Does anyone own a seedo machine [Bankruptcy]

Does anyone own a seedo machine


Nobody has a seedo because they didn’t start delivery yet.


Anyone in the AG Family place an order with Seedo? Have they given any updates as to when they are expected to release or are they taking the old wait and see who releases first approach?

All I can say is I’m pumped to get my Grobo! Just wait till you guys see what I have in store for this community and the Grobo!


I did. They delayed delivery because of certification…same as grobo. They claim to start shipping April or May. We will see…


Have they had any beta users? Your unit is expected to ship in April or May from Speedo, when did you originally place your order?

Did you happen to also order a Leaf plug and plant system?

I’m dying to get my hands on my Grobo!

Don’t know about any beta testers but on their homepage they speak about different versions of prototypes and testing since 2014.
I was part of their first round of preorders end of 2016.
I also was interested in a leaf but they don’t do international delivery so not for me.
I was very much leaning towards grobo but was very dissapointed about all the delays and their communication about that. Right now I’m very unsure. Seedo promises more precise climate control and uses CO2 and to bei fully automatic. But grobo is much more community oriented which is a big plus. Would be very interested about discussing pros and cons of seedo and grobo if it is ok with @bjorn


Hi @fanatic - Certainly you’re welcome to have an open discussion here! If you’re looking for any input from me, I have seen LEAF but have never seen or heard of anyone using a Seedo system. Both Grobo and Seedo (from what I understand) would be considered fully automatic. At Grobo we designed our own LED system with 8 individually controlled spectrums which allows us to control the plant growth significantly more than you can in any system.

Either way, until we have seen their system or someone external has grown in it, anything we say would really be just speculation and a true comparison will be difficult.


Really great that you are open for this kind of discussion. Since I’m no expert in growing - this is why I need an automatic growbox :wink: - I’m really interested in your opinion in the differences.
Seedo is not as tall as grobo but they claim to control height and yield by their light. Seedos light is adjustable and therefore very close to the plants. As far as I understand by watching their videos this produces very dense and bushy plants with high yield. What’s your professional opinion?
Does grobo have some kind of temperature or humidity control? Especially in summer when it get’s quite hot even indoors I can imagine temp control is an advantage.
And one last thing: since my plan is to put the growbox in my bedroom - is there any option to minimize light from grobo during night?
By design grobo wins obviously :slight_smile:



I will let @Chris talk about the lighting and height control since he designed our LED system from the ground up. We have run trials showing that we can control height, yield and even THC content using our lighting. This involves changing the spectrum of each of the 8 lights as the plant grows to get the results we want. We are very early in understanding the effects of each colour of light but it is possible.

From my understanding, their system uses a single LED colour so this would not be possible to tweak. In terms of temperature or humidity control, we monitor it but do not currently control it. We have found that most houses are within a good enough range that it isn’t required.

Absolutely! You will be able to set your Grobo lights to turn on and off on a schedule that works for you. Also, thanks for the kudos on design :grin:


@bjorn how much can you discuss regarding the leaf system? Very little information that I’ve been able to locate has been released.

@Chris As for the LED lighting how has that benefited your testing compared to your first lighting iterations? What was the percentage of increase you saw in your yields over the time of development of the final LED?

@fanatic I’m concerned about the size of the Seedo myself, but they are claiming to be able to control the plant pretty closely. Personally I’m not a fan of the design as it’s too stumpy looking and will not sit well within a room without drawing too much attention.

Also not a big fan of the design but grobo with its fluid glass won’t catch less attention and doesn’t really hide what is inside. So main goal is no attention to the growbox at all that’s why I will locate it in my bedroom :wink:

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@rich - All I can say is that it’s surprisingly big and I honestly wouldn’t have space for it in my apartment. I was meeting with Yoni and respectfully did not go poking around their system (resisting the urge to look inside wasn’t easy!), so that’s really all I can confidently say right now.


You will have to keep us informed once you get our Seedo in hands. Have you received any additional information regarding your personal order with them?

The Grobo is sleek and would actually be a nice piece within our living room, however I will be placing it in the guest bedroom. It’s going to more of a conversation piece more than anything with guests. I look forward to seeing the shock on their faces once they understand what’s inside!

The fluid glass should allow for privacy when guests are over if you had it in a high traffic area, from my understanding? If I’m incorrect would someone please advice what the appropriate answer is.

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That was my initial concern. The footprint is much larger than I would be able to accommodate anywhere without apartment. I wouldn’t be overly concerned with what the Leaf is packing inside but can understand how curiosity played a role. I think you will see shortly how you guys have outmaneuvered the market and competition!

I will for sure give you information as soon as I get my hands on. But so far didn’t receive very detailed information and since shipping should start very soon I’m suspecting to get an information about an other delay :frowning:

Depends on what you expect under the term “privacy” - if you watch this video (Grobo One - Hydroponic Grow Box - YouTube) you will see at about 0:40 the change beteween different states of the fluid glass…at least for me not enough hiding what is inside to put grobo in my living room or something like that.

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Our new glass works much better and is significantly darker as well. From Beta testers we learned that too much light was coming through and into their space so this is one of many improvements that we have made!


I see your point during that video. I’m sure that with the new glass this issue will be addressed!

So, if you don’t mind me asking have you chosen what you will grow first? Are you going to strictly grow cannabis? Have you picked your first strain?

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I couldn’t stand the waiting time if I would have already put so much thinking in using a grobo ;-). Waiting is hard enough without the seeds at hand. I don’t know exactly which seeds of which breeders are available as recipes so I’ll have to wait until I get some more insight and will choose based on those information. Actually could also think to try growing some vegetables but of course I wouldn’t invest so much money for some tomatoes I could also grow easily in my balcony.

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I just posted a question about the seeds/breeders a moment ago! Waiting is the worst thing once you begin to hear trickles of information being released! We have made it this far and now the wait is coming to an end, just hang tight and the next few months will fly by!

My intention is to use the Grobo for cannabis as I’m an MMJ patient, however I want to grow strawberries because my wife and I love having them during the spring and summer. We had some terrible experiences with our fruits and veggies last year with our grocery stores locally. So, once @bjorn comes up with a new Grobo I’ll buy that one and use that for growing our own food, besides its probably the closest thing I’ll have to my owning my own farm.


@Rich - addressing your comment towards the LED system. The LED board had always been designed as something proprietary to Grobo as a whole. This was a decision I made way back when during the design of our very first product as it required a very custom printed circuit board to fit the footprint. Transitioning to the Grobo One only brought that knowledge over so I continued my journey into why certain wavelengths of light were effective at different stages of a plant’s life. I tried to avoid the status quo in the LED world because I knew we could do better.

Now, onto what I designed and why I designed the LEDs the way they are. Think of your Grobo Grow LED panel as a science lab outfitted with all the tools to execute any experiment your heart desires, while other systems are the products of an experiment that works fairly well for some experiments that have already been well documented.

What’s really awesome about these LEDs is that we can change the intensity of every spectrum over the course of a plant’s life to focus on yield, height (@fanatic, I hope this answers your question as well) , THC content, and pretty much anything else about the plants internal and external characteristics. Currently, tests like these are being conducted and will continue over the lifetime of Grobo One and beyond. Just like small software updates that occur on websites, we’ll be doing the same thing with your plants, constantly upgrading recipes to make your plants grow better and better. @Stephen is really the mastermind behind all of this and is in works of optimizing the Grobo as a tool to produce the best cannabis for everyone :slight_smile: