Gold Leaf Grobo *HARVESTED*

Thank you! And yes I did enjoy the small amount of wet trimming I did. I left some to be trimmed dry. I think I’ll continue dry trimming from now on, it’s more rewarding, I think trim hash is such a dub :joy::joy:

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Very much appreciated, Barb! Thanks for keeping watch over my grows all this time :blush:


Drain/Fill last night!
2.5 mL HS Tree Trunk
1/16 tsp Recharge
2.5mL Orca

Topped Goldie this morning
Trimmed up some of the larf/smaller buds that dried faster than the others. Little Over 1/2 Oz so far! Still plenty drying on racks. Leaving them until the weekend.

Grape :grapes: Pupil (purp) is DENSE.
- I have tasted this one and surely it is not done curing yet but the effect is perfect! It’ll only get better from here…
Blueberry is curing up nicely. Have yet to taste, but looks and smells great.

Excited ab my first harvest :relaxed:


Have you used this combo of supplements before?
Im using Rhino Skin and Orca, but I stopped using Recharge when i started the Orca. I was hoping that it was a close enough equivalent to replace it. I found Recharge was giving me a lot of biomatter that worried me with the Grobo.


I have used it once before and definitely noticed the fungal growth. Every time I use it I try to mix a very small amount with water before I add to the Grobo. I’ve noticed that this way works best for the least amount of growth.

I’ll probably wean her off of recharge and begin using orca at full strength in a few weeks. The recharge helped to combat any malevolent bacteria and repopulated with good, so I see no harm in using it. I usually try to clean my reservoir with bleach/water mix to help sterilize.


Day 34 (Late Veg 7/14)
Looking wonderful, I’m happy with the results after topping!

She’s ready for bed! :joy:


Can I ask what the gatorade bottle is for? Are you using that as a humidifier?


That would be a mix of yeast and water with sugar. I am using it as a CO2 boost and it has clearly made a difference!


Can I ask the specifics? The ratio you use and how often you change the mixture out? I want to implement this as I love the science behind it and feel it could really help me.


People have worked out the best ratios on the web lemme find it…

They say 5g Yeast to 180g Sugar in 300mL water. :man_shrugging: I just eyeball it. Plan to switch it out every two weeks or so, and shake it every time I look in the Grobo.

If I recall correctly @Vicc does the most efficient and well-made CO2 contraption for the Grobo that I’ve seen on the forum. I believe it was during his MK Ultra that he created it but he uses it on his OG Kush Auto as well currently, it’s a great set up.


Day 36: (Late Veg 9/14)

Water change today:
1/8 tsp Recharge
2.5 mL Orca
3 mL Tree Trunk (Si)
(^Not in this order!!)

Planning to top each main cola once more and take clones next week. Silica seems to really assist the growth!


Some hash from my last grow, mix of Blueberry and Grape Pupil :drooling_face:


Hey man! Thanks for the ratio, very excited to add CO2 to the mix. I’m also looking to add better nutrients to my grow as well. Do you use the additional nutrients before or after the grobo dispenses nutrients from the bottles. Thanks in advance!


Hey man! Great username btw watched that movie last night. And great question!

That depends on the nutrient in question. For instance, Silica would have to be placed in first as it binds and otherwise creates a weird consistency with the other nutrients when placed in after anything else.

As for anything granular, same thing. Has to be mixed in first, I would not recommend anything granular besides recharge, and only if you have a problem.

Any additive like Hydroguard or Orca (mycorrhizal inoculant) has to be added last, after the Grobo has dispensed it’s nutrients in order to not mess with the ph/ppm reading of the sensor.

I also believe Big Bud will be beneficial but only when used correctly. I may purchase Bud Candy as well, but I already have molasses (similar). I don’t feel that sticky things will do well in the Grobo… though I have no experience to back this up. :man_shrugging:

Some people like to add tons of things but I believe Grobo has got you covered, except with Silica. I’ve noticed a significant increase in stem rigidity at the base when using silica.

As for pretty much every other nutrient, the Grobo supplements them with its automated nutrient feeding system.


Wanna hash bash!! :+1:t3::green_heart:


@OrionsCeiling Thanks man, I appreciate the direction!


Topped again! Healthy gurl

Extending another week, probably two.
Stay tuned as I modify my CO2 contraption!


About 36hrs after topping, right before bed:
Looking great, topped off reservoir as she drank ~1/2gal. Going to remove lower branches after I sort out the CO2 situation…

Here is the dried harvest! All trimmed, came out to 3.8oz of bud, 1.5oz of trim! Couldn’t be happier with my first harvest, and will try to post the best pics of tops ASAP!

P.S. I found two seeds in that 1/8th of OGK shake… ew. But at least I might be able to make that overpriced shake worth it! :woozy_face:


Day 41 (Late Veg 14/21)
Drain/Fill today used 4mL Tree trunk and 3mL Orca after fluids dispense. I’m amazed at speed of growth. Gonna have 5 main tops…
She’s getting beefier! And I took three clones that look healthy, trying to root them in my old coco pods I don’t plan on using. Hopefully I’ll get another tent soon to grow them out :crossed_fingers:

Here’s the clones, I made use of some FOOP by dipping the clones in it and then immediately placing them in the damp pods after they were soaked in weak Orca/Recharge water mix. Covered with a homemade humidity dome and placed in my tent (65%RH) after spraying them with water.


Here is my new CO2 contraption/generator! I rigged it to run through a tube, and snaked it behind my Grobo and through the port, up behind the fan. Successfully generating co2!