Damping off [ Resolved ]

That was my first thought then I read somewhere on here that someone had cut the bottom and ended up with alot of “debris” from the pod in the res? What other medium?



Amazing grow! Very interesting, congrats!

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Exact reason why I am getting rid of my Grobo. I had 4 plants in a row die from damping down. What interests me is how silent @Stephen and @bjorn have been on this subject.

As I mentioned in another post, I have a feeling this is why they are switching to peat. However, due to potential liability issues I doubt they will come out and say that.

I can understand damping down in maybe 1 out of 5 grows, but having it happen in 4 out of 5 is unacceptable and needs to be addressed by @bjorn.

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Hey @Highhopes & @VermontGrobo,

Sorry to hear of your constant damping off issues, I know the support team has been in contact with you to assist.

There has been no changes to our coco pods at all and the peat pods are not being brought in to combat damping off. To fight this disease, we fill to the middle water level sensor in stage 2. I’ll work to get some more educational pieces/videos out to help growers fight this. Keeping your plant in early vegetation until the roots are in the water and you are able to raise the coco pod is the best defense.

I have seen some plant that have dampened off make it to harvest and we have a couple in the community fighting that good fight now. Good luck!

If it happens to me early, I will simply restart.

Damping off is similar to root rot in that it is a common problem in all dwc systems. At least we aren’t battling spider mites late into flower! We are here for you.



Could extra air stones cause the pod to stay too wet or not enough data yet?


I can only speak from my limited experience but I’m not using an extra airstone yet, moved my pod up as much as possible w/out damaging roots which only amounted to maybe 1/4" fan blowing directly on the pod and I can’t get it to dry out? Not trying to be negative as I’m still very excited to make this work, but trying to figure out what not to do next time and what will work

Hang in there buddy!

I have been fighting 2 cases of damping off. In each case the plant is recovering so there is hope! @Stephen

Plant 1 - Jamaican Dream showed signs of damping off on Nov 28:

Once I noticed this I pointed 2 small fans onto the cocopod. The stem continued to get thinner and thinner until about Dec 2. I did cut a straw and placed it around the stem as a splint. Lastly, I poured a small amount 3% hydrogen peroxide h202 directly onto the wounded stem and the surrounding area of the cocopod. Lastly, I tied one of those green garden ties to the base of the stem just in case she toppled over there would be a support to prevent that.

Been adding Revive and Recharge as well to give her extra support.

Dec 4th: Stem is no longer thinning out but is now slowly healing:

Dec 8th: Stem continues to heal and is much thicker. Plant growth has resumed


I find the toothpicks work better than then fans inside the grobo
Tbvh, im still not convinced the fans are necessary even a little. But again that i believe is relative to where you live
Good recovery


This plant is so beautiful

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Why did he lift the coco pod with tooth pics

To raise the pod up so it would dry out w/out slipping back down

How do you lift a pod if need with out damaging ur plant, just in case I ever needed to, I like to be ready for everything

well I raised the white lid so I could see underneath. Then I carefully and gently pushed the cocopod up from the very bottom where it sticks out from the plastic. You shouldn’t need to do that unless you have damping off.

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Cool thanks, and yeah I know just wanna be ready for anything, how do you tell when it’s damping off

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Once the stem has emerged from the pod, the pod should not be wet anymore. Sometimes the turbulence from the air stones will cause water to splash onto the bottom of the pod, which can absorb and hold the moisture. Lifting the pod, or other methods of keeping the pod dry will prevent the issue. You can also add a fan to increase airflow.

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Hey man I appreciate the help but that was mad old lol


hahaha, just happened to see it in my unread.

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Oh word lol thx tho