First notification! Keeping seed hydrated!

Day 2 got a notification saying to make sure the soil is damp but not to over dampen. I felt top of cocoa pod and It still feels spongy with moisture. Hope that’s enough. Any advice that I should add or subtract more moisture. Kinda hard to get a pic of this


notifications are just reminders. They are not tied to your plant growth. just to help you learn


So if all seems fine it should be?

Yes but make sure to check your coco pod isn’t getting too wet or it might suffer from damping off


I believe it’s good, hard to tell without a moisture reading. I feel moisture but pressing down doesn’t create water puddling.



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27% 76 degrees fahrenheit. Soil is still moist but not wet… Should be good yeah?

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Sounds good to me for the moisture level.

If you have any way of raising humidity, that will increase the chances of germination and speed it up, but don’t worry if you can’t… it should still be fine!

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Hmm I have a small mist fan. Maybe?

What percentage am I going for? The room it’s in is 33% 72 degrees fahrenheit


Well, I would suggest possibly trying it and seeing what it does. Do not put it inside or behind the Grobo facing the electronics. Personally I use mine in the middle of my room and that works fine for the entire room, no idea how strong yours is though.

At this stage, you’ll be shooting for a Humidity around 65-70% but again, if you can’t get it that high, don’t be concerned! Just do your best :slight_smile:

If you can raise it from 33% to like 45% or something, that will help a lot!


I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for the advice! It’s pretty dry here for sure.

Yep, it’s not based on real time and it wouldn’t know the condition of your plant. Use your best judgement.


Day 3 germination
Checking the soil again to make sure it’s still moist. Gonna take a picture under hood. 25% 78.9 degrees fahrenheit. Still working on humidity…

Set brightness up on camera, didn’t know if I should flash pic.


Looks good to me


I was very concerned about my RH during germination, it’s so difficult to get it up as high as your plant wants. Try adding a couple of dampened paper towels to your reservoir lid and placing a clear solo cup upside down over your plant - with a good airhole of course! - to contain humidity around your plant. You won’t get a reading of how high it is inside the solo cup, but it will be higher than everywhere else.


Hmm those are some great ideas I’ll try that! Thank you!

I wish i had more control iver humidity howver where im from if you put the towel inside it ould dry out in 15 minutes with the lights on. I cant control the humidity so i dont try. Lol. Calgary is very dry, even in winter. -20 isnt cold because 0 % humidity. Go to ottawa with a high humidity and that -20 feels like -35c


What’s funny is the room grobo is in is at 36% like I’m not getting any humidity air from outside machine…

I noticed with this attempt, starting just like a month later than the first, my paper towels dried out much much quicker already as well and it’s very humid in MO. In summer anyway. Winter, not as much. Still, I think it’s a trick that could be worth a try for anyone during germination. :wink:

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Day 4 still moisture in soil. 25% 77.8 degrees fahrenheit. Had to top fill the tank to feed seedling. #2 bottle seems to be only one used right now. Still waiting for sprouts