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Hey everyone!

Please share your grow photos here so that we can cheer on your plants together!


Thai Lemon Kush coming down in 2 weeks

Grand Daddy Purps coming down in 2 weeks

Cinderella 99 in her vegetative stage

Tiny Tom Tomato flowering and producing cherry toms



She has rebounded tremendously to say the least! :call_me_hand:t3:


Just received another notice to drain and fill. When will the notice on the app disappear?
All good today looks like they updated my days to 17


Just having fun.
Day 14


Hi there
Here’s a few more

White Widow Feminized
Purple Kush Feminized
White Widow Auto Flower

18 days


Sweet tooth update!

Day 70 means harvest time.

I’ll post some dry weight next week.



Amnesia Haze
Day 20

This is my first time growing hydroponically, so it’s a bit of a learning curve. I love seeing the progress with other Growers!

Growth stalled for a bit last week on the plant, but the roots were busy. It’s been going quickly ever since the roots started dropping.

I noticed a tiny bit of yellowing and brown spots on the bottom leaves - any ideas on what this could be?

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Just pulled down a Thai Lemon Kush that looks really nice. Here are a couple pictures of the trichomes.

Notice the amber ones? Telling us it’s ready to harvest.

Pistols have turned red/brown from white/green. Another indicator that harvest is ready.

Even with some trichome heads still appearing clear, all signs combined = harvest time.



Here are some recent shots from the grow lab…

Lemon Thai Kush from Humboldt seeds…

This one was topped early in flower as it had stretched too close to the light.

I’ve cut each branch and placed them into my cutting tray, now to remove the fan leaves.

Fan leaves have been removed. You can juice them if you wish, otherwise discard. Now we do a closer trim of the sweet leaves.

Here you can see the buds are in their final form. Sweet leaf and fan leaf has been removed. I collect my sweet leaf for cooking & concentrates.

Great shot of some sweet leaf tips that will be cut off in the trimming process.

Using the awesome new drying rack to hang the finished buds. I’ve terminated my grow recipe and selected the dry mode. 3 days and I’ll have a yield/weight.

The fragrance of Limonene terps waft across your senses when you open the door, can’t wait to taste this one.



Wanted to give the AG community a quick update on the grow.


Short Ryder Auto from Nirvana Seeds (57 Days). Still getting the hang of Lollipop-ping.


Looking beautiful! What day did you begin the lollipopping? I’m set to trim my plant today and I’m having a little apprehension because I’m not exactly how much I should be removing. Can you speak a little more into your experience and anything you learned during the actual process?



Hi everyone,

On Day 11 of a Hindu Kush from Sensi Seed.

Looking nice minus a couple of brown spots. I was using tap water for the first week and just switched to distilled.

Anyone have other tips?



Things are looking good!

I would move your coco pod up to allow the roots to emerge from the growing medium and into the water. This will also help from the possibility of “damping off” from setting in. I worked with Stephen directly to eradicate seedling issues I was experiencing.

Your plant will thank you for using RO/Distilled water and you cutback on nutrients being overused to compensate for the tap water.

Please keep us posted with your progress!




My experiences where limited to what happens after germination. I figured if I can get the seed to pop, then the Grobo will do the rest. The plant really needed to be filled weekly with distilled water, other than that, my experiences were not all that eventful.

The lollipop-ping, well it was interesting to say the least.  If I took off the bottom branches, the plant might have slipped lower through the hole.  But, who knows, the roots might float the plant and keep it from sinking deeper into the reservoir.  The coco pod essentially disentigrated when the root grew so large the pod just got in the way.  Some people might wanna remove it, but maybe just leaving it can’t hurt.  But bits and pieces of it could clog the pump.

  I would have liked to have had a larger cola on the main stem, but these things happen because the other branches had started to flower.  The number of leaves under the lights I’m told is important, so staying on top of trimming the leaves that are simply wasting nutrients is a bit cumbersome.

I can say that the more the plants that grows, the easier lollipoping, drying and curing should become.
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Amnesia Haze - Day 54

I topped the plant following the Grobo video and instructions found on AllGrowers. I left it for a few days and it grew more than I was expecting! Pretty happy with the progress so far.

Question though… how often should I be topping the plant and how do I know when it’s ready for this to happen?


First plant I’m growing (day 8 photo). I will have lots of questions for the after part as I have several more projects for after including girl scout cookies feminized auto, super og kush feminized pyramid seed and a red dragon feminized Barneys farm seed.