Grow 2 - Critical Purple Kush Fem by Seedsman

Looking up at my posts, I’d say its been about 10 days actually, not 2 weeks.

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Hmm yeah I saw the time stamp from the previous post… either way, round up to 2 weeks is fine haha!

Um, well I hope she will start progressing for you soon. She’s definitely a bit behind a normal Late Veg 5/14 plant, but, not looking too bad I suppose…

Which 4 leaves did you remove? Were they larger fan leaves? Or possibly lower dead stuff…? Just curious.

Only thing I can think of is that the root damage and defoliation combined with nuking her root zone with h2o2 has been stunting her growth by at least a handful of days.

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How are Bottles #1 and Bottles #2 looking for you btw? Is there a lot used from them up to this point?

I was reading that Rhizotonic can raise pH of reservoir, but Grobo should fix that… However, if there’s possibly a calibration error with the pH probe it might really throw things out of wack. Just checking.

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Its important to grow a full grow before adding anything to your grobo.
I can’t stress this enough, I know many growers just try to do their best and get on allgrowers and take advice but if you start off understanding what your grobo is capable of first than it will help you going forward.
Bleaching your roots is harmful because it kills good and bad bacteria, its a lot for your plant to handle.
Adding your own products to grobo nutes is not advised because additives may not mix with grobo nutes.
Grobo grows just fine all on its own and a bit of hydroguard to keep bacteria in check.
This plant is stressed out and may not reach its potential, my suggestion is to stop any additives and hope it recovers or start over taking care to grow without adding anything else except hydroguard. :eyes::seedling:


@pyromancy They were the first 2 leaves the plant grew, which curled.

You can see them in my post 13 days ago. I then cut off another two a few days later which I took a photo from.

Bottle #1 is fine, not a lot used. Bottle #2 is almost finished. Will probably have to switch it out later/tomorrow.

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Bottle #2 is almost gone? That’s not good.

I opened my first Bottle #1 and #2 back in September, and I still have about 2/3 left of each bottle… That’s not good.

You probably have a pH probe error…I would recommend doing a health check and calibration ASAP. That is probably the problem with your slow growth, especially if you’re using additives outside the Grobo

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Thanks @Bplatinum9 Ive only added 1 dose of Rhizotonic every 1/2 days in order to try hold back the (potential) root rot until Hydroguard arrives.

@pyromancy I see. How do I go about this? Calibrate them via the app? Anything else? Should I buy a probe Kit to measure it?

When I started my grow I was using tap water, but I have now been using distilled for about 2 weeks


Ah okay, well I did read back and see you were using tap water, which can definitely make the #1 and #2 be used much more than distilled or RO, but for how long your grow is, and the fact you’ve been using distilled for the past two weeks, I don’t think it should be anywhere near an empty bottle at this point! Seems suspect for sure.

You will need to get a pH 4.0 and pH 7.0 solution to calibrate properly. They are available on Grobo’s site or on Amazon… possibly even at a hydroponic store locally too? I am not sure, but I wonder if they are available at pet stores for aquarium fish pH testing and such… Not sure.

I would suggest Bluelab solutions because that is the brand of the probe inside the Grobo, and is also a trusted brand… but you can definitely look around.

The Grobo tests pH every hour from what I’ve heard, and when that much is gone from your bottles it means the Grobo is constantly adjusting the pH. It shouldn’t fluctuate enough to warrant a whole bottle of pH Down being used.

I mean, the Rhizotonic is known to raise pH levels so that could be why #2 has been used more, but still seems like a lot. A little bit goes a long way with the pH up and pH down.

Also, how is Bottle #5 looking? I have heard that when the EC meter registers tap water it does not dispense bottle #5 from what I’ve heard from Grobo support. If #5 isn’t being used, and/or the pH level is out of whack, it could explain the orange/yellow tips on your leaves also.


Try using 1/2 reversed osmosis mixed with 1/2 distilled water.
If this is your first grow you shouldn’t need to recalibrate but under the maintenance tab there is a calibration tab.

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@pyromancy @Bplatinum9 Thanks boys!

I don’t have 4.0 and 7.0 solution so I will order some now. However I just did a PH test using my fish tank PH tester and the colour showed it could be anything PH 6 or lower so I think you’re right.

This is basically my first grow as I drowned my first seed, so thought it would all be correctly calibrated, but that is looking like the problem.

Once again, very helpful, thank you. Should be able to calibrate by tomorrow latest and I will update this post.


Great! I hope that will help solve some issues. The curling leaves early on and some of the discoloration could point to incorrect pH and possible nutrient lock out too.

I actually did a health check on my first grow back in September on Day 12 I believe it was, as someone on the forums pointed out my leaves looked curled. I ended up failing the health check and calibrated the probe again!

I did again before my current grow on Halloween, and it needed calibrated again it said…

And now I just did it a few days ago as well and it failed the pH health check again… but my plant has looked healthy so idk. Grobo support also said my pH looked within range, so not sure what to think!


If you havent had support test your grobox to make sure all your sensors are working correctly it might be a good idea!

They arent working on Sundays but they should be able to help Monday.

P.s. I’m a woman!


@pyromancy Well with the PH test I just did, the water definitely seems acidic. We will find out tomorrow!

@Bplatinum9 Just submitted a request too, just to make sure.

hahah sorry! Noted.


This may appear to be similar but it’s not the same! Rhozotonic (as advertised) contains:

over 60 microbiological ingredients that create a balanced rooting environment. Specifically, Rhizotonic contains the root stimulating vitamins B1 and B2, and the root strengthening hormone, Oligosaccharide.

Hydroguard is basically just 1 single bacteria strain suspended in water:

Hydroguard™ contains a minimum of 1.00 x 10^4 cfu/ml. It is 0.038% Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens and 99.962% inert ingredients. Contents are guaranteed for 2 years after the date on the package, but they should be used within 6 months of opening.

You can always do some extra googling for the ingredient list of products to double-check what’s in them and confirm it’s compatible and desirable. If it’s not easy to find that information then it is more risky (and not advised) to use that product.

I wouldn’t cut them off until they’re brown and shriveling! They will usually fall off on their own. As you take one, the next set up will just become the next victims, until you fix the problem that was causing it in the first place. What is happening is that the plant is taking nutrients from the leaves because it’s not getting them through the roots. If you take away its food source it will suffer even more.

This is most likely due to the Rhizotonic. It (is very alkaline) and will raise your pH considerably, especially if you are using the full amount prescribed on the bottle. Even if you’ve drained/filled the reservoir without it, you might still have some leftover between drain/fills as the reservoir doesn’t totally empty. Depending on how much was added, it might be a few drain/fills until you see the pH sit at a more stable level again.


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@pyromancy @Bplatinum9 @vegetato @SilverGrobo Thank you people!

I’ve stopped ruining the plant by leaving it alone, and we are seeing progress.

One question, I have a lot of these small leaves growing at the bottom (seen in the image). Any reason for this / should I leave it be?

Thanks for everyones help.


Also, I think there are currently 4/5 nodes, not including the 6 leaves (3 sets of nodes) I have cut off over the past 2 weeks (which was where you see all those small leaves growing) and have heard this is a good time to top.

Therefore, I am thinking of topping at the end of the week, sound good? any other suggestions?

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The small leaves at the bottom are your where your buds will be griwing from, the leaves above them are just fan leaves and need to be anchored/weighed down under those leaves so that the bottom part can recieve light and grow! :eyes::seedling:



Topped and used small (2.5ml) dose of Hydroguard that finally arrived when I drained and filled.

Noticed these white dots at the top of the roots and on the lid of the reservoir, would this be from the Hydroguard or any other reasons? Should I be worrried?

Also. as mentioned before, I still have so much leaf growth happening at the bottom of the plant, leaves growing on other leaves, shall I continue to leave it and let it do its thing?

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