Banana Kush, first grow

All your bud sites are exposed so I would hold off on doing anything that will cause her stress! She is an auto! :eyes::seedling:


Your gonna need to get a jewelers loupe or microscope as you get closer to harvesting but as of now you havd a ways to go!

Remove anything that low because its drawing energy from your top buds and will remain larf/popcorn bud.:eyes::seedling:


Already got the loupe from a friend, thanks for the help again, really usefull info from everyone :herb:

Really waiting for the magic to happen now :tulip:


The magic has already started!! I can see the buds starting to form!!! Keep your eye on her! :eyes::seedling:


Yes indeed, I really like the early scent too, amazing !! :yum:

For anyone wondering how the purple is doing :
WIN_20210703_15_40_59_Pro WIN_20210703_15_41_23_Pro WIN_20210703_15_42_58_Pro WIN_20210703_15_45_24_Pro WIN_20210703_15_48_41_Pro WIN_20210703_15_48_48_Pro WIN_20210703_15_49_06_Pro WIN_20210703_15_52_32_Pro WIN_20210703_15_52_57_Pro WIN_20210703_15_58_12_Pro WIN_20210703_16_00_22_Pro WIN_20210703_16_05_01_Pro


Perfect pics! Nailing it!!! :eyes::seedling:


I had fun with taking those pics indeed, cool training to be ready for mine;
The purple bud is in flush at the moment, I would probably have extended it, but it’s not my grow.

I’m really glad I stuck with my plant when she was all droopy and sad, looking forward to see how she’ll endup at the end of flower!! hopefully she won’t outgrow the unit, still got 50 days to go, and she’s starting to really stretch now.

I was really strugling with the stunted growth initially, But I’m quite happy that I still got an almost even canopy for my first grow, though I’ll probably try to avoid leaving too many suckers on next time. great to see a lot of top budsites starting flower, but probably got too many for the grobo (about 15 I’d say).

All those top buds are looking like that at the moment, so I’m quite excited about it :yum:


Really starting to show some white color, and impressive smell too :tulip:


She’s getting frosty now, and the smell went from a pugent kush to a really pleasant fresh lemon ice cream, this thing just doesn’t care about the carbon filter anymore :joy:

About to do some defoliation tonight after the drain and fill, RH is getting a little out of hand, and as allways, she’s just a really fat a bushy plant.


Haircut done, revealing a beatiful white forest :heart_eyes:
I’m probably going to let her ride now; top budsites are really starting to thicken and light/air penetration seems ideal.
Again, the citrusy smell is just fantastic, I can’t wait to vape this one on my mighty !


@SilverGrobo So, the airstone is already dying ? That makes it two with my friends grobo also having the same issue…
And we didn’t even went through our first grow with it.

Tried cleaning it to get a few bubble out of it today, but the plant already took a huge blow… The new airstone is on the way but will only be there tomorrow morning.

Do you think she’ll recover ?
Aslo, should I remove the wilted leaves ?


Round 2 for banana kush, I’m glad I initially ordered 3 seeds !

so long story short, the airstone got clogged right as I did the last big defoliation, that plus the heatwave we got in Europe, Root rot got a hold of the tank in a matter of about 2 days.

I chopped it after that since basically all leaves got crispy brown and I didn’t wanted to endup with a small yield after 150 days of grow.

Banana kush II, ready to apply everything I learned so far!

I was mad at first, but really excited to see this one going now :partying_face:


So I think the pump is dead, the new airstone doesn’t work when submerged in more than 10cm of water, and the air coming out of the pump is barely noticable.

@Stephen I’ve send in a support ticket to hopefully get this sorted out before my new plant gets too big, I’m using a suplementary aquarium air pump at the moment, but there’s no flow regulator, but this thing is LOOD :sweat_smile:


Hey @Arn,

Thanks for sending over that ticket, I’m in a meeting this morning, but will respond before end of day for sure. Both @Todd.grobo and @stacey.grobo are off today!


Edit: I’ve responded, sending down a replacement air pump for you!


@Stephen thanks for everything.

She’s alive !


The first set of leaves are beatiful compared to last time, not droopy and sad !
I also apparently got better at taking picture :sweat_smile:

Pictures from an hour ago :

The first grow at around the same stage :

I did a proper calibration of the prob yesterday, first drain and fill today with hydroguard and nut dispense, let she how she goes from there :sunglasses:

I’ve installed two different airstone with a Y splitter, and with the replacement pump on it’s way, I should be safe on that for the future grow.

@Todd.grobo I know you wanted to have a look at this one, starting great for now !


Looking way better already. Take this chance to push your pod up about 1" @Arn , make her work a little bit to get to the water.


I too wanted to do that, but the taproot came out right on the side of the lid instead on going down the middle of the coco pod, I don’t wanted to break it while doing so.
I’m drying it with a paper towel a couples time a day for now, and with the fan indirect airflow, it’ll soon be almost dry at the top.


Everything is going perfectly this time arround, the 3rd set of leaves is on it’s way, so I decided to create a timelapse for the entire grow.

I installed a logitech c920 inside connected to a raspberry pi, taking a picture every 5mn, should be exiting to watch :nerd_face:

Aside from that, it’ll also be usefull to compare how she get stunted when I trim leaves in different stages !


I’m in love with how vibrant she can get with all those green tint :heart_eyes:

Definitely not dark green and crispy like before :sweat_smile: