Gold Leaf Grobo *HARVESTED*

Me with these fan leaves


That’s the biggest leaf :leaves: I’ve ever seen. May want to try saving it for the Guinness Book of World :earth_americas: Records. :green_heart::leaves::laughing::raised_hands:t3::clap:t4:

She is beautiful :heart_eyes_cat:


Stem is looking very strong. Have a feeling she’s gonna get tall


I would agree. She’s right below the second fan by an inch. I suppose she’ll be ready for flower sooner than later!

Sooo I’ve discovered big fan leaves mean the humidity is too high and the plant spends more energy on leaf size so it can transpire at the correct rate so that is probably my doing.

How cool! Either way, I’ll lower the humidity a bit and she should be just fine. Growing explosively fast either way. I was going to let her go in late veg for another week after 21 days Early Veg but I believe I’ll let her transition after about 21 days if I feel right about it.

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Dang man! She has some big ol leaves! Looking great :slight_smile:


2 days ago

Today: added a little gnome friend!

Looking to transition any day now!


Day 54 (Transition Day 1/14)
Kicked it into gear looking good so fa, gonna wait til transition is over to defoliate. I love her structure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I will be applying the @Mr.420 method of LST/SCROG to the best of my ability as soon as my cables come in today!


Day 57 Transition (4/14)
Leaf strip/defoliation and second round of clones.
Next leaf strip day 14-21 of flower and then again on day 42

FYI: The note pad is for my tent grow!


Omg the tent :camping:


They’re preparing for blast off :eyes::seedling::green_heart:


Trouble has struck! I did not drain/fill last week as I lost track of days and I trusted she would be okay. Well, we lost WiFi on Wednesday morning amd I still hadn’t done anything with her reservoir.

Friday night I finally had time to get to filling her manually and She doesn’t even need a drain because she has less than 1/2 a gallon water and the roots are there filling the reservoir. I’m not touching them. I left the water & filled res with 1-1/2 gallons water.

Two days after manual drain/fill She seems unbothered. At the time, I did not manually dose out any of the Grobo nutrients. I made sure to pH down and dosed out the appropriate amount for readings:
pH of 5.9
ppm 720.
I’m going to take a third round of clones in a few days as her lowers look soooo healthy now, about 4-8 inches. She’s praying soo much! WiFi back tomorrow (supposedly…Xfinity :expressionless:) so I’m not worried about her. She seems healthy!

Any input always appreciated :slight_smile:

Gnome View:


Xfinity flaked… WiFi tomorrow :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Back and at it with WifFi! It was a long week…

Her leaf tips appear burnt for whatever reason, I’m not sure. I filled her with ~1.5 gal H2O and waited for nutrients to dispense and added 2mL of Orca to the res.

As it’s the last day of transition and she appears to be budding now, I took the majority of her lower branches off to take clones. This should help focus the development of flowers (at least that was my intention!)
Anyone need an extra clone? I’m going to have plenty :joy:


@SilverGrobo your Grobos both look amazing, just saw them in your post! Can’t wait to see how they turn out, and would love more pictures :eyes::eyes:
How does your LED work? And why use that over the pre-installed one? Just curious :yum:

I’m hoping I won’t have to supercrop this lanky lady in my Grobo, now that you mention it. I was certainly expecting her to be a bit shorter but this will do. I’m sure all my cables will help me tie her down one way or another :joy::sweat_smile:

It’s always a learning process. I wish I could grow dozens at a time :sleeping: one day!!


She is Up :arrow_up: There :bangbang:

Water change today
Added Silica 2 mL
Post Nutrient Dosage added 2.5mL Orca


She needed to be tied down!

The tallest branches were propped over, and were rather malleable. They did not require bending of the branches. The two branches are being held down with some drying wires that were pulled from lower in the canopy. The canopy is lying at the same height as the small white box on the back wall inside the unit. Keeping everything even at the canopy is optimal so I assumed that doing this early in flower would be beneficial. She appears t have finished her (long) stretch!

If I grow this cultivar inside the unit again I will beware of her stretch! At least now I know for the clones, which I plan on flipping earlier than in the Grobo. I’d recommend this strain as she grows fast and very easily. But flip before the first fan!

I now see that implementing the wires earlier in veg would’ve allowed me better control over the branches.

We live and learn! I’m glad she’s budding up nicely, and beginning to reek of tropical fruit!


Drain/Fill today

Water out: 2gal
Ph 6.2
Ppm 1010

Water in: 2.5gal
(hose water, 2 boogie blue plus filters, one at the front of the hose, one at the end)
Ph 8.1
Ppm 40

Orca, 2mL post Grobo nutrient dosage

Thicker and more pungent every day!

I suppose I will need help with defoliation when the time comes. She’s so frosty I don’t want to pluck any frosty ones, but I’ll be taking a few off the top on or around day 21, she’s getting crowded and some of the leaves sweat. I keep the humidity 45-50% inside the unit.ambient temp around canopy 75-88°F


Yesterday I topped off and she drank 1/2gallon, I decided to add 1mL of Big Bud to the 1gal jug I used to fill the reservoir.

I also defoliated! I took notes from many different threads on here, but I decided to defoliate before day 21 as she looks soooo healthy and frosty and I’d like to help push her toward bud development as best as I can while maintaining proper health.

Here’s a pic from yesterday:

I don’t see any crazy stacking yet, but the amount of frost already in flower and the reek of these terpenes is incredible! Sweet mango and funky goodness. Certainly desirable. I can imagine the smells coming out of the jars already…


I can’t believe it’s been 95 days. :star_struck:


I love these buds