White widow day 7 of transition

This is my first grow in grobo. I pushed late veg back a couple of weeks. Do I need the full 14 days of transition or should I push it up to flowering stage? Dont have much room left and plant is already at the light. What do you guys think?

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It seems if you are just making it to transition, you better be ready to super crop the tops of your plant. I would think there is a stretch coming your way real soon And you dont want any burns.


Thanks Hiriam357. I believe your right I’m just not sure how I can bend them do to the very little room inside the grobo now they are so long. Do I super crop the tops or at the bottom of the stems?


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This question is best for the Champions. At this point i would keep an eye on it day by day. See if you can tie them to the walls or if you have small fishing weights, but be careful not to stress the plant. @SilverGrobo @Stephen @Todd.grobo - maybe they can advise on next steps. I mean worst comes to worst push the pod into the water well, BUT, don’t do that :confounded:

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Thanks for all your help fellow growers. I got them away from the light and will keep an eye on them. At the very least I know for the next grow.

I will keep ya posted thanks again.

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Id terminate and start again

Hey @Beardedbud,

Oh man! Couple thoughts for you:

  1. Transition is the same photoperiod as flower. Pushing ahead won’t speed up the plant.
  2. Pushing the cocopod down into the reservoir, supercropping and using the support racks to keep the buds out of direct light burn are your best bets at this point.
  3. You can lollipop some of the undergrowth.
  4. You can probably get her to harvest, but it will be a wild one for sure! I’d stay the course and see what you can get.

Good luck!


Thanks I will try the cocoa pod pushed through and keep my fingers crossed. We will see… learning experience for sure.



Keep faith in the Buddha my friend. Wishing you luck.

Btw, how long did you veg for? Or is it just that White widow is a tall lady in heels all the time?

:rofl: love the long lady in heels…I vegetated for 38 days and transitioned for 8 and now in day 2 of flower. She is a tall drink of water for sure I have one that’s growing indoor along with an auto ak and four grandma cheese and the widow is definitely taller than the others. All started at the same time. They are in flower stage for a couple days now. Here’s the best I could do for a pic shes about 3ft. auto on right and widow towering above. ![Screenshot_20200506-105806_Gallery|243x500] (upload://f0d62xFsIQXag7OkZDDKEetUgIv.jpeg)

Could not see the pic but its ok. Congrats on the assortment. Good to know regarding size of plant. Have to keep that in mind for future grows. There are times i get excited about the next grow and have to consider the environment.