First Grow - MK Ultra (ILGM) **HARVESTED 249 Grams**

Added Canna Boost earlier this week, pulled overdrive (shouldn’t have used this yet) and added big bud at 1.5x (as a pk 13/14 supplement)

Her mid to lower buds are getting much denser and bigger as well.
Red lighter for scale


The beast keeps getting bigger !


Her pistils are about 40% red, I feel she still has about 2 more weeks to get even bigger. This is so exciting :exploding_head: :exclamation:


Don’t need to cut it just remove the sides with screw driver just got mine in today. One quick question though how far up do I need to put the rack or is it how ever you feel best

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Hi :wink:

Good question :thinking:??

I’ve never used one myself ive just gone with other growers but to be completely honest having read more I’m thinking as its my first grow I have enough to learn atm :roll_eyes:!:wink:! & unless I hear differently im thinking about Not using it with this grow

My Solid Scrog Net build :wink:

I might take the stubs off but fits with them on & I might break a end weld so… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:!:wink:?

Just waiting on magnetic hooks :wink:

All set now :wink: She’s looking really well atm :blush:
Just wish I had the confidence to Nip the middle out so apparently 2+ shoots will grow but im terrified of killing her off & it is my First Ever Grow :roll_eyes:!:rofl:!


Flower (Day 64 / 74) Visual Age Bloom Week 6.5

Water Change:

  • RO Water
  • Sensizym - Half
  • PK 13/14 - Full
  • Boost - Full
  • Hydroguard - 2x

The grobo failed to dose my nutes for a 2nd week in a row. It dosed bottle 4 then stopped… I decided to clean the ec probe and just dump the nutes to test if cleaning the worked, it did.

Red Lighter =]


Gonna be one hell of a haul!!!


Mines was supper different then even saved the sides if I wanted to use it for some thing else

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Awesome grow, the plant’s stems are really thick looking which makes sense having to hold all that bud lol


Thanks @Aang, her stalk is something that I truly admired since late veg to stretch and I really think early bending can really help with strengthening her base.

I believe this was the move that started it all lol

Since she gotten way too big for the grobo, I am really curious to see how the end result would have been if I did the same kind of grow strategy on a open dwc system.

Also Goku’s spirit energy paid off lol :laughing:


take my energy


Flower (Day 69 / 74) Visual Age Bloom Week 7

Going to switch her to a 11/13 light cycle starting tonight (with smart plugs).
Putting Overdrive back in and pulling PK 13/14 this weekend.
Boost really helped bring out her color, she is very purple in person, the camera does not give it much justice.


She is a freaking monster but so pretty
What the hell is holding her up she will weight like a pound lol


I never grew weed like this before but I thought she looked cartoonishly big in person LOL.


Shes very happy


The big cola by the grobo light has some light burns which I am :man_facepalming: myself over, I thought it was far enough, you live and learn, going to have to move it a bit when lights on.

Some low light photos.

She’s starting to puke a lot and the ppm keeps spiking like mad. I have been doing partial drains and fills to keep the numbers down, and hope she wont get pissed off, so take it that were getting close to the finish line. Added Overdrive back into the mix and pulled PK 13/14.

Light schedule is 13 off and 11 on.


Ill order 6 of those bushes you got there for my backyard around the fenceline. Can you deliver 6 around may when the snow melts please. :woozy_face:


i can’t help but drool over this grow!!! :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face:


Indeed. Such a beast!

I’m thinking the 4 oz estimate might be a little low :wink: Buds are getting phattttttt


I found out why the ppm kept spiking and its quite funny. I turn my grobo off 5 minutes before lights on for an hour to give her an additional hour a day of sleep. Doing that will reset the grobo making it think that the next top off is an actual d/f so it will auto dose the res.

PSA: do not try doing the 11/13 schedule unless you know what you are doing, I have someone who knows what he’s doing guiding me so I understand the risk I am taking. But if you are going to hack your light schedule, do make sure you unplug your #3 #4 and #5 bottles. Also you must have a back up airstone running. The timing of when to do 11/13 is important as well, the schedule should only apply during ripening or else it can impact the end weight.

Also do not hack your grobo, unless you are willing to accept accountability for anything that goes wrong :sweat_smile: