Calcium Deficiency / Late Veg

Hello all,

Type: Tweed, Argyle
Grow Stage: Day 1, Late Veg
PH: 5.81 (Manually Checked)
Airpump: Working

Could be over thinking, but do these leaves appear to have a calcium deficiency?

Unsure of what I am seeing, first time grower.



Ordered NEW:

-PH Meter from Grobo
-Packf of Calibration solution

(Thought I had ordered this 10 days ago, even after I discussed with Stephen (oops). Hoping arrives End of Week or earlier).

Looking at other growers in Day 1 Late Veg, I feel my plant is severely stunted.

However, the some roots are looking super healthy, while the first root I recall ever growing from the pod looks slightly brown.


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Hey @drewcmpbll, yes it looks like calcium deficency. That usualy happen when the soil is becoming too acidic. Calcium deficiency can be fixed by foliar feeding (adding liquid fertilizer directly to plant leaves) one teaspoon of dolomatic lime per quart of water until the plant’s condition approves.

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Thanks the reply! How long could this go for before I interrupt the grow too much? Wondering what I can do for the interim on the Grobo?

Perhaps I could pick up a recommended chemical / solution from hardware store (Canadian Tire)? (Want to respect our COVID19 regulations and keep travel limited).

Bottle 5 is CalMag, just put in a ticket and Stephen will adjust it for you


Good suggestion, have gone ahead and made a ticket :slight_smile:


Yes, Canadian Tire operates only on online orders, then you can either pick it up or delivery.

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Pretty sure @drewcmpbll means to submit a ticket to Grobo support to get your PH checked out and fixed up.


That’s not calcium if anything I’d say magnesium … but before you start adding things check ph could be a block or if ppm are too high could be locking things out



@chris_barfield - 10-4, not touching anything

Will she be okay if they adjust by Monday?

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Oh yea she will be good it doesn’t look bad … these plants are a lot more resilient than most give credit for just monitor her and you will be good as long as roots aren’t looking bad the plants will recover from damn their anything


Chris, thanks for the input and relieving some of my anxiety here.

Images after no adjustments, 24 hours later (this morning). The problem continues, but not exponentially.

(Will update once they hit my ticket from the weekend).

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Hey @drewcmpbll,

Just responded to your support ticket.

TLDR; pH probe needs replacing ASAP. Adjusting by hand for now.




Flushed and rebalanced pH to 6.09

She isn’t looking as green (to the eye), and the burn appears to be increasing in rate.

I am not taking any action until suggested, I was considering using a dropper to add cal/mag from bottle 5. Again, not doing anything without instruction.

Note, my pH probe is not functioning, holding pattern here until arrives Friday.

Day 4 Late Veg

Edit: I love lookin at this plant haha.

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Looking good :+1: :eyes::seedling:


@Bplatinum9 I think so! New growth still coming in from the top.

The low fan leaves here I assume won’t come back, when should I attempt to remove?

pH 6.05 (manual balance and check)


Hang in there @drewcmpbll! You can remove those leaves that are over 50% burned/yellow. You would be doing it eventually anyways. The others are still good for now.