Something wrong?

I’m on day 106. (51/53 flower stage). Hairs everywhere but no real buds? First time grower just not sure if I’m on track for the rest of the schedule. Flush, etc.


With no other inputs or photos, it looks like you’d be extending flower stage by a week or 3. Maybe even 4?

Can you verify your lights have been cycling 12 on/12 off?

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I believe that the schedule changed, I noticed the light on during different times after it went to flower.

She’s tall and I didn’t trim or train well. I have a lot to learn.

I did extend since it seems to be flowering slowly and definitely not ready


She’s definitely stretched! As to fixing this right now, given the fact that this plant is basically sitting up in the light…I’m not sure.

Possible adding external lighting and leaving the door open?

If your light schedule changed (12/12 verse 18/6) that’s good. Only thing that’s going to help now is time and better light.

I fear you may have outgrown your unit.

Others may chime in, but getting a tent and light source around your Grobo might help with this particular grow.

I know. Not much help, but I’m kinda a newb as well


This is a tough one. What strain is this? Whatever strain it is, it sure does grow tall.

Picking the right strain for grobo is important. Personally, I try to grow plants that naturally grow short because of the height restriction in the Grobo.


Buds look like they’re developing. Just really slow. Could this be a light issue?

I’m ready for the next one and know what I’m going to do different, but I’m almost 2 sets of nutes into this one and would like to get something useable out of it. Hopefully.

I have never had an overgrown plant in a Grobo before so I’m not any help there, sorry. I like to trim quite often and am more likely to stunt a plant than anything else. To be honest, if I were in your shoes, I would yank that girl outah there. After growing for a while your patience diminishes for grows not going well.

I would rather start fresh then put more time into a problem situation. I wasn’t always this way. I used to nurse plants back to life, support them, love them and in the end they always let me down with either quality or quantity. The extra work and attention isn’t worth it. I may be jaded but the more grows you do, the more you learn so don’t look at it like a fail, it was a learning opportunity. If you’re like me, you never forget when you screw up royally so it’s a good thing once in a while. Just my 2 cents. Good luck grower!

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