a couple weeks ago, I think I was a little rough and damaged the roots, knocking off many of the pistol roots that spur out the main roots.

Since then, I have soaked them in Hydrogen peroxide twice and cut off a total of 4 yellowing leaves over the course of 2 weeks.

I feel like my plant is growing very slowly / mostly in the roots and little in height or leaves.

Still waiting for Hydroguard to arrive so using Rhizotonic.

Besides the root rot, I’m not sure what is going wrong, any ideas?


Also, when draining and filling yesterday, my water level has gone back up to the top tap despite me being in late veg. I believe the water level was lower before I drain and filled which is making the bottom of my coco pod damp. Any reason for this too?


If this is your first drain and fill in Late Veg, it will go to the high level. You might have to move your pod up a bit to keep it dry or use some fans blowing on it…

Paper towels help a lot too to sop the moisture up… takes awhile and some effort but usually helps.

Honestly, your root zone didn’t look terrible to me. I see individual roots coming out of the main tap roots and it looks more like nutrient stain from bottle #5.

It looks like you might have damaged some of the root zone so it could be affecting the plant up top. Using the hydrogen peroxide might have killed all good and bad bacteria present in the area as well which I can only imagine acts as a sort of environmental shock for the root zone.

No idea on that Rhizotonic product, I am going to google it a bit just to know a little more about what’s out there. It sounds like you have to use a decent amount of it per day; can’t imagine it’s cheap either!


I see. Yes, its my first since moving into Late Veg, thanks.

Overall my plant just seems a lot smaller / undeveloped than many others I’ve seen on here when at this stage of their life.

@Todd.grobo @Azuri @SterlingNico @Rich @rainstorm3 @chris_barfield @SilverGrobo @Bplatinum9 @bjorn @Stephen

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I think so too. However, it must’ve been at least 2 weeks since I damaged the roots and the only other stress I have caused since then is soaking the roots in hydrogen peroxide twice and cutting off 4 leaves.

So I would’ve assumed I have given it plenty of time to recover. I have a photo of the bottle further up in this post if you want to have a look.

Thanks for the help

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