Does anyone own a seedo machine [Bankruptcy]

I have a Seedo but I hear they went bankrupt! So now I’m screwed unless I can sell it or get a refund but no one answers my email or calls… good luck


Damn that sucks…


So glad I dodged that bullet. I demanded my money back.

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Hey how is it goin?

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Hi mario , I saw on one of your posts that you was having connection problems with your seedo and WiFi , I have tried over 100 hundred times to synchronise my machine but It has proven difficult .
I got my seedo delivered back in December and didn’t have the chance to set it up .
I’ve been trying to do it during this isolation period and to find out seedo have gone bust so I cannot seek help from there phone number.
Another problem that I’m having , the co2 canister isn’t easy to install like how it explains in the video . Please help if you can .
Kind regards
Aaron (United kingdom)

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Yes, I do!

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I grew my first batch and trying another without success in my Seedo! When you insert Co2 you have to go in straight and push a little so it can tighten in the screw in area. About the app
you might have trouble because they are no long able to mess with the app! Due to Bankruptcy! Sorry :sleepy:

So I stumbled upon this forum while trying to figure out what the fuck is happening with Seedo and thanks to all you beautiful people it’s clear to me now my fiancé invested in a company that has major Fyre Festival vibes.

So now that I know why it won’t connect to WiFi I have a new question

Is there talks about starting a class action lawsuit? Asking for a friend

You can’t join a class action lawsuit since they filed for protection. I too was screwed by Seedo, day 1 investor with nothing to show for it. On the seedo user forum on Facebook this was discussed at great lengths.

Not possible sorry. Cut your losses

Don’t know if this changes anything for you but seedo got a new director and board: seedo sec filing

Now that they have a new CEO and board… If I own a seedo machine and don’t have any other investment in the company. What does this mean about being able to grow moving forward?

I think it is unlikely that Seedo will ever start production and distribution again. The company was one of the most financially irresponsible startup companies I have seen in a long time. Their finances reminded me of some of the crypto currency’s that vanished shortly after their IPO during the crypto boom.

From what I’ve read the machines were great on paper, but not so much when actually used.


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Dude that seed popped …,!:wink:

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No lol :laughing:
Vic shot me some seeds and I Germed one!!

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I was Referring to that Fool from Seedo coming on Allgrowers


Hi, how do you get new growth kits?
I have a device but I can’t grow anymore.
I need some slabs.
Does anyone wanne buy a device?

#1 Seedo went bankrupt
#2 Bankrupcy = no more product support or new items needed to grow
#3 The machines are known to be poorly constructed, IE leaking water among other things, the initial reviews were not at all positive.
#4 Everyone here is pretty well versed on how buggy and poorly constructed the Seedo is due to being rushed into manufacturing (after they blew all their capital on stupid stuff like overpriced rental cars and a “signature” Snoop Dog version), which means that you’d be hard pressed to find someone here wanting one.

The thing that sucks is the machine had a lot of potential if they could have got it working and into production.