Wrong Recipe?

Hi, all! So, while perusing through the Grobo recipes, I noticed that there are two different ones for my GSC. One is GSC Sativa for 125 days, and the other is GSC Hybrid for 105 days. My seed is a feminized hybrid strain of GSC from Original Harvest Seeds. It seems that at the time of planting, I clicked on the Sativa 125 day grow recipe- I’m not sure now if the other recipe was available then. Im wondering if using the wrong recipe has adversely affected my grow.



(GreatQuestion): (Without us seeing the differences ourselves when we choose a [Recipe] we would have to ask the Experts that made the [Recipe]): (We cannot tell if the different [Recipe] have different feedings or if that the Extra Days is the only Difference): (So, in this case, you have three Options):

1.) (Send in a Ticket and ask): :question::ticket::tickets:
2a.) (Just cut time short to this grow if it is the time only difference):
2b.) (Delete this [Recipe] and choose the [HybridRecipe] Advance to where you are now in this Grow if it is anything else but Time): :timer_clock:

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I would choose answer 2b on @SilverGrobo list.


I’m too far along at this point (last day of flowering). All that is left is flush for 7-10 days and harvest and hang to dry. I still have one more seed left of this particular strain. I will use the hybrid 105 days recipe next time and will compare. Happy harvest!