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I want to start a tent grow this March and I’m interested in the flora flex brand 8" pots.
I have a lot of questions but want to chat with people who have experienced the brand in any way. I tried calling the company but got no answer.
From pots to nutrients and accessories what do you know?

I’m looking at…


My question for this would be… Can I just use 2-3 of the pots or will I have to use all 4 and will 4 be too much for a 2x4 tent?


Does anyone know how many gallons the pots are?

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You can hook the pots up any way you want with as few or as many units you wish/or space dictates. You can set it up to hand feed from the top or automate utilizing a res and their manifold. I don’t know exactly how many gals they are but would imagine 3 gals. You can use any medium you want such as the compressed coco pictured above, or rock wool cubes that fit rather perfectly. You can use soil, coco, a mixture etc. it’s up to you. Go on YouTube and look at all the vids you can and consider what would be best for you. Keep in mind you’ll need to water more often with coco and rock wool :+1::v:


I youtubed this product to death and none of them answered my questions so I’m so relieved to hear from you because I was wondering what happens to the open connectors if its not connected to a pot!


Open connections get capped, or you could split then in a full rotation and create an rdwc system using the pump. Really it comes down to how you want to configure it, the space you have, if you want it automated, and what type of medium you want to use.


Perfect I want to start with 2 and move up to four. Thank you!


I’m currently the only one of the forum who is activately using the flora flex system including nutrients I also test the new cal and mag as well as foliar sprays …

They doNt go by gallons it’s buy inches … and the 8 inch works out to be about a 2 gallon pot … coco and rockwool do not do good in big pots … the way you should be using these is multiple feeds a day when they starry drinking a lot … ive harvested with their nutrients and got top quality results of you look at my current you can see nothing but top shelf results


You can use as many as you want just use the extra tube to block off open valves


Also the owner is usually on the floraflex Instagram he always responds sooner or later on there


Yes indeed, Chris is the only grower here using floraflex products. In fact I was researching it when he mentioned their nutes to me. Once I realized they were powder nutes(I had been looking for this ever since I discovered recharge), I was in. Bought the nutes nd have them for next setup in my tent. I researched their other products as Chris suggested. All their products are reasonably priced. It’s just a matter of hand feeding or going automatic. I’m going to go full automatic. Therefore, I’ll probably do a soil run in my tent with floraflex nutes, and design out my auto build during that time. That’s the beauty about sites like this, we find things that will help make us better growers, and pass that info on. Much appreciated @chris_barfield :+1::v:


I did a lot of research on the flora flex but wasn’t really getting my questions answered. I first heard about the brand from @chris_barfield, and became fascinated. I’m sold but still trying to figure out if the 8" set of four will fit into a 2x4.
If the pots average out to be around the 2 gallon size will my plants still have enough room for roots to grow a full size plant and how much would it yield?
@Osage, thanks again for answering my flora flex questions earlier! I am excited for your new adventures with the brand and I plan to learn as much as I can from you and @chris_barfield on this matter until I can afford to buy my set up! So please share as much as you can! I’m :eyes::seedling:


Depends if you are going to run soil or coco … for coco it won’t matter you would just feed her multiple times a day when she starts to drink a lot … soil I’m not so sure cuz it acts differently than coco or rockwool … and I’m sure you would be able to fit 4 … I have 10 … 8 inch pots in my 36,20,60 tent which small


I planned on using the coco cubes they sell, what are you using?
Interested in finding out the yield from the 8" pots.


I’m using their coco blocks this time when you add water the fill up right to the brim… and if you check the floraflex hashtags or their Instagram you can see people are growing trees with the pot pro… this is becuase of the multiple feeds … the multiple feeds are key in small pots for coco… cultivation facilities are running these pots and growing trees… there’s a guy who grows 5 ft tall plants inside a yogurt container … the pot size doesn’t matter too much when in coco or rockwool it’s about the feeds


Good to know but what exactly do you mean by feeds?
The nutrients or the auto water feed?


The amount of times you actually water the plants … those pots are designed to maximize root exposure and air … this is because they allow for a proper even dry to build massive roots … when they plants get bigger and start to flower they will drink more hence the faster drying periods that result in more waterings which means more food which means more growing


So I’m getting there slowly with @chris_barfield help.
Now I just need to wait for my tent to be delivered.
Still saving money for my light, seeds, humidifier, reservoir, tray and heater.
Still have to figure out how to hook up flora flex to reservoir later.


Looks like Christmas :christmas_tree: morning! Hahaha. Excited to see you get this setup and running! Was the setup pretty reasonable​:moneybag: ? The first time I saw you and @chris_barfield discussing the FloraFlex setup I began to do my homework on this system and really liked their approach.

Best of luck!


My flora flex supplies were $255
I plan to run only half of what I bought in a 2x4 gorilla.
My set up is not complete and proving to be very expensive for my budget but ive been using the affirm app to help pay for some things.
Waiting on the tent delivery and still have to purchase the light ($700) and other things but I think it will run me $2000 easy before I can set up properly. I’m really excited about moving to a tent but I’m gonna need all hands on deck because I’m not a grower yet! Are you gonna flex with us?

QUICK DISCONNECT PIPE SYSTEM :: Pipe-diameter = 1-in :: Pipe-direction = elbow :: Bubbler-style = multi-flow


\ 100xauto 100’ FLORA TUBE × 1


\ 100xauto BLOOM NUTRIENTS SUBSCRIPTION: $10.28-$13.49 / lb × 1

BLOOM NUTRIENTS SUBSCRIPTION: $10.28-$13.49 / lb :: B1-quantity = 1LB: $17.49 ($17.49 / lb) :: B2-quantity = 1LB: $19.99 ($19.99 / lb) :: Frequency = EVERY 12 WEEKS


\ 100xauto 8" POTPRO™ KIT - 6 PLANTS × 1


\ 100xauto POTPRO™ 8" CUBE × 5 $2.54

Order subtotal $255.90

Discount -$30.29

Shipping total $29.12

Tax total $0.00

Order total $254.73


Damn you should’ve asked me before you spent money I had 40 percent off and 25 percent off codes I could’ve shared with you … @Rich