Banana Kush, first grow

I started growing a banana kush about 40 days ago,
you can see the early grow on my other topic but I’ll do a quick summary so you don’t have to read all 25 responses.

She’s alive ! :green_heart: :partying_face: :leaves:

Still alive and growing, but showing some early sign of root rot on the leaves, possibly from high air temp during the day
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The tilt clearly started here, I should probably have installed the fan and rised the coco pod at that point
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She’s growing taller but not wider, I’m now feeding RO water as well as a cooler environment !
I don’t think I had to anything else at that point as she was still recovering from the stem starting to rot


After using wire to support her own weight, adding a chiller to the water tank and, the stalk started to heal and fan leaves where no longer turning yellow like before.


now for today’s update :
After some reading online, I finally decided to go agressive on the scissors and to chop off those top fan leaves ! they where really healthy but I figured they were obstructing too much light for the stems and leaves underneath to expand
I also started some lst to get them to reach the light faster.

just after the trim and training :
and just 10h later :

Don’t know if I should have done that earlier since she was so compact and hard to trim, but I’m definitelly glad I did it!


Plants look like that when they are drowning. Is there a fan blowing on the plant? If not, get one. I would also consider introducing a cut straw around the base of the stem to save her.


@Wake Drowning ? Could you explain what that mean in this context ?
I sure can add a fan, but I don’t really understand why. The coco pod is comptetely dry, and the humidity at the base of the plant at around 45-50%, which is ideal for vegetation.


I have had 4 plants in the Grobo that have all suffered from some form of dampening off. Sometimes the pod felt dry to the touch other times it felt wet, just study the plant and “listen” to what she is telling you. Plants are great, they give us warning signals before they die but we need to know how to translate. I am still learning, so much to learn.

You are right, humidity is just fine but trust me, a fan circulating the air will make your plant happy. I have 1 fan that I run from the start, no direct airflow on little plants but once they have a couple inches, they are ready for more air. Once the plant hits late veg I add a second fan to ensure buds don’t get too much moisture and the entire plant is receiving air flow.


Cheers for the more detailed answer ! I’ll get those words to work tomorrow.


The fan was a great addition, quick pic from this morning


Boom! There she goes. Now start removing some of the large fan leaves to allow better light penetration and air flow. On your way to some killer bud.

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That’s exactly what I did. I was afraid that I did too much pruning, but she’s already back to being as bushy as the last photo, she’s cruisin’ :partying_face:

still not sure which stem I should focus on first, but practice makes perfect.
in terms of number, should I aim at 8-6 stems before going into transition ? I got 10 at the moment, but I’m guessing it will be too much when she starts to stretch.

I’m guessing she could use more days of late veg ? transition is 14 days and starts tomorrow, but not sure how much she’ll stretch there as it’s my first grow.
she’s past the first fan in heights at the moment

Also, purple bud from a grobo next door, started flower 5 days ago :



  • (Bud-Sites Are [HighLighting] :yellow_heart: Like An Auto Plant): -But- (If She Is A [PhotoPeriod] Plant
    -Then- I Would Extend To Let It Grow Just Under The Second Fan):

- - - [2021-06.09]:








  • (:open_book: :arrow_up:):

- - - [2021-06.17]:


  • (When You’re Ready, Remove Huge Leaves :leaves: To Let Your Bud-Sites To See The Light):

- - - [2021-06.25]:


  • (The [Bud-Sites] Are Still [HighLighted] :yellow_circle:, -But- Just In Case You Haven’t Seen This): {:wink:}:


- - - [2021-07.14]:


  • (It’s Always Hard, When We Don’t Have [Back-Up] On Hand, When We Need It The Most): (We Have Extra [AirStones] -And- [Bubblers] To Supply Healthy Breathing In Our Grobos Now): (You Can Try Cleaning It Again, It Should Work) (Added Some Other Helpful Videos For You Here, Just In Case You Have Spare Parts At Home): (Don’t Remove Leaves :leaves: Unless They Are Over 50% Useless):

- - - [2021-07.22]:


  • ((#ItIsAlive)): :innocent: (Congratulations): (:handshake:)

  • (WelcomeToTheWorldLittleOne): :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • ((#IWillWatchYouGrow)): :herb::seedling:(:eyes:)



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Thanks again everyone, the plant is really showing a steady growth, and it’s great to not have to look after it daily.

I regularly cut larger fan leaves when they obstruct the other budsite, but this thing just ain"t stopping producing leaves :leaves: everytime I’m cutting things, she’s back at being a crazy bush 2 days after!

she’s now spanning the entire footprint of the unite and rougly betwen the two fans, I’ll probably dive into transition next week!

Bonus photo from the purple bud (just a incredible plant btw, a single top and about only 3 trim in the entire veg and I think I’ve never seen anything else than pure deep green on the leaves), there wasn’t any recipe for this strain, so the generic photo was selected.

she’s proudly growing 6 really thick cola, and the purple tint is really showing up, looks like a really solid pick for a grobo grow if you don’t like to play around a lot like I do.


Quick update on Day 60 :

Nothing to add on the plant, I’m probably going into transition at the end of the week.
Got to 8 bud-sites after cutting the smaller stems, and I think I’m happy with the canopy.

The chiller will probably work most of the year, but June/July/August will be impracticle.
I just found this product online (hydroguard is imposible to get where I live), and I can have access to it very easily :
Composition : Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (strain FZB 42) : Concentration > 2,5.1010 CFU/ml

Is this close enough to hydroguard to use it for the same purpose ? If so, would any of you be able to recommand a dosage for when I’ll turn off the chiller in the summer ?


Ok, I’m in transition now, and oh lord, this plant does emit a lot of smell :joy:
She seems to be releasing a lot (and I mean A LOT) of scent whenever the lights turns off, learning something everyday !


10 days later, she’s day 6 of transition now.
The 4 main stems are really shooting up now !
I’ll be leaving her alone for a few days as she got a bit unhappy with the plain water fill I had to do 2 days earlier when I had an issue with draining.

Any recommendation on what to do next in terms of pruning during transition/flower ?

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she’s been in transition for 14days now, and flower just started, when should I expect to start to see pistils appearing ? so far I’m only seeing new groth on bud sites, but no visible hair anywhere.

Really happy on how the canopy ended up looking, can’t wait to see how she handle the next 9 weeks of flower!


Time to defoliate! :eyes::seedling:


I know right, but I did it 3 days ago, pretty extensively if I’m honest;
It’s just that she grow everything back within a few days, she litterally can’t stop producing A LOT of leaves, and I don’t want to stunt her too much.

should I go more aggressive this time and let her recover longer ?

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The most aggressive defoliation should always be a couple of days before flower stage! :eyes::seedling:


I see pistils :tulip: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also, quick look at the purple bud that I showed you
Some time ago, how many weeks do you think she’ll need ?

Also, bonus shot for one of the lowest budsite you could ever see :rofl:


I’ve been defoiliatting verry lightly over the last few days, here’s a before (5 days ago) and after (this morning) pic :

Impressed at how stretchy she got being in transition/flower, as you can see on the second pic, internodes where def crazy short during veg.

A lot more room for air circulation now, should I do a bit more or is she good for a while ?