First Grow - MK Ultra (ILGM) **HARVESTED 249 Grams**

She’s a perfect height man! Hopefully she keeps bulking up!


I’ll pray to the sun gods :sun_with_face: everyday for that to happen :rofl:


Turned an old phone into a security camera and was able to move my monitors up to the front of the grobo to monitor her while doing my daily remote top offs and recording data.

I think I’m ready for my trip :slight_smile:


After 5 days I came home to this sticky hazy smelling monster. Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me. One thing I do notice is that her color looks much better since receiving the CO2 treatment. It looks like she experience a bit of light stress due to adding the light boost and started growing 3 pointed leaves. Good thing I’m growing bud and not leaves =]

I cleaned her up before doing water change

Big Bud: 3/4
Rhino Skin: - 1/2
B-52: 1/2
Bud Candy: Pulled (will reintroduce in 2 weeks to allow big bud to ramp up)
HydroGuard: Full
Senzisym: 1/2
CO2 PPM: 1000-1200 avg daytime


Damn she’s a beast. I think a haircut might be in order soon !

So she pops out of the Grobo like that, do you do that when you check her and let her breathe? It’s crazy how much she’s hanging out there

Or are you using lights in the tent too and leaving the door open ? I’m just confused haha


@pyromancy I decided to let her finish in the tent to allow her to have more photosynthesis (lux from 55k to 85k with co2, which also explains why her leaves devolved into 3 points last week, from extra light, better air movement and added co2. This also explains also the crazy growth and deeper color within the past 2 weeks

I am leaving the door open and pulled her out of the box to allow her to open up more in the middle.

She already had her defoliation multiple times. All the leaves you are seeing are from the top 2 nodes of each branch. There isn’t much defoliation to do unless i do a more aggressive leaf strip but with the added side light, it doesn’t look like it’s necessary. The side light helped even out her canopy better by luring the bottom colas to the front and outside of the grobo.

She looks that leafy because there are way too many colas, I went pretty ham with horizontal growth during veg hahha (I removed like 8 branches from the middle last 2 weeks). All reasons why I decided take the grobo inside the tent and let her finish there. Here is a zoomed out photo


Now that I understand the grobo space much better. My next run I’ll probably just keep 6 colas and just let her grow vertical with just topping and scrog


How long do u leave it open ?Does leaving the door open for like that affect the unit in any way ?


At the moment, its always opened. Keeping it open leaks smell and reduces light reflection from the door and also allows plant to grow more wild. It also allows bugs to easily access your plant. It won’t affect the unit in anyway however

I wouldn’t recommend it if it’s outside a controlled space. I am sacrificing a month and half from doing another grow run by just keeping this grobo in the tent. But I figured I might as well do it since I did over crowd her with too many branches


Seems like a interesting project…


the best way to learn is to try things out =]


No doubt


After 2 days of plucking a few handfuls a day, I managed to open her up a bit more


I can’t wait to find out the end result!!! This is so exciting! :heart:


Flower (Day 43 / 53)

Water change today Bloom Week 5 Feeding:
Rhino Skin: half
B-52: half
Bud Candy: half
Overdrive: Introduced at third strength
Hydroguard: double
Big Bud: pulled
Bottle 3 and 4: extra 10 ml each
Average CO2: 900 ppm


I managed to pull another cola out to free up more space in the center of the canopy. I am starting to feel real good about this first grow considering how many problems encountered early on. Moving her into the tent and letting her finish in there was definately the right move :slight_smile:.

CO2 feeder line the paper towel is to absorb any moisture that comes out of the tubes >=]


She looks awesome @Vicc ! Praying to the sun and happy! You’re gonna have a really nice yield there. The buds are everywhere and stacking really nice. She pretty much said screw the Grobo LED lol

I’m thinking two ounces or more from this depending on how big the buds

I’m excited for like a week or two from now when the buds really start taking off


Thanks @pyromancy , its starting to get super exciting and it has been hard to keep my eyes off of her. It took 2 weeks just to open her up to get proper lighting as there was so much branch entanglement, but at least now I’m happy. There are now proper spacing between the colas and plenty of light coming down thoughout her canopy now. What I didn’t realize until yesterday was that her branches are much stronger and flexibIe than I initially thought so I went a bit more heavy handed and was able to get her to come out of the box more. can’t wait to see the changes happen and for her buds to fatten up <3 overdrive will ramp up to 70% this Saturday.

This sort of feels like a sims video game haha.


Wow u placed the Grobo inside your tent? What was the reasoning ? To increase C02 and light ? Are u using Grobo nutrients and your additional supplements like big bud?


@Jamminbear I originally moved her into the tent so I can control all the environment conditions remotely and automatically with all the smart plugs i used because we were going on a trip for a week. I also tossed in a tomato yeast brew when I took off on the trip I didn’t have a sensor at the time but I’m guessing it added 200 ppm of consistent co2

Came home and found a beast so I had to investigate what I did different for her to blow up and after getting my co2 meter and reviewing all the locations my grobo was at, the only time she slowed down growing was when the grobo was in bad airflow spots, so I increased co2 and wow huge differences.

I then later decided to throw the kitchen sink at her and modify how I feed her. I add bottles 3 and 4 as part of my daily top off, around 1-2 top. And 3rd top off day I add 1 tsp of AN micro and half tsp of cal mag. I also bump up my pk as part of top offs. My feeding goal is to keep the 24 hour ph and ppm drift to a minimal with balancing the ppm bases on how shes eating on a daily basis (see feed chart). I am not concerned with live ppm and ph drifts as that is nornally during flower. Not to mention I started foliar feeding her twice a week stating this week as well.

Scroll up and there should be a feed chart with all my additives. She is on a custom feed schedule, I ignore the grobo schedule besides accepting their base feed as part of the drain and fill, the rest is added as part of daily top offs, I have about 300ppm of wiggle room per day after grobo nutes are dispenses so thats pretty much my playground with being a mad scientist and adding supplements. The added co2 also allows her to handle higher nutes without burning. So she consumes alot more resource and photosynthesis when we add co2 higher temps and light. You can really tell the difference with how much more she eats on a daily basis and visually see how much faster she grows.

I started recently getting consultation from a commercial pro grower friend of mines and he really helped put alot of the grow into perspective for me.

She performed so well inside the tent that I decided to keep her in there and let her finish before starting my tent run.


Wow u took Grobo growing to a new level… do u think the Mars light had the biggest different vs the CO2 and how are y sealing that tent by only venting when it reaches a certain temperature?