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Hi Rich,

We do not currently have plans for a comprehensive stage by stage analysis of your grow history, but I like the idea! We do have plans for gathering user feedback/comments through the app though. When the grow is finished and your drying recipe is complete, you can enter your dry weight along with comments about the grow. This will be added to your grow history, so you can review what you have done in the past.

Great questions & ideas, keep em coming!



Hi Stephen,

Well, you and @bjorn let me know when you want to talk a little more in-depth and we can explore some ideas because I believe that would provide a huge advantage in control and customization for growers!

I love the feedback and comments idea, will be greatly helpful to hear from other Grobo users direct so we can all adjust accordingly! This machine is truly remarkable and I can’t wait until we have more access over the unit and application itself, that’s when the magic will really happen!

Thank you for the follow up, I appreciate it!


Hi Rich, can you give some information about noise and light leakage of the grobo one? Other insights you could share with the community? Thanks for your updates.

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Hi Fanatic,

So, starting with the noise the Grobo team is still working on a permanent solution. My unit itself though does provide a significant humming noise while the door is open. We had family stay last weekend and they voiced of how bright and loud the unit was during the night. It wasn’t as if they could not sleep, but it was noticeable. We do need to keep the door shut while we are watching tv in the living room.

As for the light leakage, I’m not sure how to explain what may be taking place but there is some significant light leakage that I’m experiencing. I’ll post some pictures below.

This is the door sitting in “Locked” mode or its natural operation setting. The leakage it quite significant.

Here I’m placing pressure on the upper tab on the door and it helps prevent the lift from leaking much better but not entirely. I’m not sure that can/will be achieved immediately but I have no doubt they will find a solution.

As far as other concerns, I’m currently experiencing an issue with my fluid glass where it does not allow me to see through the glass from the outside. The team has been working on a fix and we will have a plan of action this week, hopefully!

The operation of the machine overall has been very impressive! I’ve had my doubt on some days early during germination, but this unit turned things around quickly! It’s very cool to see the changes occur just over the days and weeks!

This was Monday morning.

This is today. As you can see very large gains in just a few short days! I’m expected to enter stage 3 tomorrow of my grow! This has been such a great experience and I’m really looking forward to gaining further access to the application in the coming months.

I will update you all in the coming days. If you have any questions please post them and I will be sure to get back to you!


Good morning all,

Wanted to check in and update the AG community. So last update we were looking pretty good and then we experienced a setback where the nutrients weren’t getting to the reservoir to actually feed the plant, however this has been corrected! I’m happy to announce that data has confirmed we are back on schedule with the recipe.

I will get some pictures in the coming days after the plant has had some time to get caught up with the corrections placed into the latest firmware update.

Working through all the learning curves and nuances of the machine, but absolutely love where we are headed!

Take care everyone!


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When this was first advertised it said we can plant from seed or clone. I am about to receive my machine and have yet to see any videos demonstrating how to plant a cannabis clone using the cocoa pod medium. being a noobie I have some seeds bit am nervous about planting a male seed blindly and don’t have accommodations to test out. Will this be done in the near future to assists noobs like me?

Also a little disappointed regarding pricing for the drying apparatus isn’t available as well as pricing for replacement nutrients. I get were coming along and working through strides but this information I feel is critical in helping separate a grobo from its competitors in the market and to its customers already invested.

Regarding the cocoa pods, will any cocoa pods work? Will these have to be purchased through you guys along with the nutrients? For as many machines that are out for beta testing even with the 2nd set of noots people have to be getting close to needing more and this information is nowhere to be found. Again growing and working through this but at sometime this info has to be available.

Last question, what occurs when you plant something that doesn’t have the recipe for? does it assimilate to something close to it? A lot of my seeds and clones don’t have recipes.

Hi Feesh4life,

I recommend all new growers start from seed. If you have regular seeds (not feminized) there is nothing to lose, plant away! You will be able to tell after about a month if it’s a male or not. I recommend feminized seeds, as you cut down on any lost time. You can certainly use a rooted clone too, but they are a bit touchier. The rooted clone will have to be in a coco pod or something of similar size to fit into the Grobo lid. I’ve not heard on any clone recipe requests, but I’m actually running several clones now in the lab. Expect to see them in the next recipe update.

I can’t talk about the pricing being set yet, but I can tell you, the drying rack magnets are awesome. You won’t be disappointed when you get them. Super helpful and versatile. I’ve passed your feedback on to the marketing department. Thank you for it.

I do recommend using our coco pods and our nutrients. The coco pod is sized to fit our system, and is the perfect balance of moisture and air to germinate with. The nutrients are all dialed in to the specific recipes and EC values. Replacing them with nutes the system is unfamiliar with would be disastrous for your plant.

I have setup several generic cannabis recipes in case you have some bag seed or don’t know your strain. If you have a specific strain, let me know and I’ll work to add it to our ever expanding recipe list. I’m more than curious to know what you are growing. Hope that answers your questions.

Great feedback, keep it coming!



Good morning all,

Thought I would stop by and add some additional information/reviews of my experience so far.

Just to recap a few things, early on my plant experienced some hiccups with malfunctions of components (air pump and fluid glass). These items have been addressed with the Grobo team and solutions have been provided and are currently being finalized. In terms of attention you can expect from their team it’s unmeasurable. I’m not sure you will find another group who will be willing to answer your questions or even call you directly to help resolve any issues I’ve experienced. As always thank you Grobo team!

Now as for the plant as that’s what we all truly want to see.

Here you can see the plant started to take on root rot, also the beginning of my air pump failure.

Here the plants begins to show signs of new life.

Great gains continued.

Here she stands as of today! Looking beautiful and STRONG! Looking forward to the coming weeks! Please keep checking in as I will continue to provide more consistent feedback!



@Rich thanks for updating. I can’t wait to see your grow come to fruition. What seed/genetics are u growing? Besides the air pump, any other experiences you want to share like changing water for instance etc.

Good morning Stephen,

I have a question on the coco pod drying out. Mine dried out so much that it fell down into the water twice before I stuck a piece of cotton ball next to the coco pod. Could this have happened because the air hose wasn’t connected to the air pump? I didn’t realize this until I started looking at some of the pictures members had posted & noticed I wasn’t getting any air bubbles (I’m getting a replacement unit👍).

Thanks again,

@Burks6791 I noticed you have been compiling notes on your grow and tips you’ve been picking up if you have anything you can share I would like to start doing the same this form is so helpful I just need to organize everything to better help me once my unit gets to me :groboone:

Hi Burks6791,

I’m terribly sorry about your experience with the unit so far. I’m glad you are getting a replacement unit so we can get you back up and growing again.

The bubbles produced from your airstone do play a vital role in the germination stage. It’s important to keep your coco pod damp during the 1st week to 10 days. (Until you see your seed pop and emerge) The system is setup to notify the user to top up the water after 3 days to ensure the coco pod is still damp, then after 7 days the user is notified to completely drain and fill the unit, again ensuring the coco pod is damp. If your air pump is not connected, your water will sit still and not pop and bubble to coat the bottom of the coco pod. You will dry out and not have much success in this scenario. Glad you brought it to our attention, it’s a vital part of your system!



I’m just finishing up creating over 80 notifications that will accompany you through your 1st grow. Each week you will get an overview of what to expect, and then you will receive and additional 3-7 notifications throughout each week. I’m excited about expanding the Grobo One voice!



Hi Pedro,
I had been growing a White Widow for 3 weeks (plant not doing much) before I realized the air hose wasn’t connected to the pump. This is probably why she looked so small in the 3 weeks she was growing. The Grobo team is being very helpful and will be sending me a replacement unit. One tip I have is that when you plant your seed, make sure the coco pod stays damp until she sprouts. I would just sprinkle some distilled water on the pod when it looked like it was drying out. Also make sure the 2 water drain/fill hoses are inserted into the 2 holes on the left side of the nutrient hose holders (opposite the sensors) and pushed all the way down to the bottom of the reservoir. The first time I needed to drain and refill the water is when I noticed the ends of the hoses were floating on top. My unit had a bumpy ride coming across the country.

Good luck with your growing,


@Stephen I’m really excited that more notifications and overall information will be given to grobo owners as they get their units with the notifications are you going to add alerts for the Coco pod after reading through a g it seems that it is something you want to be on alert for making sure it is moist and doesn’t dry out

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Absolutely punchy, helping the user through the germination period with notifications should increase our overall success!

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Got my grobos the other day. I was a little nervous because after they arrived in the states no tracking updates were availabe as they were shipped ups. having that info would of helped a little on the user side. I was out of town for holiday weekend and they were delivered in plain boxes. THANK YOU. I was nervous at first as it said there was to be 3 packages but my units arrived in 2. Not sure if i missed something. set up was easy and quick. had a little set back in getting the 2nd unit up and running but after exchanging notes on here Bruno was able to assist me and I got it up and running today

The only thing that makes me nervous is the fact that the doors aren’t sealed the tightest so there is a considerable amount of light leak along the right hand side of the door as well at the top near the wood. Also for the quality of everything else I thought the lock could of had an upper and lower lock to help alleviate some of the light leak. Quality of lock is probably the least impressive of the equipment on the unit.

I saw that updates are pushed out to the grobo weekly. Is it possible to have that appear in the app as well as online that way if we can’t get to one well always have the other. Also with setting these up in the last 24 hours, how long until it updates to not run the fans during the first 2 weeks so as to not dry out the coco pod?

Lastly if the full price of the unit is out, how is it we still don’t have prices for extra nutrients or coco pods? Kinda feel like I bought a new iPod but the price of iTunes hasn’t been released, talked about or updated.

Thanks guys for assisting and listening to me share with you honest feedback.


@feesh4life Thanks for the awesome feedback!

Door & Light Leak - A few customers have had this issue and it sounds like units are becoming slightly misaligned during shipping. @OGJ leads our hardware team and might have some tips. I know he’s looking at improving the door so this feedback is incredibly helpful!

Turning the fans off - Your Grobo will soon pull the latest firmware update. @bruno can keep an eye on things to make sure it happens.

Software updates - We’re leaning towards just posting them on AllGrowers so that there’s an easy thread of changes you can read through.

Nutrients - You can find everything on our shop! The only item that isn’t up there yet is the drying rack but that will come out shortly.

If there’s anything else we can help with, or if you have more feedback, please let us know!


Im 5 and 7 days into my grows and neither machines oxygenated Bubblers that are on the bottom of the water well appear to be doing anything/working/on. I’m guessing this isn’t normal because the water is looking a little murky and I’m getting nervous about the coco pod rotting sitting in the water with no action. Please advise as the hoses that are connected aren’t crimped or broken in anyway. I wasn’t sure if this would of been something affected by the firmware update that addressed not having the fans running during the first couple of weeks of the grow.