RIP Amnesia Haze, lived about 11 weeks, will be missed

Yeppers, I extended. Over the last week, she’s gotten a little bit bushier but hardly gained any height.
I finally removed the 2 big spotty leaves that were on the bottom and I thought that was helping, but I’ve been having a hard time keeping my coco pod dry.
I opened up the top of the-plant and saw some yellow foliage - that bothered me. The next day, yesterday, I went to touch it to see where it led, and it fell off dead in my hand.
Meanwhile, I notice my stem looks like it’s damping off. I had stopped supporting it, plus the pod staying so wet again in late veg, I suppose that’s what caused it, idk. My roots appear healthy. Water change was supposed to be weds but I bumped it up to Tues night for fresh nutes this week. Set support back up on stem.
I still couldn’t do it so had hubby move pod up for me last night- took him a whole two seconds :roll_eyes:
I did buy one of those organizer shelves for scrogging FYI.
Alrighty pics!
They’re in order with the most recent being last. You can see pod with stem (and roots) before and after


U need a small fan aimed at the pod to help dry it! The pod shouldn’t feel soaked! U could assist it a little by blotting top of pod with some paper towel. Also do u have a supplemental air pump and stone in there too. If so I would turned it down a little especially when it is filling to high fill sensor. That can contribute to pod becoming to wet. I speak from experience with that.


I’ve done both. I have some smaller fans otw, but my larger one still fits down there and I take turns running it on low aimed at the pod and on medium hanging up high for a little breezier airflow all around.

Sometimes the pod will feel okay, like when I need a topoff, lol, but when the water level is right, it’s wet. I do blot it. A lot. Pretty sure that’s why it never turned orange, because of all the blotting, lol. :rofl:

I made hubby do the task of pushing the pod up over our drain bucket instead of inside the grobo in case we lost any more coco - didn’t want it sitting in the res for a week drawing bacteria. The water in that came out of the pod when he moved it literally covered the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket. That does seem like a lot, doesn’t it?

I do have a 2nd air stone in there but it doesn’t really add many extra bubbles to be honest.

So… onto recovery and finally and hopefully some training and trimming??? :thinking: :thinking:


Make sure pod isn’t submerged in water or water touching bottom of pod. Could be a problem with your fill sensors. Water level shouldn’t be a high fill at this point if memory serves me right. If it is u can manually remove a small amount so that it isn’t. Roots look great and are in water. Be careful with exposing roots to much to light. Theyare not a fan of light. Also u are using pump to do topoffs and not doing them manually? @Angiebaby


Water level should be at high fill at this point, I double checked. I took some out when I hit late veg and it filled up and Danielle said that was a no-no. I’ve been really good about just peeking at the roots to see if I need a top off and I’ve done both, I’ve used the app a couple times and I’ve manually added a cup of water a couple times. I can see where the sensor is and I’m not overfilling.

Ya know, I don’t know if the pod’s been touching the water!! At the high fill line, I’ve played peek-a-boo quite a few times with my sightline right at the res lid trying to watch and boy I wish I had a gopro for this! (I did have one- my youngest son lost it in the Atlantic) All I can say is it’s close if it’s not touching. (hopefully not now that the pod is up about 1/4-1/2") I tried during germ to move the pod and failed. I felt like I was blotting and fanning nonstop to keep from damping off during germ and was so grateful when the water went down in early veg and my plant took off!


I definitely wouldn’t manually fill unless pump is broken. U can use the pump to top it off anytime u wish thru the app. In late vegation I usually top off about twice a week. In flower I top it off about every 2 days. The notifications u recieve to top off are automated when u initiated grow and are just a reminder. If u u change your drain and fill schedule all notifications remain the same based on your initial start!


I know that. I was only about 12 hours early. :wink:

1-2x a week is what I’m noticing I need for top offs, the 2nd is generally near the end of the week when I’m getting close to my drain and fill. I can use the app but I always feel like I’m wasting water by pouring enough into the bucket first for the hose to reach and I’m always making it suck air- and I feel like that can’t be good either.

Here’s a couple of tips…

I went through the exact same problem with my cocopod on my first grow. Low fill level, it seemed dryer but still was wet… I was worried day and night about it. Used fans like you did, blotted with paper towels, etc. It wasn’t until I moved my pod up substantially further that it actually started drying out, but not without me using paper towels very frequently.

It looks like your stem is a little damaged, probably from exactly what you’re thinking, but I don’t think it’s too bad yet. Moving the pod up was a good call, and I would continue to use the paper towels to do your best to get it extra oxygen down there.

Yes, when you drain/fill it will make the pod wet again when you’re on high fill level. I had the same thing where I couldn’t tell if the pod was actually touching because when you lift the lid it moves so it’s really hard to actually tell.

I think you’re gonna be okay though. Keep doing your best to fight it off.

It almost looks like you have what I had… is that a hole inside the stalk there? Mine was a hollow hole like you would see in a tree where an animal made a nest etc. I couldn’t find any explanation online to what it was or anything even similar, and everyone here had no real advice… but I was assuming it was caused from early stages of damping off. My plant recovered and survived it to the point a few weeks later the stalk still looked like the wound was there at one point but it was super strong and fought through it.

By the way, when you top off, have you tried tilting the bucket on the side a bit to get the hose submerged without having to fill up completely over the hose? Sounds simple but I figured I’d ask.

Once your plant gets older it will get to the point you’ll be wanting to top off every 2 days or every day, it will drink that much water. Mine was drinking a gallon in two days towards the end, and I didn’t have a plant that was late flower yet.

If you can get your plant to survive this period, a little bit of wet on the pod won’t hurt her anymore. Good move on the raising of the pod, that can make a world of difference. I would keep the fans faced on the pod if you can and leave them there until you know she’s in the clear.


Just my opinion but probably why u are experiencing dampening off. I understand about the water waste. That is why I have a funnel and bucket just for fills. What I don’t use I funnel it back to jug!

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Yeah, dump that distilled water back in! I don’t use a funnel, I have practice from years and years working in a kitchen pouring various liquids into containers haha


Thanks, I remember reading your posts and talking about this during germ with you @pyromancy.

I don’t know if you recall, but I tried some training too early with plant twisties and damaged the stem and that’s what caused the hole there- I had it taped up for a few days and then thought it was healing pretty good. I didn’t realize just how much it was leaning back over I guess and I think that spot might’ve been getting some moisture maybe??? Not sure, because it was looking better previously imo. It also felt stronger a week ago than it does now, even though it’s bushier now. Like the stalk feels looser and more wiggly in the pod. Hoping keeping it stabilized with help strengthen it back up. Do you think I should tape that hole back up or leave it?

Yes, I tip the bucket!! :wink: I use the same bucket for draining so I haven’t wanted to pour water back into my gallon in case there are any contaminants in it. I guess if I designate that gallon solely for Grobo, it ought to be okay… I also fill my humidifier with distilled. :wink:

Ah I remember now, I did read that about the early training, I forgot about that.

I don’t really know whether to tape it or not… but it doesn’t look too bad honestly and won’t really affect anything as far as I can tell since the plant is growing and getting stronger as far as I could tell, so taping it might not be necessary. I highly doubt a hole that small will make her fall over alone, I think it’s more or less the potential damping off that might be occuring that would be the cause of any leaning.

I feel like keeping it stabilized will probably help, as well as moving the pod up to dry it out and try to get some more oxygen present in the cocopod.

I hope for the best and hope she fights through this! Looking at the pics it doesn’t seem like it’s too terrible honestly, one plus side is that its thicker down there than it is up the stem instead of vice versa which would mean she would fall over eventually. Keep giving her love and do your best to keep it dry down there!

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Thank you!! :hugs:

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Wow there’s been quite an improvement in the stalk in just 24 hours after moving the coco pod up! Or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

Are all of the freshly exposed roots going to die? If you look closely, you’ll see there are quite a few main veins exposed. This stem pic here is from this morning, if the better lighting wasn’ta giveaway :joy:


I think you’re fine with the roots. I can’t imagine it will hurt much. Those are tiny little ones!


I wasn’t worried about the little stringy ones. I don’t see the spot in today’s pictures. In fact, she’s praying harder today as well! Perhaps those roots retreated inside more. I think what I’m talking about is a tad clearer on the bigger picture zoomed in cuz once you crop it it loses a little clarity. And it’s not all that clear to start with. I sort of outlined the area here but I photographed the same area this morning and I’m not seeing the same thing. It originally kind of looked like looked like a spider with a lot of wormy legs. You can see two roots coming down and then a network of roots below, all slightly covered in coco.
Pictures of the pod today… like I said, I can’t see the same thing, but I do see a few other roots. :joy: Retreat!


She sucked dem roots right back up :slight_smile: Haha… Yeah I didn’t notice much on the pic.

She is looking happy up top! That’s a great sign! I have a feeling you’re going to be A-okay!


Latest pics!


Looking good! Man, when you look from the top it looks like a big bush and then from the side pic it doesn’t look as big, kinda like an optical illusion!

Stem looks like it’s holding on and she’s definitely getting some water and nutrients up top


Thanks! She’s very full. Of LOVE! As you can see, she’s rather heart shaped. When I push the sides down, the canopy is more level but there is less and less room to do so now so I think we’ll just see where she is after 4 weeks in late veg on Weds and flip Thurs regardless of height. I’m hoping for1/2 way-3/4 to the 2nd fan. Fingers crossed!

I found a spider on her last night! :scream: Took a pic this morning on husband’s phone, haven’t shared with self yet, lol. SO grossed out, ew ew ew! WORST part of gardening, ew ew ew!!! I don’t want to be afraid of my plant. I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid.


So there it was, sitting on a leaf looking at me just as pretty as you please! Oh no you don’t spider! I bought these little sticky things when I was reading about sticky paper in a thread before I saw the link, they’re much smaller. I had one in my window for a while and it caught nothing but me, repeatedly, and I got rid of it a few days ago. So I slowly grab a new one from the drawer below Grobo trying to make sure evil spider doesn’t move. Get the paper off, go to stick it to him- literally, he moves under the leaf (of which I’m now also stuck to) but I maneuver the thing under the leaf and get him! Tore 3 apexes of that leaf in the process but he’s a goner now! Left the sticky thing in overnight as well as a dish of neem oil but caught nothing else, PHEW!!!

Omgosh, you wouldn’t believe how much she’s been drinking and making fans work extra hard! Btw, I did get a solar powered charger and it will power 1 4" fan for a LONG time as the spectrum (at least during veg) does charge it, though solar charging takes a long time and is meant for emergency use, yadda yadda. It doesn’t last super long powering 2 4" fans, I charge once a day, should probably charge twice. Just an FYI. I’ve been topping off at least every other day. Yesterday she drank 1/2 gallon and I just gave her water Friday night!! I’m taking that as a good sign that she’s really going to start growing taller. But what do I know? LOL!!