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As far as my pump I just fed the extra hose back into the reservoir and connected the pump straight to my quick connect to deliver water to the plants.


Meanwhile back at the ranch… We have lift off…
Supercritical CBD & White widow.


This is my setup so far

Still have some stuff to workout but coming along. Going to try like this and make adjustments as I go



@Mpower11 and @Bplatinum9 setup looking good… I knew y’all would get it… I’m redoing my entire system cuz I have too many elite level clones and don’t want to lose a cut so I’m gunna run 4 inch pots and fit like 12-15 plants in there




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And we are off

@chris_barfield how long do you keep your nutes for after mixed? (Maximum)


I like to use them within 3-4 days but talking to the owner of flora flex they can hold ph up to a week but has seen a clean for two weeks in some cases


Thanks I was wanting to make nutes 1 time a week (I have a 40 gal res) I think it’s overkill in size but I got it for a good deal… Maybe holding for that long isn’t a good idea

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Naw the nutrients can def hold out for sure without issues… I just personally run my res like that cuz I add things to it like botanicare sweets in flower , liquid karma and rhizo blast during veg… and self 100 so I like to get it in before things like the karma settle out … if I wasn’t running that I would swap water every week .


@Mpower11. Update on your grow?

My update: just recently got my automated feed to work right and since then I am having some ph issues.
Any recommendations? @chris_barfield So far I’m just feeding 2 teas each of veg 1 & 2 per five gallons.
I know absolutely nothing about tent grows as you can see!


Honestly over all new growth of the plants looks nice… I agree looks like your Ph was off a bit on the lower fan leafs…

This is what I’m doing on my end

Start with fresh water put your ec meter in the water

I then add Cal/mag to a EC of 500 (mix well)
Then I add equal parts of V1 and V2 to my target Ec (mine is 1400 right now) I will increase this when my plants get older. Mix v1 first… (I prefer to go by EC over so much nutes per gallon)

Also have you tested your leach Ph to see if your back on target… If you way off I would flush the plant with Ph balanced water

This is my plan for now… Maybe Chris has a different plan

I will post of pictures later of my grow… My girls are very small still


I purchased a brand new ec meter can’t get it to work, it just keeps saying error. $100 down the drain because I threw out the packaging and info.
Sounds like you have a great plan though!
I haven’t used any cal-mag yet @chris_barfield suggested that I wait to be sure I needed it so I never purchased it. Looks like I’m gonna need to, I hope it can wait for two weeks until I get some money.
I purchased some ph down over a month ago and still haven’t gotten it.
I don’t think I will ever be starting over with fresh water considering my reservoir fills at 20 gallons (cost a fortune) I don’t know how you do it with 40 gallons.

You and @Mpower11 are right that looms like a ph/ too much ppm issue …

New growth looks good though …
I would flush with a light cal mag solution if you have it … I’m weird during veg I use ppms and when I flip to flower I use ec … no particular reason just how my habits have developed … in that stage I usually use 4-5 ppm and when that 3rd or fourth node appears i go up ppm by 100 till I reach 700 ppm and Hold there throughout veg…

For now I think your good just make sure ph stays within range

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Cal mag still may not be needed I think you have more of a ph/ feeding too much issue … but new growth looks good … test your runoff and see what ppms are coming out and ph then adjust from there

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I was hand feeding once a day until I got the automated system working ( 3days ago) it fed twice a day for one minute.
Don’t have any cal-mag. And brand new ec probe not working (error reading).

My thoughts are if your using R/O water I think forsure you will need Cal/Mag… If town water maybe not needed but it will depend on whats in it…

Ec meter that’s depends how much you want to spend. I haven’t had much luck with cheaps one… I have used many models in the past to date this has been my favorite meter (combo unit)


I use Ro water for sure, my town water is terrible.
The one I just bought was a bluelab for $100
I do however like the one you suggested it looks a whole lot simpler to use and read.

Also one more thing if I feed for 1 minutes that is 500 ml (with my setup)… times 2 would be 1000 ml per day. I think that is much water I’m trying to keep them on the dryer side so the plant makes more roots…

Right now I’m watering 500 ml every 2 days… Mind you your plants are bigger than mine so you will need to water more than me… Do you know how many ML of water you drip per minute? Also the disk on the manifold changes your water flow not sure what colour you put in

Bingo :tada::tornado::comet::zap::ocean: I may have left out the disk all together lol!!!
What color disk are you using?
Can’t check until lights come back on!

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