Does anyone own a seedo machine [Bankruptcy]

No seedo side by side w grobo yet on forum. Maybe if @Tom let’s his go for a decent price. Also is it Orange County ca or ny?

any videos on how to split plants like this? starting out grower and I wanna buy a seedo!


Yep it’s called manifolding. Look it up on YouTube :+1::v:


Does anyone have evidence a full grow cycle with Seedo? I’m interesting in the yield and how much is for electricity, which is listed really no where, highly doubt it’s what they say at $5 a month in electricity.


You may want to talk with @Kryptonh he has a seedo.

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Honestly, seedolabs is a joke of a company. All you need to do to validate this is join their Facebook group where many, many purchasers never got their equipment or are have trouble getting a refund like I did. Some people have been waiting for years and can’t get their refunds. I purchased one of these late June early July when I made my grobo purchase.

I received an email from seedo shorty after saying my unit would be delivered in the next 90 days. Sounds great! Well, I then started receiving emails saying there was a delay for this and that (mostly customs related - I live in the US). I engaged seedolab via their support channel (send an email and wait 72 hours for a response) and requested a refund of my deposit. I was immediately contacted with a return email all but begging me to stick it out. Nevertheless I pushed forward and requested my refund. I was told In September the refund would take 3-5 business days. After 2 weeks without refund I emailed again. I sent an email every few days for months without a response (literally).

Upon researching, I found the company uses zendesk for support tickets. Well they don’t have a zendesk account and my contact at that company all, but validated this. There was some troubling info posted here in regards to that company as well including execs stepping down. Not just this, but finding anything on social media outside of Facebook from legit owners is difficult. Very few owners on YouTube posting videos that are not professionally made videos by seedolabs, nothing at all on twitter, nothing on Instagram, but I digress.

So after a 30 or more days of unanswered emails I went ahead and filed a dispute with my credit card company. My CC comp went ahead and opened a dispute with Seedolab and refunded my money while they wait for a response. I check on this regularly, but seedolabs still has yet to respond to my CC comp dispute. They have until January 7th.

I’ve been dealing with this since September and it’s still not over. I would advise anyone in the market for an automated Grow device NOT TO BUY from Seedolab for any reason whatsoever. If you absolutely must have an automated unit, Grobo is the only way to go. Grobo delivers on-time, they meet their demands and provide a product in which you can grow your plants in. The Grobo is by no means perfect and my experience was less than ideal (no longer an owner), but they’re infinitely better than the current competition and I would consider doing business with them again in the future if the unit improved and pricing dropped.

Just sharing my experience in the hopes someone else doesn’t get duped by Seedolab. Buyer beware!


As @James said do your due diligence before pulling the trigger. Lots of red flags Seedo is on its last legs I’d expect the lights going off in the not to distant future. @thatfuego123 Join the Seedo FB group to see for yourself. The titanic is taking on water…



TLDR - In short, if you want an automated unit to grow your devils lettuce buy a Grobo. This community alone is worth the price of admission. You’re going to need help at some point and the Grobo owners here on AllGrowers set this unit apart from all others currently on the market.

Happy Holidays


I’m so glad I fought to get my refund


Oh wow thank you so much man was going to buy it, yeah hard to find anything here and looking to start growing with my grandma, I have a full time job so trying to find something pretty hands off, hard to find though.


Anyone with a nice experience with groin, would like to know the energy usage per month.


Hey @thatfuego123,

Grobo is extremely energy efficient due to it’s size and LED design. It consumes about the same power as a typical ceiling fan - around $5 per month.

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Almost bought a Seedo back this Summer. My gut said go with the Grobo… glad I listened to my gut. As a former psychotherapist, that’s how I made my living!!! Have a good holiday season


Honestly I didn’t even notice the additional cost when I first plugged mine in, very cost effective :+1:


It didn’t move the needle on my electric bill.




With a tolerance I could do the same I know how it feels , after you get adjusted to certain thc levels a simple bowl isnt enough … then you start breaking out the paper :wink: and start feeling right after one nice joint , I agree on everything you said though Christmas I believe also , grobo should think about growing more out of the machine , I guess we all will have to buy another one once they re build the products if they do :frowning:


did anyone grow sativa strains in seedo?:face_with_monocle:

Hi James,

I am in the market for a new grow box. However, this is not my first pony show. I originally purchased a BC northern lights bloombox but have since moved on because of personal issues and product issues. Can you please tell me all the problems you encountered with the grobo? Is it smell and insect proof?


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