First Grow - CBD Blue Shark

Well that’s good the pod doesn’t feel super super wet.

I can’t really see to confirm any issues with that pic of the stalk you posted because that leaf is in the way.

By the way, you probably can be safe to remove those if you wanted to do so (the two tiny first leaves) and it wouldn’t really hurt the plant, but you can leave them if you’d like.

The root’s don’t look too bad to me, seems pretty healthy. The white dots are normal as far as I know. A little bit of discoloration but that appears more red from the nutrients than anything. Can you confirm there’s no musty smell going on with the roots?

Also, if you could post another pic without the leaf in the way that would help to confirm.

Other than those things, I think you’re probably doing okay.


Hopefully that’s better.

I was planning on cleaning it up a little next weekend, right after I change the water? Maybe top her?

No musty smell as far as I can tell.

I also did start using Recharge and Revive last week so I’m wondering if that could be the cause for the discoloration?

Thanks again! Super helpful.


Yes, Recharge will most definitely add a darker color like that. Good thing to mention that. That is more than likely part of the discoloration along with Grobo bottle #5.

However, I am really glad I asked and you posted a pic of the stalk, because it looks like either your plant is currently suffering from possibly damping off, or had previously. It looks to me like it’s dark color and skinny appearance at the base of the stalk is a problem!

This has been a rough issue lately, and it is caused by the cocopod being too wet and a lack of oxygen at the base of the stalk, as well as partially from a bacteria called Pythium which can attack the stalk and root system.

Here’s some recent battle scars from other users in the past month or two:

My best advice to you is this:

- 1) Get your pod raised up above the level of the lid a little bit. My advice is to go from the bottom, get ahold of the thickest part of the pod you can, get a good grip, and twist it side to side first to get it “loose” from the spot it’s stuck, and then push upwards once it feels like it’s able to be moved vertically. Be careful of the roots the best you can. The plus side, is your thickest root is down through the bottom of the pod, so she will definitely have her main life line no matter what. It may take a good amount of pressure, but that’s why I suggest grabbing from the thickest part first and then going upwards after it’s loose. Last time I just did this, I didn’t really twist much and I shot my pod up really far on accident cuz it finally broke free. I’ve done this twice now, and it kinda seems difficult at first but I really really suggest you do it ASAP.

The reasoning behind this is to give the pod more surface area above ground to breathe and dry out so that it receives as much oxygen as possible to try to stop this problem from getting worse.

**2) Think about ordering a mini fan or a set of mini fans online, or if you have a PC part store locally you might be able to go pick them up… These are the ones I have and others here do as well. It is not your only option by any means, but I highly recommend looking into it for this grow and future grows.**

- 3) Get some paper towels if you have them, or napkins, and rip or cut them into small squares, maybe 1 or 2 inches wide… plan on spending 15-20 minutes and get down there and start blotting excess moisture off of the pod, especially close to where it meets the stem as the center of the pod is typically the most saturated and hardest to get dry. I did this with both of my grows as both times I had a slight issue with pod wetness.

Here’s my current grow, which I caught very early. My pod was dry and raised up a good amount until I hit “Late Vegetation”, which fills to the High level. Within 1 day I investigated down where the pod was touching my stalk, and noticed it was starting to get eaten away on the left and right sides. The pic almost doesn’t do it justice, it was green and mushy and starting to indent

Here’s what it looks like 18 days later, healing

My first plant, a survivor of the same issue I do believe, as my pod was super wet for a long time. It actually bored a complete hole in my stalk:


One more thing @leao

@Stephen’s advice that has worked for others on the forum as well:

Here is an example from this past month:


Here she is today. Tried my best on the “body cast.” Should I top her off or hold off to see if she gets a little healthier?

I’m thinking I will fill up the water tank on Wednesday as I won’t be home Thursday or Friday? Last water change was Friday.

Also have some Neem being delivered tomorrow. So I will apply a little bit.

Thanks for any input!


I was thinking about snipping these 2 big fan leaves today. I just circled them to make sure those are the 2 that should be trimmed.



I missed this… sorrry…

I would say go ahead and snipe those two leaves. Almost might be able to get rid of some of the low low growth too that is shaded out completely so that the plant stops expending energy down there to feed them. Your call though.

I removed the first 3 nodes of leaves of my plant as time went on and I realized that she had enough up top that was soaking in the sun and those were just sitting dormant as little energy suckers :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t do them all at once, but over the course of a week I removed the lowest node, then one above, then the third one… basically the plants first 3 sets of leaves (and also the little dinky cotyledons)

Good job on the body cast… I hope things turn out okay. Try to keep the pod as dry as you can. It looks like it should be high enough above the lid to stay dry hopefully.


The roots look a bit wrapped around the plastic tube inside, I’ve heard this may cause leaves to curl. How much bubbling action is happening down below? :+1:t3::green_heart:


Thanks guys!

I haven’t been home since Thursday, but hopefully everything will be all good when I get back tonight.

I’ll hopefully trim at least the top 2 sets of leaves today and then take a look at doing a little more trimming throughout the week. I’ll also take another look at the roots fluffhead.

I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks again.


So here she was when I got home:

I noticed a few fruit flies and about a half dozen caught by the trap.

I trimmed the 2 fan leaves as discussed above:

Leaves are still pretty droopy, but didn’t really see any dead leaves. Let me if you think I should trim some from the top or bottom.

Thanks, L!


Thanks for the update along with the pics! She is looking ok but I would contact support because something appears to be off with your plant and/or environment. The flies are not good nor is the clawing of the leaf tips.


That’s terrible about the flies!
The clawing is usually from nitrogen toxicity, but I imagine that it’s actually from the bugs. I’d certainly control them before anything else. Nobody wants bugs!! They ruin the growth of your plant :frowning:


Hey everyone. Happy new year!

So I gave her a pretty big haircut this week. I think the clawing looks a little less severe. Also the bugs seem to have mostly disappeared. I’ve lightly sprayed her with neem a couple of times.

I still need to look into a fan and will probably extend late Veg for a second time. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!


She’s looking good. Did you find out what may have caused the clawing looks? I think it was a great idea to raise the coco pod because your main stalk was looking brownish (good looks @pyromancy). I would extend late veg and continue to let her grow


The fungus gnats are attracted to the wet cocopod, so if your pod starts drying out it should help. I’ve had a problem with them with both grows early on, they disappear once the pod dries out. Neem oil can help too but I haven’t had to take it that far besides using sticky traps.

I think you’d be wise to extend veg another week to get a little height, but overall the plant is looking good.

Stem seems like it’s holding up fine, plant is healthy and praying


Hey everyone!

So looks like a lot of new growth, but lots of droopy leaves towards the bottom.

Also seems like the clawing is less significant.

Any thoughts?




She’s looking much healthier and very happy!

The lower stuff will start drooping and drying out as the plant gets taller. This stuff gets shaded out and no longer serves the plant anymore after a period of time.


Thanks @pyromancy! Should I do a little trim tomorrow? I filled up the tank yesterday (no change over until Saturday) and it took quite bit of water, maybe a 1/4 gallon.


You would probably be safe to do so. I’d start small for the first time and see how she takes it.

Some plants will wilt or droop a little after defoliation, some won’t skip a beat.

Maybe start with the larger, darker fan leaves that are shading out some of the lower growth first? Maybe a little bit of the lower stuff too?


Looking good … once you put that oil in a container inside grobo any flies or any insect :spider: will go away with a quick ness had that problem, problem no more :muscle: