Does anyone own a seedo machine [Bankruptcy]


You may want to talk with @Kryptonh he has a seedo.

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Honestly, seedolabs is a joke of a company. All you need to do to validate this is join their Facebook group where many, many purchasers never got their equipment or are have trouble getting a refund like I did. Some people have been waiting for years and can’t get their refunds. I purchased one of these late June early July when I made my grobo purchase.

I received an email from seedo shorty after saying my unit would be delivered in the next 90 days. Sounds great! Well, I then started receiving emails saying there was a delay for this and that (mostly customs related - I live in the US). I engaged seedolab via their support channel (send an email and wait 72 hours for a response) and requested a refund of my deposit. I was immediately contacted with a return email all but begging me to stick it out. Nevertheless I pushed forward and requested my refund. I was told In September the refund would take 3-5 business days. After 2 weeks without refund I emailed again. I sent an email every few days for months without a response (literally).

Upon researching, I found the company uses zendesk for support tickets. Well they don’t have a zendesk account and my contact at that company all, but validated this. There was some troubling info posted here in regards to that company as well including execs stepping down. Not just this, but finding anything on social media outside of Facebook from legit owners is difficult. Very few owners on YouTube posting videos that are not professionally made videos by seedolabs, nothing at all on twitter, nothing on Instagram, but I digress.

So after a 30 or more days of unanswered emails I went ahead and filed a dispute with my credit card company. My CC comp went ahead and opened a dispute with Seedolab and refunded my money while they wait for a response. I check on this regularly, but seedolabs still has yet to respond to my CC comp dispute. They have until January 7th.

I’ve been dealing with this since September and it’s still not over. I would advise anyone in the market for an automated Grow device NOT TO BUY from Seedolab for any reason whatsoever. If you absolutely must have an automated unit, Grobo is the only way to go. Grobo delivers on-time, they meet their demands and provide a product in which you can grow your plants in. The Grobo is by no means perfect and my experience was less than ideal (no longer an owner), but they’re infinitely better than the current competition and I would consider doing business with them again in the future if the unit improved and pricing dropped.

Just sharing my experience in the hopes someone else doesn’t get duped by Seedolab. Buyer beware!


As @James said do your due diligence before pulling the trigger. Lots of red flags Seedo is on its last legs I’d expect the lights going off in the not to distant future. @thatfuego123 Join the Seedo FB group to see for yourself. The titanic is taking on water…



TLDR - In short, if you want an automated unit to grow your devils lettuce buy a Grobo. This community alone is worth the price of admission. You’re going to need help at some point and the Grobo owners here on AllGrowers set this unit apart from all others currently on the market.

Happy Holidays


I’m so glad I fought to get my refund


Oh wow thank you so much man was going to buy it, yeah hard to find anything here and looking to start growing with my grandma, I have a full time job so trying to find something pretty hands off, hard to find though.


Anyone with a nice experience with groin, would like to know the energy usage per month.


Hey @thatfuego123,

Grobo is extremely energy efficient due to it’s size and LED design. It consumes about the same power as a typical ceiling fan - around $5 per month.

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Almost bought a Seedo back this Summer. My gut said go with the Grobo… glad I listened to my gut. As a former psychotherapist, that’s how I made my living!!! Have a good holiday season


Honestly I didn’t even notice the additional cost when I first plugged mine in, very cost effective :+1:


It didn’t move the needle on my electric bill.




With a tolerance I could do the same I know how it feels , after you get adjusted to certain thc levels a simple bowl isnt enough … then you start breaking out the paper :wink: and start feeling right after one nice joint , I agree on everything you said though Christmas I believe also , grobo should think about growing more out of the machine , I guess we all will have to buy another one once they re build the products if they do :frowning:


did anyone grow sativa strains in seedo?:face_with_monocle:

Hi James,

I am in the market for a new grow box. However, this is not my first pony show. I originally purchased a BC northern lights bloombox but have since moved on because of personal issues and product issues. Can you please tell me all the problems you encountered with the grobo? Is it smell and insect proof?


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Hello @G_B,

Sorry for the delay in response and Welcome to the forum. I can’t recommend any automated Grow devices at this time. I currently do not have an automated grow device. If you find one let me know as I’m still in the market for a “set and forget” device. My grobo was returned and I moved into a tent rather quickly. I’ve only been part of this community since June and didn’t have a positive experience with my grobo so please consider this when reading the rest. Before I get into it it should be said that “I would consider a grobo in the future if there were significant improvements and a cost reduction.” Also note that my experience and opinions here are mine only and not a reflection of anyone else.

The problems I had with my Grobo

  • pump issues which only became worse as I got further into my grow. Nutrient issues due to hand filling the res when the pump wouldn’t pull water in. Nutes only dispense when pumps work properly.
  • wireless disconnects despite having two circuits in my home. One dedicated to the Grobo with a 100mb up/down that had the firewall turned off at the router and set to pass all grobo traffic would disconnect several times a day! Even moving the grobo to sit next to its AP made no difference. Noted that I added my IP cameras to this AP and some of those were borderline far from the AP which never dropped connection, ever.
  • Final straw for me was the random turning off of grow lights. When my GrowLight was supposed to be on it sometimes would just shut the lights off and wouldn’t come back on until I powercycled the device. Can’t grow cannabis without working lights. I also can’t babysit the grobo as I travel for work. Jacking with the light cycle will ultimately hurt the plant and or stunt growth. I recorded everything for evidence and made videos. I was in communication with the Grobo team via support and to be honest they were as helpful as they could be with Stephen on vaca and tried to resolve these issues which ultimately ended up in a return and refund. Long story short, my device was a dud. I don’t believe this to be true for most, but mine was out of the box troubled.

Full Disclosure
The grobo does grow cannabis and there is a support ticketing system to resolve issues as well a “handful of users” on this forum that will provide you reliable information. These people don’t post the most, but they’re easy to spot and really just want you to avoid the same mistakes they’ve made. Since you won’t need much help along the way most of the aforementioned doesn’t really apply to you. The grobo team is helpful, but they’re only helpful/available during normal working hours. This may not be an issue for some, but many of us still have careers and are likely working during these hours. Support is lacking especially after hours. There is a forum thread where folks request stuff and from what I can tell little has ever been gained from that. I can scroll back to the previous year and the same things requested now were requested then. The common result is “we’re actively doing X Y & Z and hoping to bring X to reality as soon as we get passed (insert delay excuse here).” IMO This is the product, don’t expect much else to change other than minor GUI improvements and minor hardware changes in future models. Hopefully I’m wrong here.

When I first joined AG in June, I saw grobo support members in the forum answering questions and engaging users regularly, but that tapered off. You’ll still see Steven in the forum daily and Bjorn from time to time, but if I’m being totally honest, Grobo does not engage their community nearly enough and 90% of the support comes from other owners.

I believe this forum was created to bare the burden of most support needs (smart on Grobos end not to be tied up all day answering simple questions - frustrating for users whom want expert support and not some guy/gal posting links and pics to other sites from years ago). You’ll see most of your questions may have already been answered on this forum if you use the “search feature” and or will get an answer from other users significantly quicker here than you will in support tickets. That said, some stuff simply has to go through the help desk such as ph issues or equipment failure. Same site layout as ilovegrowingmarijuana, but I digress.

What you need to know…
The grobo works! Is it perfect? No. Will you at some point suffer ph drifts and nute problems or root rot? Yes… To me, it seems like 9 of 10 (I have working eyeballs) of grobo grows come with some sort of issue whether it be nute or ph related. These are issues that I do not see in my tent/soil. For the most part all grobo grows tend to start slow. These issues get sorted out by the grobo team and you end up with a less than ideal yield for 3-4 months of growth. Not because of the ph or nute issues, but that’s just the norm for the space and lighting. A positive in which everyone should be doing is you can use your own nutrients and take some control of your unit. Some folks already do this and these people do not have these troubles listed above.

The Forum
This forum is pretty okay. Active users posting pics of their grows. Who doesn’t enjoy pics of cannabis? There are a “few people” on this site growing top shelf cannabis so this comes in handy to see how those plant grows and what to expect ect for those that don’t care for Instagram or other social media sources. The majority of people here are fairly new to growing cannabis so you’ll see quite a bit of troubleshooting info being posted from growweedeasy or other websites. You’ll also get some really bad info from time to time. Most of this is just “good people trying to help” even if it’s information they’re regurgitating with zero idea of the validity of said info.

For a lot less, you could set yourself up a nice grow tent and opt to go with a medium of your choice (hydro, soil, ect). Growing multiple plants. Granted, this takes slightly more work, but you’re in control of your own destiny and not relying on a support group that keeps normal business hours (9-5 M/F). You could also opt to take that 2,500 and invest it in a great setup with top of the line lighting, js.

If you’re set on an automated device, Grobo is the only one on the market that will get you from seed to smoke consistently w/ support.

Is the grobo smellproof? It’s marketed as such, but this is not what I’ve read from others here. I’ve never taken a plant that far in the grobo as mine was returned in the first 30 days, but others have mentioned it does smell a bit.

The Bad

  • lighting is just “good enough”
  • support hours
  • no CO2 implementation (not that it would matter under that light)
  • secret data
  • wireless NIC inconsistencies
  • cost (cost is grossly inflated for what it is)
  • inability to make nutrient changes yourself without taking over the whole process of mixing yourself - no longer automated.
  • poor yields (marketed as 2-3 oz’s - seems like most get 1-2ozs)
  • zero environmental controls (water or air)
  • fixed fans (lack of air flow)
  • expensive nutrients
  • space restrictions
  • app is not an app, but a web GUI with little control.
  • requirement for a water chiller (some not needed)
  • more external equipment (meters) because you can’t access the equipment in the unit you purchased (see secret data)

The good

  • you can grow cannabis with little effort
  • support! Albeit from other owners
  • the forum is a great place to touch base with other owners. They’ll help you along the way.
  • relatively young company with a lot of room for improvement
  • Grobo is imo a reputable company committed to helping you grow plants.

My 2 cents…
Save half the money and invest a grand in a tent setup or grow enough cannabis outdoors in the warm months to sustain yourself for the winter. Growing cannabis is not difficult. The other tent growers here are growing significantly better looking plants, without issues at higher success rates and significantly better yields. Because of this I don’t see why anyone would invest over 2k in an automated device that yields only 2ozs per grow where they can’t even access the data from the equipment you’ve purchased. I made this mistake twice. Until these automated units get significantly better I can’t see myself buying another, but if you find one let me know.


I concur with @James you could take a grand or even half that and get setup automatically and get way more and still be automated like the grobo… or you can take the 2g and deck a tent out where it can be controlled by a phone like mine to a certain extent but it’s really preference … but @James is spot on and also well written by the way my ass just type on my phone hits send with tons of mistakes lol


Here’s my Wemo energy report


I own a Seedo and let me just say it was worth the purchase. If you go to YouTube and look up LangsStrain you will see how it works.

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